Stella Dimoko British Man Sentenced To Jail In Dubai For Accidentally Touching Another Man's Hips


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Monday, October 23, 2017

British Man Sentenced To Jail In Dubai For Accidentally Touching Another Man's Hips

A British man has been sentenced to three months in prison in Dubai for touching a man’s hip in a bar, according to campaigners. 

The 27-year-old electrician had been working in Afghanistan and was on a two-day stopover in the United Arab Emirates at the time. After his arrest for public indecency he lost his job and was told he could have faced up to three years in jail.

Mr Harron from Stirling, Scotland, admits he placed his hand on a man’s hip in a bar so they did not bump and spill their drinks, apparently sparking a “cultural misunderstanding” but denies indecency.

He was arrested following the incident, jailed for five days before being released on bail. Jamie lost his job and has been stuck in Dubai for the last three months where he has spent over £32,000 in expenses and legal fees trying to resolve the matter. His accuser accused Jamie of public indecency after he tried to squeeze past him in the popular Rock Bottom Bar. Mr Harron has already been sentenced in absentia to 30 days in prison for failing to appear at a court hearing for making a rude gesture and drinking alcohol during the same July incident.

DiD said the 27-year-old was not told about the court date in advance and that sentence is also being appealed against.

In relation to the alleged public indecency charge, Mr Harron is said to have been holding a drink, moving through a crowded bar and held a hand in front of him to avoid spilling it on himself or others. He then ”touched a man on his hip to avoid impact”.

Mr Harron said: “My lawyers have put an objection in on my 30-day prison sentence issued by my absentia that me and my lawyer didn’t even know about in the first place.

“I hope that it can be sorted out but I already didn’t think it would have went on for so many months in the first place. I’ve lost my job, I’m in debt now, I may be going to prison and all this for a two-day stopover.

“It’s just unbelievable. I’m still in shock that it’s actually happened.”

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  1. Na wa o,something as little as this is now such a big deal.


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