Stella Dimoko Kate Middleton And Prince William Announce Due Date for Baby No. 3


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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kate Middleton And Prince William Announce Due Date for Baby No. 3

According to Kensington Palace,Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child is due in April 2018.

This can NEVER happen in Nigeria....
We believe Village and World people will come after any woman who announces her due date...

Is it our mentality or are there no wicked ones in white skin?



  1. No biggie. .you announce oo.. You no announce oo. .witch wen wan catch person go catch person .

    The important thing always as a pregnant woman is to cover yourself and your baby in the womb with the Blood of Jesus.


    1. See who's back. Orubebe aka Galore is here.

  2. Wishing them safe delivery in

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  3. Congratulations to Kate and Prince William
    Stella every mallam to him kettle some like to reveal some dont


  4. Wicked people leave with us here ooo.May God help us all

  5. If you like announce, if you like dont announce, dont pray for village people to be on your matter.

    congrats to them. They are in the public eyes, so they are free to give dates and when they chook self. Nothing concern me.

  6. Our mentality. I have friends who announce and went ahead to have healthy babies. Prayer is the key

  7. Hahahhahaha

    This news to some Grand mothers in the village and some in the cities sef will warrant a year of preaching.

    Bn watching DIana: The True Story. And I always always feel like the hands of time should be rewound. What would have happened if only she didn't go out that night with Dodi.

    But then again,it was that night or the next one. Or the next night in the new month.
    And I can't help but feel what her last thoughts were. Especially about the unborn child She was carrying.

    So many if's.

  8. LMAO 😁 you can't try that here oh!!!
    Throughout my pregnancies,the only people that knew my EDD are my husband and mum!
    I no fit shout oh!

    1. Same here....I don't even post pictures of my pregnancy online. Andy friends and family respect my decision when we take group photos.

      in all, our God is d ultimate keeper.....but we just have to do our own especially wen u knw d kind of people around u

  9. Been ttcing for 10 years now, if I get pregnant tomorrow my mother will never know she won't even see me until I put to bed. Please Stella make a post about bad parents please please and please.

    1. Baby dust rest on you dear. My friend elder sister put to bed on Monday after 20 years of waiting, she called my friend early this month to start making a peach color bead that she wants it to be ready this week not knowing that she is expecting a child. Yours too will end in praise!


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