Stella Dimoko Woman Calls Out Abusive Estranged Husband On Facebook


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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Woman Calls Out Abusive Estranged Husband On Facebook

...And then she deleted it.

I dont Understand it..why are people always wanting people (men and women)who are abused to keep quiet?


  1. Lynda thank you for bringing this out. I pray you heal fast.

    Please lets stop discouraging people from talking about their dv situations. It is bad that they told her to delete it but why?

    May God help all who falls into this Amen

    1. This is Stella not Linda. You'll be pretending as if you don't visit other blogs

    2. Why delete the post Madam? You for leave am don't mind those advisers of doom.

      Abeg BVs what do I do to get my tummy flat again after delivery?

    3. The victims name is linda so yori yori is right by his comment

    4. Yori Yori, na wa for you ooo . The persons name is Lyrics.
      Quick to judge.

  2. Of course people especially from the man's side will want the lady to "keep quiet". It is however the lady's decision to do so.
    The lady in question here has been cowed. If she was confident about what she wrote, she shouldn't have deleted it.

  3. Thank you madam for speaking out

  4. The same people that will also critize her if she din't leave him or fail to talk about it...mtcheeww

  5. Na real wa. That was how one posted on how the hubby kicked her in her stomach when she was 6months pregnant and lost the pregnancy. She quickly deleted it.

  6. I detest men who beat their wives. How could he be all she wrote up there and lazy at same time while the wife is the breadwinner of the home

  7. are you minding them, they are still the ones who will be shouting eyah over the grave of the victim when dead, i have since learnt never to live my life according to societal pressure. i dont care bout what people will say say. my happiness and peace of mind comes first before anyone or anything else. so this is me saying #fuckwhatpeoplesay

  8. Abusive men are very manipulative.
    They are very caring to their gfs/wives.
    They'll act all nice mostly outside,accuse u of cheating, then comes the beating.
    The married ones make side chics fall for them easily cos of the way they spend on them.

    Very vindictive!
    They make u feel guilty of them beating u. Yet pple will say "husband and wife matter them no dey put mouth".
    They make pple blive them easily.

  9. Dont mind them, smiling and suffering is what some of them go through in the name of marriage.

    Such a brave lady.

    See the man cup head.

  10. Hmmm na wa oh. wetin person no go read.

  11. Spot on @ Lucifer.

    May God heal her hurting heart.

  12. She could have walk away peacefully, without posting it on SM. He is still the father of her child or children #my opinion

  13. Na wa ooo, I pray she heals from all that she has suffered.

  14. Why did she delete it. it beats my imagination how someone can be Lazy and still Violent, see the efulefu sef.
    Let her leave him

  15. I dont understand men of this generation. They are so lazy, irresponsible. They want their responsibilities shared by their partners 50/50 and they expect full respect from their wives. Mtcww.

  16. The guy is a leach. How do u expect ur wife to feed, clothe and pay rent.

  17. I tire, allow someone that is dieing silently to express herself.


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