Stella Dimoko Teen Ends Her Life After Her EX Posted 'Explicit' Photos Of Her Online...vvvvvvvvv


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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Teen Ends Her Life After Her EX Posted 'Explicit' Photos Of Her Online...vvvvvvvvv

A tormented 15-year-old girl, sadly ended her life after she learned that her ex-boyfriend allegedly posted explicit photographs of her online.

 Karina Saifer Oliveira is said to have killed herself after she heard rumours that the photos had been shared throughout her hometown in Nova Andradina of southeastern Brazil.

Karina reportedly had a sexual relationship with her ex, a 17-year-old boy she dated when she was just 14 years old, and there was speculation he had shared intimate photographs of her before her death.

Her devastated father, Aparecido Oliveira, told Buzzfeed News that his daughter told him that the photographs made her feel “trashy” and he said to her that ” it didn’t have anything to do with her,”

Mr. Aparecido who works as a security guard, also claimed that Karina was also sent “hateful” messages from her peers for more than a year before she died.

He said the messages bullied her for having afro hair, which Karina regularly straightened.

“She didn’t like her hair because people kept criticising her about it,” her father said, “that’s racism”.

According to reports, Police are now investigating whether the photographs of Karina exist and if they are still circulating online.


  1. Replies
    1. Which children?
      Haven't you shared explicit pictures with your boyfriends?
      You want proof?
      If you
      have had sex with him in his house or any place he "arranged", you've done it!

  2. Sigh!

    Female folk need to stop taking and sharing nudes! If u know u won't be comfortable if people get to see it then don't take it! Even if the bf or ex doesn't release it himself, the device where the nudes r can be stolen or hacked into.

    I guard my nakedness too much! I can't shout

    1. Na so one oyibo pervert wan use me shine. Thank God for my sense.The game he came to play changed and guess what I sent him nude pics I got online that is similar to my skin color. Am sure that wanker was ready to blackmail me.
      We had a fight over cash he was supposed to send me oooo, na so him delete all him nude way him send me not knowing I munched them.
      This Christmas go sweet because he's a public figure and guess what I am going to blackmail him, since he didn't succeed with his evil intentions.
      I have showed him all the fake nudes I sent him and how I cropped it.
      The guy dey beg me oooo, for this Buhari economy, e no fit happen.

  3. Eiya! May her soul rest in peace. How people take their own life is what I don't understand. Is it a calculated plan? Or a spur of the moment thing? Or is the whole thing a cry for help, hoping someone will come in time and save them and understand what they're going through.

    A fifteen years old girl on my street also drank sniper and died two days ago. On Friday she told her friends in school to take heart that they won't see her again, a day before she died she also told her closest friend the same thing, but none of them reported her weird statement and behaviour to anyone. She left a note telling her parents not to worry about her, that she is tired of life. Hmmm!

    I pray for all those who are depressed and suicidal, that a ray of hope and a reason to live and be better should pierce their hearts and give light to that darkness that envolop them.

  4. When children will not allow prick and ponyor matter rest, the end will make them go mad or commit suicide.

    Comfort to the parents. If the father said stop seeing that boy, he will be termed bad father.

    I hope the stupid boy gets punished. Nonsense

  5. They loved your hair, they were obsessed with it, trust me, they would give anything to have that afro. Because they couldn't have it, they bullied you. Love yourself girls!

  6. Children of these days fa. Rest in peace young one.

  7. She was too young to have a boyfriend and be intimate with the guy. She even took some intimate pictures, very bad. So sad she was bullied into taking her own life.

  8. Na waooo, I really dnt know white feels bad when they bully them, if any body bully you,nne bully am back nah abi you no get mouth,cheii smallie wan done begin send nude pix cheiiiiii, RIP...


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