Stella Dimoko Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom Goes ''Back To Hustling'' As She reveals Heartbreaking Details About Split With Boxer Hubby Amir Khan


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Friday, October 13, 2017

Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom Goes ''Back To Hustling'' As She reveals Heartbreaking Details About Split With Boxer Hubby Amir Khan

Broken-hearted Faryal Makhdoom has spoken of how she's dealing with her pregnancy, looking after three-year-old daughter Lamisah and returning to her glamorous day job - all while coping with the pain of her split from husband Amir Khan.

The beauty mogul is currently expecting her second child with the boxer - which she announced just two weeks after an explosive Twitter spat revealed their four year marriage was over.

While Amir has jetted off to Pakistan to see his parents who have made no secret of their dislike for her , Faryal has been sharing candid details of the break-up on her Instagram page, as she heads back to the grind.

Captioning some behind the scenes shots for a campaign for her self-made beauty brand, Faryal simply wrote: 'Back to hustlin''

But behind the make-up and the glamour, Faryal revealed she was still feeling the strain of her marriage breakdown as just hours later she opened up with a heartfelt post with her fans.

"To be a good mother while my heart was breaking was one of the hardest roles I've ever had to play," she posted.


  1. Eeyah!! This babe! Man must survive. You would be fine.

    1. Its really a pity, the guys parents will be extremely happy and rejoicing cos they never liked her and they.
      The brouhaha was just too much, in-law wahala is the worst and these Pakistani people too dey do jazz like Yoruba people. By the way I am Yoruba and know how difficult in-laws can be especially some MILs.
      Faryal also made some mistakes.

  2. Sorry girl. It ain't easy. Men are so quick to move on. Please do too. The lord is your strength o

  3. When her husband and husband's people rejected her... I feel for her sha

    1. They've always been fighting, the in-laws never liked her. There was a time the parents too were ranting on social media in videos that was when her husband stuck to her.
      The parents will just be laughing at Faryal now, Pakistani people dey do jazz too anyways.

  4. Not easy to break up from the man you loved and married. May God console you and keep your hustling tighter

  5. Eeeeeya.
    That write up made me teary.

    It's times like this one wishes to have super powers,so I can beat that Amir like I was the MoneyMayweather.

    1. Lol, GW abi you won deploy army's from the barracks?
      I dey laff you oooo.

  6. Look on the bright side sweetie, that's a 2 child support check rolling in soon.

    She had her time, which she used to answer Boxer's wife, nothing tangible was done by the side for the rainy day.

    Now you have been cut out, receive sense Lady.

    1. U always sound stupid when u try so hard to sound like u know it all.
      What is child support compared to a broken marriage? What is money when u are not in d right frame of mind to enjoy it?
      Did u even read d post well? She is a beauty mogul and she has gone back to her days job(which is her self made beauty brand) didn't say she started it after d was actually her side hustle while she was married to her hubby.. Even if it was actually started after d breakup,was it not from d money she saved up from d marriage?
      U ar d one who should receive sense cos u lack it. Tueh!

    2. Hahahah Anon, Geezzzzz so much bile on top person weh no know you.

      My matter is really giving you HBP. Loooooooooooooooooool

      Sip some Tea Dear, its going to be a long ride

  7. Well she's has a beauty business so she can ways go back to it and forget her cheating whore of a husband


  8. His parents live Bolton UK not Pakistan both parties made mistakes don't single him out to be the only bad one


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