Stella Dimoko Kindhearted Man Walks Around Randomly Handing Out $100 Bills


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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kindhearted Man Walks Around Randomly Handing Out $100 Bills

Some pedestrians couldn’t believe their luck as a complete stranger handed them $100.

The generous man's name is Jeff Buell and he lives in upstate New York.

He believes the world definitely needs a little kindness these days, so he's giving away $50,000 of his own money to total strangers on the street, $100 at a time.

“The only thing I want you to do — I just want you to have a good today and I want you to be nice to people as best you can,” he told one pedestrian.

Buell believes that his acts of kindness will inspire the recipients to pay it forward.

A sanitation worker named John was one of them, handing a $10 to a toddler on the street.

Buell is not a billionaire — he's not even a millionaire. He's just a good guy who wants to spread some joy.

“I probably shouldn't be doing this," he told Inside Edition. "Nobody would say that this is a really great idea."

He runs a Facebook page called “Do the Next Good Thing,” where he profiles some of the recipients of his cash and spreads his message of kindness and hope.
From inside edition

*If only rich people would do this in Nigeria..20k randomly at least!


  1. People won't collect it here, they would say he is using it to collect their star lol.

    1. this is exactly what I want to start doing with my tithe. I want to give it to people who really really need d money. Putting a smile on their faces is enough foe me.

  2. Honestly if they can do but they won't

    *Larry was here*

  3. He's a good man,God will reward him. Some Rich people in Nigeria won't help the poor, instead they'll spend their money on drinks & women.

    God Bless Everyone.

  4. He is indeed a good man. If such were to happen in Nigeria so many people will reject the money linking him to be a ritualist.

  5. Lol if na naija d person go turn to goat or breast or dick go miss if de get home... Lol
    Even Nigerian in New York wnt take sef

  6. If only this can happen in our country Nigeria....
    God bless sir Jeff....

  7. Oh Lord, I receive such miracle now. Alerts from everywhere fall on me.
    I promise Lord, to pay my tithe and extend a helping hand to others. I receive financial rain. Amen.

  8. Try am for Naija,they will cast and bind u in your presence...

    Tearing d money in your presence, saying...d devil is a liar...
    I am born to give and not to receive...
    The Egyptian u see today,you shall see no more...


  9. The only ones Nigerians will imitate are the evil things from westerners;
    Sexual depravity,
    cohabiting/co-parenting (instead of marriage),

  10. Wish this could happen in Nigeria.. the country could do with a little kindness. I need such miracles... imagine someone walking on the road, not sure of where his next meal will come from only to be handed a dollar bill... Praise God

  11. Stella you want people to think you are collecting their destiny.

    If I see that I will pause first. Then take it and straight away pray for it so that nothing bad happens.

    Good one from Mr. Bell. God bless you

  12. #Sometimes spending some time away from people, and focusing on yourself for awhile is just what you need*

  13. If it happens in naija, someone will hurriedly call the police with the report that someone is charming people with money for ritual purposes


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