Stella Dimoko Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor And BBA Winner Dillish Matthews Are A Couple!


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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor And BBA Winner Dillish Matthews Are A Couple!

 Dillish Mathews the winner of the 2013 Big Brother Africa - The Chase winner and Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor are dating and coding seriously but they just gave themselves away with their recent posts.....

Check Check out both posts and Judge for yourself.....Their postings were on different social media handles ......

This from her Instagram

This picture is from Adebayor's Snapchat

 Dillish and Emmanuel were spotted together when Adebayor was in Accra and Lome this month, she posted all her trips on Snapchat but since she got to Turkey two days ago, she has been careful with posting videos..
And guess where Emmanuel is....?

He is in Turkey!

Happy Coupling to both of them.


  1. Replies
    1. Emmanuel too wan chop clean mouth.

    2. Uh oh. Busted.

  2. hmmmmmmm
    mixed feelings, hope adebayo's notorious village people will stay out of their relationship.
    All the best Dillish

  3. Awwww... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ Dillish Matthews can do no wrong in eyes... babe issa cute chic

  4. Thought Dillish was dating that rich fat guy from her country? And whatever between her and our Flavour?
    Seems dating a footballer is now the in thing.

  5. A disturbed married man with several children is dating a women and this is news because you are bored or what, i do not understand.

  6. Dillish dishing the Turkish delight cookie around the world...

  7. The way people were abusing her concerning Diamond you would think they were sure of the allegations.
    If Adebayor is single.. happy dating.
    I knew that breaking up and dating with Stephen wasn't going to last.

  8. So she and her Stephen never got to reconcile? Nawa o! They should enjoy while it lasts cos I dont see this one as a potential.

  9. Unless I am mistaken but Adebayor is very much married with a daughter or more by now. His wife name is CharitΓ©. .Maybe they parted ways. Otherwise dilish is just being a side "dish"

  10. Tboss my babe,where u at?catch big fish naa.single,fresh n dulling.bossnation dey with you

    1. Ur tboss has a nasty attitude that men can't stand..and she is psychotic..

  11. He is very married and she's a side chic. Shameful.

  12. These days, What's with really beautiful women/pretty girls and fuck boys.And they always end up getting dumped,beaten up or treated as sh*t. while the ugly/plain Janes be hooking up real guys and men that treat them as queens.

  13. She looks exhausted, like they've had too much sex..............😜


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