Stella Dimoko Groom's Ex Disrupts His Wedding Claiming He Was Still Dating Her....


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Monday, November 06, 2017

Groom's Ex Disrupts His Wedding Claiming He Was Still Dating Her....

According to the Narrator this happened this past Saturday and the Bride cried and cried...........
After all the preparations and monies spent.This is the worst thing that can happen to any couple....
I dont know if i should say the man got served or the Ex lied but I feel so much pain for the Bride.....


  1. Replies
    1. It is the shame of people who go to churches to wed
      It is not biblical. It was not taught or practiced by Christ
      If that man has paid her bride price which is likely the case
      She is his wife.

  2. Hahahahhhaha

    Boyfriend from hell😂
    Good for the bride👌

    The would-have-Bn-groom will be somewhere now singing how God loves him,how he pays his tithes and how he has a big God LMAO🤣

    1. Erm! You might want to read the story again.

    2. See how you have jumped to conclusion
      A scorned woman can do anything

      Women woo men!

    3. Lol@na me be dis. TGW no dey read to comment, brain have yakpa from fucking things

  3. Stupid men causing problems anyhow. Imagine the worst nightmare for the bride. That is why most churches dont come up with something like this, if you have anything against them, stand up. Give them like a month with this if you have anything against them so that they can trash whatever thing they have against anyone. Not during the ceremony.

    Chai bride i feel your pain, may God comfort you. You are still free to decide if to marry him or not

  4. Dis story don reach here💪💪💪

  5. The groom is to be blamed. How could you be dating a lady you don't plan to have a future with? Most guys are so guilty of this and it reminds me of a particular day a guy stopped me on my way and requested for my line. I hardly snub people and felt I should just listen to him. Immediately, the guy called a female like me and requested she speaks with me on phone and that one too was like 'eh my friend finally got a girl oo' naso I yimu for the both of them in my memory(lol). I sha gave him a fake line at the end.
    The following week, a friend invited me to a wedding. Lo and behold it was this same guy,he was getting married. I left without him noticing only to see him weeks later with no ring on. He told me he was angry at me for giving him a fake no and has been thinking about me. I gave him another yimu again. I asked him about his wife and he was like 'which wife' I just jejely showed him his wedding pictures and walked away.
    If not for evidence,he would deny his wife totally all cos of his selfish desires.
    You don't love a man/woman,let 'em know and stop deceiving and causing confusion. Stop playing with people's heart cos you feel it's the best you can do since you aint ready for commitment.
    I'm not siding the girl tho but the groom deserves to be shamed

    1. Thank you. Some men be feeling like Ronaldo and Nintendo. Thunder fire them.

    2. Can you imagine?foolish fellow.

  6. Is dat enough reason to cancel a wedding?anybody can claim anything out of pepper-body.Abeg,bros narrator,where did it happen?did d ex come with any physical evidence?cos being a bf cannot make any church cancel a whole wedding except der are othet reasons

  7. Ordinary boyfriend? Not baby mama, not husband, not even ex-husband? I don't believe this story. Many people come to social media to spew lies so that they can trend. Rubbish.

  8. Why cancel the wedding.
    Girlfriend and not even wife? K-legged story.
    Even the priest could've shut the intruder up

  9. Oh God....pls console this woman and bring her true man her way...smh 4 d yeye bf n d ex...

  10. Two things are involved:
    It's either a planed work between the man and the supposed "ex", to swindle money off the bride, (some women actually fund their wedding) in guise of wedding preparation.
    The man is a serial cheat.

  11. This is horrible

    She should just find somewhere to go hide herself because the embarrassment won't be easy to face.

    I won't be surprised if the guy comes to beg and the parents of the girl force her to take him back so as to cover shame #YoumustmarrybyforceNigerianparents


  12. See the reason I said "never invite your girlfriend or Ex to your marriage/wedding.

    Some can't just let go whether you still have anything or not.

    As for me, if I ever see my husband-to-be's ex or girlfriend in my marriage/wedding, I will just say"no I don't"! and that's the end of marriage/wedding.

    Reason being, I don't know what the person have in mind towards me.

    Girls wen dey attend una boyfriend dem marriage, I hail una oo.

  13. it's well ooo.. heart break everywhere...

  14. Just his girl friend and the marriage was cancelled? That's not sordid reason to stop the wedding. At least the man wasn't married to the EX. Except there are things the narrator did not write. That reason is not strong to dissolve wedding or marriage

  15. The ex went too far,if it doesn't work out just move on.I feel for the bride.

  16. Someone out of blues shows up "claiming" to be the girlfriend of the groom and the wedding was called of?

    The man and his to- be wife never really ready to marry before.

    With evil people roaming around to destroy unions, they fell cheaply for this?

    Any way let me just assume that they dug deep before they called off the wedding.

  17. Hello has the devil boyfriend married her, that boy comes from the pit of hell...

  18. Honestly most people on this blog are you think when they said ex it means he has stopped dating the lady? Don't you people use your brains to think? To the lady the guy is not an ex cos he might have even slept with her the day before....she must still currently be dating the guy as her only relationship to be pained enough to show up at his u people know the lies he might have told her? Do u know all the things she might have been shouting and saying in the hall or church? The wedding has to be cancelled u don't join people with that kind of undefined issues...facts have to be investigated..some men are dogs and utter two faced liars....poor brides sha, better broken engagement than she going into a marriage full of lies from inception


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