Stella Dimoko Las Vegas Killer Stephen 'Wired' $100,000 To Girlfriend in Philippines Days Before Massacre


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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Las Vegas Killer Stephen 'Wired' $100,000 To Girlfriend in Philippines Days Before Massacre

Police are expected to interview the girlfriend of the Las Vegas massacre gunman after it emerged he made a large international money transfer to her home country in the days before the shooting. 

Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to his girlfriend Marilou Danley in the Philippines last week, authorities in Manila said on Wednesday, citing the FBI.

"Danley arrived in the Philippines last month, and then there was a wire transfer to her account for $100,000 from Stephen," Nick Suarez, spokesman for the Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), told AFP.

Police said Ms Danley, a former casino worker who was in the Philippines when the mass shooting in Las Vegas took place, was not believed to be involved in the shooting.

Ms Danley travelled to the Philippines through Hong Kong on September 25. She is expected to return to the US on Wednesday and could provide investigators with key clues about Paddock's state of mind.

Pictures emerged on Tuesday of Paddock in the Philippines at what appeared to be a gathering of Ms Danley's family.

Security expert Jeffrey Simon, author of Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat, said: "I think the girlfriend is key. Hopefully, she may be able to provide some answers.

FBI investigators said they were looking at Paddock's finances as a matter of urgency in a bid to establish a motive for the massacre.

*Money might be a gift.Poor Lady,this must have really shaken her and now her family photos being dragged on the internet...kai!!!


  1. It's just what it is: A pressie. Money pressie.

    He didn't want her to suffer for a few years at least.

    Callous man! But he also made sure uncountable families will suffer. Many of them,as long as they live. Evil man! Evil evil man!
    Now one can say he must have Had the heart of his Bank robber Father. But no one knew til he snapped. Evil thing!👿

  2. Poor Rich Girl.

    1. 100k is being rich? If this spotlight wasn't on her then maybe it would buy her some luxuries but you don't want this type of spotlight even with $10m.

      Media will write crazy stories about her soon and all her ex and how they were this or that and she'd have to pay to redeem her image and all. At the end of the day, her worth even financially will go bankrupt. Stop thinking like this is a lot of things but some things are just not worth it.

  3. Depression is silent but deadly

    1. Abeg should she spend the money or return It back to the authorities since It may be gift from a mass murderer

  4. I wonder when anyone associated with a criminal will have a squeaky clean past. I read that she had two husbands at the same time and two social security numbers as well.

  5. Do i call this one blood money or what? Depression is real but his actions cant be excused, he caused sorrow to families. Crazy old man!! Even your wealth wasnt just so angry!!! Thereare alot of loose canons in the abroad that it scares me really. One could just be relaxing somewhere and bam!! Gunman or a knife wielding man. Odiegwu oooo

  6. This man is ubstable

  7. Its So bad the grass ain't greener visit: to find reasons to stay and make it Big in naija

  8. Other than that there is no ability included. voodoo dreams


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