Stella Dimoko Ukranian Heiress Bursts Into Tears As She Is Detained For Killing Five In Horror Crash


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ukranian Heiress Bursts Into Tears As She Is Detained For Killing Five In Horror Crash

The Ukrainian heiress who killed five and injured six in a horror crash was tonight detained for two months to stop her fleeing the country before her trial.

Alyona Zaitseva, 20, burst into tears as she was detained despite an extraordinary appeal to allow her multi-millionaire father to compensate her victims and their families. Shocking video footage shows the sickening moment her Lexus ploughed into a crowd after she drove through a red light and hit another vehicle at 63mph in central Kharkiv.

The glamorous oligarch's daughter was seen in tears alone in the courtroom cage at the start of a legal process which could see her jailed for a maximum ten years after a crash which left a street in the Ukrainian city looking like a 'war zone' with bodies strewn on a pavement.

In an extraordinary message from the dock to the bereaved and injured, the weeping heiress said: 'I am sorry that this situation happened and people suffered. This is the only that truly concerns me now. I am hoping that families will allow my parents to help them because this is the worst that could happen. All my thoughts are about it.

Her lawyer Yulia Kozyr - famous for representing prominent people accused of corruption in Kharkiv - had sought house arrest for her.

But a judge ruled that she must remain in a detention prison for two months pending a criminal investigation into alleged dangerous driving causing deaths and injuries. The court was told that a urine test revealed she had taken cannabis. But a blood test showed her clear of alcohol and drugs so further analysis was ordered.

Ms Zaitseva has declined so far to give testimony on the horrific accident, citing the 63rd article of the Ukrainian constitution, permitting her not to incriminate herself.

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  1. Eyah! Next time she'll never pass red-light.
    She can't outrun the long arm of the law.

    Your comment will be visible after approval.

    1. Eyah nothing! She caused so much carnage on innocent lives. All because she was catching fun as the spoiled rich kid she is. 10 years is too small for her sef. Her type will be given preferential treatment in jail. Make she kuku tanda behind bars. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeew...

  2. See her Zara bomber though. Must everyone have one? 😑

    Later they come and say that weed isn't that serious a drug. If your brain no fit, face front. Them no go hear.
    Her father should compensate them? For what? Would that bring life back? Arrogant little brat.

  3. Look at what she has caused now. Death of innocent people. Red is for wait, wait in detention, nonsense.

  4. Heiress my foot why would you go ahead when you see red light which means she was very high serves her right.

  5. Oh my gosh Stella.
    This happened near the city centre.. to think that I know this place and I've walked past this place several times is so frightening.

    My friend said she passed here a few minutes before the incident happened. Everyone is in shock. Everyone is angry and in mourning.

    And to think her father said his baby cannot eat or slrep since the incident, how about the families of those who lost their loves??! A 15 year old girl died. A young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. It's just too sad. .

    MMay God console them.

  6. The consequences of reckless living...

  7. Pregnant woman(7mths old) got killed too.

  8. Her ears are huge!

    White people have such large ears.

    What happened to the person she was doing formula 1 with?

  9. One reckless act has led to 5deathsanda ruined life,she can never remain the same Again!!!


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