Stella Dimoko Woman Marries 18 Husbands In Six Years


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Monday, October 02, 2017

Woman Marries 18 Husbands In Six Years

This story will shock you....

A 25-year-old woman, Mrs. Martha Korchioga of Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State has confessed that she has married 18 husbands within the last six years.

Mrs. Korchioga who made the confession during a healing mass and monthly prayer at the Solution Center, St. Luke’s African Church at Gyenwase in Ukum Local Government area told the congregation that each man that sees her would request for her hand in marriage but the marriage would not last long.

Once a man sees me, he will ask for my hand in marriage and sometimes two or three months into the marriage the love will vanish and the husband will send me packing

Within six years, I got married to 18 husbands and none was able to accommodate me up to four months. In fact, some of them hated me to the level of beating me to comma and some attempted to kill me,” Martha revealed in tears.

The pastor in charge of the church, Prophet Memnen Ukum, before delivering the woman, revealed to her that the red powder she stole from her aunt in Lagos was responsible for the problem.

Prophet Memnen told her that for her problem to be solved, she must return it to the owner or to him (prophet) for destruction. The prophet’s revelation astonished the entire congregation, as the woman, who wanted to deny later confessed to stealing a powder from the said aunt of hers albeit ignorantly.

When I returned home with the powder, my aunt followed me to my village to collect it but I denied and she had to go back, but unfortunately, she had an accident on her way and died, “she said.

From New Telegraph

OMG this is the reason some people might be in Bondage but know nothing about t....things that shouldnt be are in your possession!.


  1. And they call it village people.
    I reject all my village people In Jesus Name. Amen

  2. Hmmm i once stole my Auntie's perfume and she was really furious looking for it then that made the hole family ask if it was just perfume she was looking for or something else i hide very well and left for my base with it and rocked it well ooo. I think i better confess ooo incase there is something hidden behind that perfume because since i returned i just dont understand things happening in my
    This post is an eye opener oooo

  3. See how stealing just put this woman in bondage. Thank God she has been delivered.

  4. That powder is a love charm,it can only be used by the owners

    1. You are right, that's what killed her aunt.

  5. Wow see what powder she thought was just ordinary did to her.... Then the aunty getting involved in an accident after she denied not taking the powder... Is so scary. what if the powder was the aunt life or something else nd the aunt did all these.... Even when the revelation was made she first denied... Hopefully she is totally healed now nd her next marriage will be the best and last

  6. 18 what?
    Na wa o

    Thankfully, she can return the red powder to the prophet since her aunt is dead already.

  7. Few years back my sister lodged with her friends in a hotel for an event.

    When her friend was having her bath, she took her powder and used it. Thank God she mentioned it to her when she came out. The babe insisted she must wash it off before she steps out. Another friend now told her there was "man follow me" charm in the powder.

    I don't use powder, perfume, and some personal stuff that doesn't belong to me.

    God help your children

    1. I had a friend who was staying with me on holiday from Nigeria. So we were dressing up to go out and my makeup bag was upstairs or in the room but my brushes were in the bathroom, so I asked to use her powder. Abeg! come see fight on top powder, I was so angry we use same color and you saying no. You staying rent free at my apartment eating my phone, sky tv. ETC. I was so mad I cut her off. Now I have better understanding.

  8. This is how one girl in my uni days went and used her room mate powder and men were just following her around all through the day, some even dashed her money for nothing. She came back and started gisting her room mates of her ordeal that she doesn't understand what the attractions was all about and one of them asked her whether she used her powder and she answered in affirmative,the girl said she must give her all that money she got and fight broke out immediately.

  9. I know a lady then that sneaked to use her friends powder for an occasion,her uncles started running after her,everyone at the occasion wanted to talk to her. She came home, cleaned her face told every one around what happened. Till today she looks at that lady with side eye. OMG is my name.

  10. Actress Rachel okonkwo aka nkoli Nwa nsuka can't)& will Never borrow you her powered no matter what

  11. because blood was lost that was why she came under bondage. the blood of the owner was hunting her


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