Stella Dimoko Baby Struck With Meningitis Faces Losing All Her Limbs In Worst Case Docs Have Seen In 25 Years...


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Baby Struck With Meningitis Faces Losing All Her Limbs In Worst Case Docs Have Seen In 25 Years...

A 10-month-old baby is in danger of losing all her limbs after being struck down by an extremely rare strain of meningitis .

Kia Gott has already had her right arm removed and one of her legs will be amputated on Monday.

The tot could also lose her sight and hearing and may be left severely brain damaged after contracting the C strain thought to have been almost eradicated in babies under one.

Hospital doctors have told the family it is the worst case they have seen for 25 years. Tragic Kia was only two months from being given the Meningitis C vaccine on her first birthday.

Her parents are said to be traumatised.

Kia’s aunt Donna Gott said Vikki had taken her baby to the doctor’s a month ago worried she wasn’t excited as usual when her dad came home from work.

That night her horrified parents found her covered in a rash and dialled 999. Kia was taken to Royal Bradford Hospital.

Donna said: “They are traumatised. They can’t grasp that she can’t hear or see them. They believe she is responding to their voices and when Elsie sings her nursery rhymes.

"She is on so many drugs it’s hard to do tests, but an eye specialist has given some hope over her sight. Vikki has not left her. Paul is self-employed and still having to work to pay bills.

Paramedics who rushed to Kia’s home in Wyke, West Yorkshire, had to drill into her shin to give her drugs because her veins had collapsed.

She then had a mini-cardiac arrest on the way to hospital where doctors confirmed she had meningococcal septicaemia.

She is now in Leeds General Infirmary, sedated and breathing unaided.

Consultants say the GP who saw her could not have detected the disease.

The NHS stopped giving the MenC vaccine to 12-week-old babies last year because of its success, with only one case in a baby under one in 2015-16.

The disease is caused by normally harmless bacteria in the throats of one in 10 people.

But if it gets into the blood system, it can trigger life-threatening infection.

Villagers are now raising money for the family and have already collected £7,000 on a JustGiving page.

*OMG!!!!...God please send this child a miracle!!!


  1. This is so sad and heartbreaking... To imagine the pain such an innocent child is passing through... O lord please take the wheel on this one and turn it into a big testimony amen

    1. Amen, just imagine the pain the little one is going through

  2. baba onise iyanu please perform your miracle on this kid.

  3. May God come through for this baby and her family. Amen.

  4. Poor baby, so much pain..

  5. God forgive me but this baby is going through much. I wish God can take him instead cos he might grow up in depression. No leg,arm and sense of seeing

    1. Hmm my dear feel the same way u feel. But still let God have his way

  6. Olowogbogboro touch this baby now. Amen


  7. God pls heal this baby.
    Anytime I read stories like this fear usually grip me cos of my baby. God pls as you have been protecting him since birth that I never visited hospital except for immunization continue to protect him for us.

  8. God of miracle where 're you😂😂😂

  9. that baby must be in sooo much pain. I can't even imagine what the parents are going through. And to think that all this pain and suffering is caused by Satan, an angel that was suppose to be a bright morning star. I just can't wait for when God will have him destroyed.
    sorry....poor little child. Jehovah is your strength.

  10. Lord, please heal this child. I lost my younger brother to Meningitis in 2000. The little boy just complained of headache on a Monday, went to the hospital before we knew it he had convulsion, stiff neck, dark tongue, sunken fore head, couldn't look at light and will give out a wired cry when you try to touch or carry him. It was really painful for me watching him go through that pain. At the end we lost him and my mum died almost went mad on the street. She died a year later while still going through the pain of losing her son at 9yr old.

    1. Chai! She must have been heartbroken. May she and your brother rest in peace.

      Poor darling, can't even imagine what the baby and his parents are going through. God please take control, protect all the little children in your care.

    2. Oh my God!!!i'm so sorry to hear this osnac

    3. So sorry for this, may u be comforted

  11. Almighty God please help this family and save their baby.AMEN.

  12. My good God, pls lord save this baby.

  13. The healer of the universe have your way in his life Amen..


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