Stella Dimoko Man Who Was Wrongly Accused Freed After 23 Years In Jail


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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Man Who Was Wrongly Accused Freed After 23 Years In Jail

Surrounded by news cameras and supporters, Lamonte McIntyre hugged his mother on Fridayfor the first time as a free man in 23 years.

The 41-year-old Kansas native was wrongly convicted of a double murder and finally set free after spending more than half of his life behind bars. He was serving two life sentences.

The group Injustice Watch said McIntyre’s first words were: "It’s nice outside."

McIntyre was originally convicted at the age of 17 on the testimony of witnesses who later recanted. Prosecutors presented no physical evidence or motive to tie him to the 1994 murders.

A judge was reconsidering the case in court hearings that were scheduled to last into next week, when the new prosecutor in the case said on Friday in a news release that new information cast doubt on witness identification of McIntyre as the killer, and that a jury might have not convicted him.

"In light of information learned by my office since I began in January," Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree said, "my office is requesting the Court find that manifest injustice exists."

The original investigators of the daytime shooting never issued search warrants nor discovered a link between McIntyre and the victims, according to The Washington Post. He was arrested after less than 20 minutes of interviews.

"The investigation was hasty and superficial," said the Midwest Innocence Project, which helped free McIntyre.

McIntyre has always maintained his innocence. His mother Rose McIntyre, who was present when he was arrested decades ago, on Friday thanked "everybody who never gave up on my son". There were many tears in the courtroom when the man was finally freed.

The judge said, ’You’re free.’ I almost hit the floor," The Star quoted Rose McIntyre as saying. "I want him to feel the sunlight."

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  1. Nonsense people after wasted years
    Chikito darling what can I use for my sun burn pls? I have tried lots.

    1. For prevention, stop using cream on your face during the day. Do that only at night .

      Fot the cure, I have no idea

    2. Life can be a bitch, I am glad he didn't commit suicide. I pray God restores him a 100 fold.

    3. What type life??! When they want to ask for advice they go anon and bribe you with sweet names 😂😂 when it's time to abuse they appear with IDs. Unfortunately my anonymous darling, I'm not in the mood for skin care advice today. And as for sunburn, I really can't relate. Maybe you should stop using cheap cream 😉

    4. Anon, first protect your skin with spf, caps or umbrella.
      Then don't use cream with harsh chemicals. If these does not work, see a dermatologist.

  2. The greatest of man's desires... Freedom!

    "Just living is not enough..... One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower"


  3. I don't understand,just like dat?no compensation?where is he gonna start from?? U people should better leave him der

  4. #Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life, that is being alive and accepting the now*

  5. Hmmmmmmmn! I hope there's compensation ooo.

  6. So sad! A whole 23 wasted years!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  7. I know it will be a black man.

  8. So many innocent people in jail


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