Stella Dimoko President Trump To Allow Release Of JFK Files


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Sunday, October 22, 2017

President Trump To Allow Release Of JFK Files

The long-sealed files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are set to be released next week.

 There are said to be upward of 3,000 documents never seen by the public in the top-secret folder.

US President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he would not block the release of the long-classified files relating to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

"Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened," Trump wrote on Twitter.

Under a 1992 law, the documents were scheduled to be released 25 years later, unless the sitting president felt that their release would harm intelligence, national security or foreign relations.

Pivotal event
The National Archives now has until Thursday to make the more than 3,000-document-thick pile available to the public.

President Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. He later succumbed to his wounds in a local hospital, one of the most pivotal events in US history.

Lee Harvey Oswald has long been considered the lone actor in the assassination, but that has not stopped decades of conspiracy theories — which even made it into the Hollywood mainstream in Oliver Stone's 1991 film "JFK."

Public demand for disclosure in the wake of the film prompted Congress to pass a 1992 law releasing millions of classified files. 
However, the law placed  25-year hold on an estimated 3,100 secret documents.
Tens of thousands of files that were previously released were heavily redacted. The blacked out portions of those documents are also set to be declassified. 


*Woooow...Movie directors will be set t turn this into great movies..I cant wait to see if it was really Lee that pulled the trigger!


  1. They should release it if it will not cause any wahala

  2. A step in the right direction.

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  3. If Lee pulled the trigger, he should have been prosecuted bfr now..abi Na Stella? What am I saying sef..?

    1. Are u same person as anonymous gangster? Asking for a friend.

    2. Lee is dead. Two days after his arrest someone shot him in full view of TV cameras while the police where trying to transfer him (to God knows where), thereby fueling the conspiracy theories.
      RIP JFK.

      Gerald Posner was so emphatic in his book "Case Closed" that Lee Oswald acted alone, I wonder if the sealed files says something different. He was quite convincing though.
      Fingers crossed.

  4. Dumb wants to divert attention.

  5. For trump to want them released perhaps he may have an agenda, probably the evidence indicates foreign involvement, so he can further emphasize his strict immigration laws and hate speeches. Oh well what do I know..... Would also like them to release the files on UFOs, mermaids, yes they exist, i have seen a docu that detailed it on history channel, but the FBI seized the scientists files, and other abduction/alien/extraterrestrial occurrences.

    1. You may be right @the Trump agenda angle, you know Lee Harvey's wife was Russian-born, only that Trump love Russia (Putin). Lets wait and see; that's if they don't release the 'edited' version.

      How are you Chyluv?

    2. I'm good, nemerem. Cheers

  6. #Not caring about what other people think is total freedom*

  7. Stella please approve the comment about the ignorance of Nigerians based on the JFK case.

  8. Still waiting for the comment to be approved. I've begun to swap back to the other blog recently as this blog is going slow.


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