Stella Dimoko Student Who Was Declared Missing Found In Her Boyfriend's House Having A Good Time


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Friday, October 13, 2017

Student Who Was Declared Missing Found In Her Boyfriend's House Having A Good Time

A 15-year-old Junior Secondary School 2 pupil of Agbara Commuinty Junior Secondary School, Ogun State who was declared missing by the police in the state left many people in shock after she was found having fun in the boyfriend's house. The girl identified as Asmau Ajibade, went missing for seven days after she left home for school.

According to Punch Metro, the girl lived with the guardians, Alhaji Rauf Adetona and Alhaja Ajarat Adetona, in OPIC Estate, Agbara, off Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Ogun State before she reportedly disappeared.

Ajibade it was learnt had left the house at about 7.30am last Monday in her school uniform. The belief in the house was that she had gone to school. The guardians became apprehensive when it was 4pm and she had not returned home. Record of the school reportedly revealed that she was absent that day.

Ajarat said the girl had been living with them since she was four years old, adding that she was surprised by her disappearance. She said it was the first time she would leave home without returning.

''But a cobbler around here told us that he fixed her torn sandal that morning. The cobbler said she seemed to be in a hurry as she told him that somebody was waiting for her''.

The girl was rescued last Saturday while living with a guard identified as John who is her lover in the Agbara area of Ogun State. John was apprehended along with a cobbler, Moses who hooked the girl up with John. 

One of the guardians, Alhaji Rauf Adetona, said Ajibade confessed that it was the cobbler who hooked her up with John, adding that she spent four days with the lover.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed John and Moses’ arrest.

The girl has been reunited with her guardians and the suspects arrested and they will be arraigned for abduction.

*Hmmmmm,so where did she spend the remaining three days if she only spent four days with them but was missing for 7 days?..Hmmm this small girl get strong 'kidney'


  1. All these small children will not rest.

    The way tvs are showing immoral scene, hmmmmmm not to talk of internet. A lot of these small girls are always online.

    Imagine JSS 2. how old is she that she is thinking of man at this age.

    They should deal with that stupid man that wants to wreck this girl future

  2. Replies
    1. Her toto was itching her. 15years in JSS 2, as if that is not enough problem for her. The men should be sentenced.

  3. Replies
    1. No wonder at 15 she's still in junior secondary

  4. Chai!

    See her low-key shinning eyes.
    And a guard of all people.

    Some of these kids of this generation ehn.

    1. Lol! No be small low key shining eyes..... Babe want to enjoy na.

  5. Hahahahaha omg! I wanted to say so when I first read the story but just kept kwaret. These kids iyaf spoilt gan. @ 15? Smh

  6. Small girl that is supposed to be paying attention to her studies... already knowing "man" hope she wasn't hypnotized .

    1. Looks more like it....her being hypnotized

  7. This is child abuse. They should even check the guardian to make sure that the abuse didn't start from home.

  8. Na wao for the small girl self. She has tasted and see that is sweet, she come relaxed

  9. Years ago one of my classmates in secondary school did same thing. She actually missed WAEC, got pregnant and i didn't see her again till 2years ago. She cleaned up real good. Married (not to that man) with kids and travels frequently to Europe on business trips.
    We 'good' girls some are still unmarried, some married no children, some married but dirt poor.
    My point -this one may still end up better than her mates. God has the FINAL say.

    1. I was a "good" girl (my believe is only God is good, we can only try)and God has over compensated me for that. Married at the right time to a rich man. Funny enough I am not materialistic, I was not even looking for a rich man. God always answers my prayer on time to the extent I am scared of reporting to God people that offend me ( trust me they always go down when I do this)

      The point here is, we should try to be good, it makes your chance of having a good life higher. Thank you.

  10. wa...just look at

  11. It grosses me out seriously when I hear a minor is already fucking. Tufiakwa!

  12. I'm not surprised....chai....her eyes don clear now....issorait

  13. Naaawaaoo!
    Imagine the pains and apprehension the guardians/parents must have gone through during the 7days! Ife amu na eme eeeeh!

  14. This event is not new think back to your schooldays and am sure you will recall events like this. I bet Ajaratu will have bragging rights in class when the topic is boyfriends and romance amongst her friends.

    I wonder why she was not arrested for bunking school, she was not coereced, she choose to be in a man's house for days


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