Stella Dimoko Deadly Procedure Initiated To Separate Conjoined Twins Joy And Joyce


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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Deadly Procedure Initiated To Separate Conjoined Twins Joy And Joyce

Conjoined twins Joy and Joyce 10,attached at the forehead have undergone tests to begin the process of separating them – despite the risk of them dying during the operation.

The Twins from the Philippines, were born with angular frontal partial craniopagus.

Their family are desperate for them to lead normal lives and are prepared to take the risk of losing one or both of them.

They were told they needed £75,000 to pay for the life-changing surgery but father Patrick Magsino, 30, and mother Jomarie stood no chance of raising the funds on their own.

Their parents said at the time of their birth a local charity offered to pay for medical treatment of the girls but they stopped helping in 2014 when medics said the operation could kill them.

Now, new pictures of the twins have been released showing them in a hospital in San Juan, located east of Manila, as they underwent tests in preparation for the separation procedure.

The family tried desperately to save for the twins' treatment but Patrick's salary is just £6 a day.

His wife has even emigrated to work abroad in an effort to get enough money, leaving the girls in the care of their relatives.

It is not clear how they have managed to pay for the cost of the pricey operation.

Back in September, a family spokesperson said: 'The doctors said the operation would be quite risky as one nerve connects the girls and it would have to be connected within seconds or else one of them would die. That is when the foundation withdrew their support.'

Mr Magsino added: 'When the girls were born they were fed through a plastic tube but today they are playful.

'It has become hard to control them especially because they now want to be separated.

'The twins have developed a great sense of understanding, but they occasionally fight over doing their preferred activities.

'Joyce has a cleft lip and is the dominant of the two twins and usually manages to get her way in most situations.'


Angular frontal partial craniopagus is a form of conjoined twins where the siblings are attached at the head.

It affects around 10 to 20 in every one million births in the US.

Each sibling has their own chest, abdomen and limbs.

The condition may affect the entire head or just part of it.

Whether angular frontal partial craniopagus twins are eligible for separation depends on the extent of their physical attachment, if they are healthy enough to survive the surgery and the possibility of rehabilitation after the procedure.


  1. OMG I cried seeing and reading this post. I wish it was done while they were much younger,the pain won't be much unbearable unlike now that they're older. Either one or both is going. So pathetic!

    1. What is d evidence dat u cried reading dis?send me a pic for my eyes only.

  2. Replies
    1. Haaa oga stern.have u left LIB for SDK??... Na u be champion there before na wetin happen.BTW u still using this old pic?
      SDK for live!!

    2. @Fabian is there a rule stating he should use his I.D only on one blog?#stopthebully!!!!

  3. If you give birth to a healthy child with no health issues na big thanksgiving.
    Poor girls. I pray that the operation will be successful.

  4. Oh Dear!
    This is heartbreaking.
    So that is how they feed now?
    Oh God!
    I pray God come through for them.

  5. Reminds me of the binder twins, I think one died later n d other is kinda not ok.

  6. Poor girls!
    The pictures are hard to look at.

    May God grant them a successful surgery in Jesus name,Amen!

    1. Amen. I pray they both survive,there is nothing too hard when Baba God is involved.

  7. omg!!! why am i scared for them?

    *hangs leg on the roof*

  8. Oh God. Please let the surgery be successful.

  9. Oh lord, the sight of them is so painful. I pray the surgery is successful.

  10. Tears.
    I pray theirs become a success too♥️

  11. The surgery shall be successful in Jesus name.

  12. I cried reading this.may God see them through

  13. God's mercy be with you shall be a success

  14. Why did I open this post ooo. Kai💔💔
    How have they been coping all d years kwanu??? OMG!!!😩😬 Sdk, pls kindly follow up and give us feed back on how it went.🙏🙏🙏

  15. Hmmmm. May God see them through this life changing operation

  16. May their operation be successful in Jesus name Amen. 😧

  17. God of awesome wonders please show them your kindness and goodness

  18. Such cuties.oh Lord, do your miracle in this surgery.


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