Stella Dimoko Beautiful Italian Town Will Pay You Up to $2350 To Move There


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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beautiful Italian Town Will Pay You Up to $2350 To Move There

For quaint Italian villages, the future is looking lonely. Small towns in the country have fast-dwindling populations as younger residents move away in search of job opportunities.

So Italian municipalities outside major cities have been going to extremes to try to drum up future residents, including giving away homes for free and simply outlawing dying. And now, in Candela, some two hours outside of Naples, the mayor has pledged to pay people to move in. According to CNN, Candela’s mayor, Nicola Gatta, is offering up to $2350 to anyone willing to relocate to the town.

Candela once boasted more than 8000 residents, but that number has since shrunk to 2700. (That’s not that small in comparison with some other Italian towns—fewer than 90 people call the seaside village of Ostano home, and there were zero children born in the town between 1987 and 2016.) Candela’s origins date back to medieval times, but now, many of its houses stand empty. Located in the agrarian “breadbasket of Italy," Candela was once known as "Little Naples" for its bustling city center.

The mayor's offer varies based on who’s willing to move. If you’re single, you will receive around $950, while couples with no children will receive around $1400. Families of three will get up to $2100, and families of four or more will receive more than $2350.

There are contingencies, though. Residents have to rent a house in town for at least a year, and they have to work, earning a minimum annual salary of $8800. According to CNN, a few new residents have already moved in.

Sounds like it's time to pick up and move to Italy???.

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*Those relocating for greener pastures please take note..


  1. Paying people money to move in there is not the issue, creating more job opportunities, basic amenities, health care, social welfare is. If these things are not in place people will still migrate.

    Notwithstanding..I'm interested, anywhere outside Nigeria.. lol.

  2. My school intends to take her students to Italy.

    One Of The perks of working in an international school,
    I pray I get chosen to go with them.

    My greatest wish if all times at the moment.

  3. Abeg, let me come and pack my bags go now. This country has nothing to offer its citizens.

  4. Good for them.$950 for single person is just 400k

  5. Abeg I wan go oo

  6. Biko how do I get visa? Tayad of naija

  7. Stella it is not a Joking matter o.I'm vry interested.How do I get d link now.Dis Nigeria Don Tire me o.No Job,no Light at least one shd start frm somewhere.Pls how do I get their contact to start processing o.

  8. If they are serious, let them make it open for Nigerians. Even without payment, they will be overpopulated in just one week


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