Stella Dimoko Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Wed At Windsor Castle In May 2018!


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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Wed At Windsor Castle In May 2018!

Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle have announced that they will marry at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle in May 2018 - a month after Kate Middleton is due to have her third child.

A notice from Kensington Palace said the Queen has given permission for the wedding to take place at the chapel, where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles had part of their service when Charles remarried in 2005.

According to the Telegraph, It has been a traditional venue for royal weddings ever since the future King Edward VII married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, according to The Telegraph.

The chapel can accomodate 800 guests - a much smaller venue than the 2,000-guest strong Westminster Abbey, where Prince William married Kate Middleton.

The palace also confirmed that the Royal Family will pay for the wedding, including the church service, music, flowers, and reception!

Markle, who is American, will become a British citizen, according to the palace. The notice also said that she is a Protestant, and will be baptised and confirmed into the Church of England before the service.

*Meaning she must become an Anglican before she can marry him?WOW.
This wedding date is too far away.God keep the two of them together until then.....


  1. The church of England is ANGLICAN, not Catholic.

  2. Church of England is not the same as Catholic church.

  3. Replies
    1. Wish them well but she might need to tone down on her feminist side when she is in public with him doing interviews. I'm not telling her to be like Catherine as is always good to be true to oneself but she need to stop interrupting him and let him finish his sentence before she talks

  4. I wish them well.. congrats to them and I also pray God gives me my prince charmingšŸ™ AS he has blessed MEGHAN in jesus name Amennn..

  5. the royal house are not Catholic Stella...
    they are Anglican.

    thank me later

  6. The church of England is Anglican, Stella. I learnt she's Catholic, so she'll renounce Catholicism.
    I wish them a long and fruitful marriage.

  7. oooh, thank Jehovah, we stll gat time to heal and hear word. the last thing i need now is another version of BAAD2018 from the royals.

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  8. Stella proof read before posting. She is Catholic already,they are Anglican. You should know not to make these mistakes.

  9. Church of England is an Anglican church. They separated themselves from the Roman Catholic church. Love this couple....Amen to stella's prayer

  10. Catholic??? SMH for Stella

  11. Ermm Stella, she's a Catholic. She's to become an Anglican.


  12. Anglican you mean?

    I'm so ecstatic for these two.
    Happ married life in advance to them.

    May God keep them till next year.

  13. That was a real prayer Stella. First everything was fast fast which is norm with America relationship and kind of worried about that. Second of all, when I watch their both the live and cut interview, she came across very strong not only by interrupting him but by finishing his sentences and that makes him not only look weak but stupid and less of a man and that doesn't make him look good or smart. I honestly wish that they do make it though

  14. She is an advocate for equality and a feminist and that shows in that interview that they had. She came across very strongly and dominated the interview. she keeps interrupting and finishing his word and that doesn't make him look good as not only as a Prince but also as a man. She came too strong that he told her in their off the air tape that he was being interrupted by her and she quickly said "I'm sorry" but she did that again and again throughout the interview. I understand she is a feminist but she need to calm down a little and let him talk without being interrupted from time to time by her.That is a put off for me about her and wonder how long he can put up with that before he lost interest in her controlling nature. Catherine might be worst than her privately with Williams but she comes across as a shy and reserved lady just like Diana and that makes her being adorable.

  15. At 12.24 That was true. She came across inot only too strong in the interview but she also dominated it and wonder if that will ever sit well with the Royal family. She need to "SLOW HER ROLL".

  16. This one she has not been not married into the royal family, complain done begin start from left to right with sentences, I pray this married be her last...

  17. At Chika I honestly do hope so too and just because we are all rooting for them doesn't mean we cannot express our observations. BTW, it was Prince Harry that first made the comment about her interrupting him and she said "SORRY" to him. People can be so into a situation or relationship that they tend to ignore those little signs, that if care is not really taken can affect the whole dynamic of the situation and when it does, they are quick to cry murder. Unfortunately the problem was there all along but they chose not to either talk about it or fix it until it get out of hand to the point of no repair

  18. Stella, that's my prayers too, this two must marry o


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