Stella Dimoko Woman Caught And Disgraced For Stealing Her 'Customers' Dollars And Wine Bottles...


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Monday, November 06, 2017

Woman Caught And Disgraced For Stealing Her 'Customers' Dollars And Wine Bottles...

Oh My Goodness!!!

An alleged prostitute, who gave her name as Ifeoma Obi, was caught and stripped naked by men of Onitsha vigilante service for breaking into the home of one of her regular customers to steal some foreign currencies and imported wines.

According to dailypost,The suspect, who is an indigene of Abia State but engaged in s§x work in Onitsha, the commercial nerve center of Anambra State was caught stealing “phones, laptop, body cream, wine, and some yet-to-be counted US Dollar notes.”


Ms. Obi, who was interviewed in Igbo during her ordeal, narrated how she broke into the man’s home to steal using pieces of iron rods a few days after the victim had taken her to his house for s§x.

In the video posted on Facebook during the weekend by Igbo TV, the HO said she knew where the owner of the house kept the Dollars.

The suspect said she monitored him as he went out of the house before she sneaked to steal his property and cash.

The vigilante members interrogated her in the video before she was handed over to the police.

***I have a problem with this video.why strip her?And see the way she was being filmed nude?I found this totally wrong wrong wrong!!!...She can be disgraced and handed over to the Police without this kind of Disgrace.....ah ah.


  1. This is so sad. Thst was how they stripped one girl naked in the east too because she broke into a house and stole biscuits.

  2. I don't know how people can b ds mean to a woman especially as she didn't use violence. Y not just disgrace her n den hand her over to police. Let he that has no sin be the first to cast the stone...

  3. She even get luck they no roast her like dry fish.. Theives no deserve pity o

  4. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer a loss of his soul?

    She deserves whatever meal that was served on her plate. They indulged in all sorts of crimes just to get money and joined the "pepper them gang"

    Men are being stripped naked every day in Nigeria for committing crimes too!

    1. My point is this, can't they punish them without stripping them naked?
      Is not like she went to steal naked, or the beating won't enter with their cloths on.

      Those people feeding their eyes on her boobs or even pressing it all in the name of beating have also sinned.
      I equally hate it when they strip men and think the whole act is barbaric.

    2. Mrs R, you are right on point. I have no single mercy for thieves. Whether big or petty thieves. I do not have any mercy for them. Because this small thieves later start carrying guns about and killing people. That man who came back for his PhD and was killed by robbers won't be brought back to the land of the living again. We all know the police do nothing to this thieves as they continue their evil ways even in prison. So yes, if disgracing her by remocinfremoving her clothes will make her not try this again, then by all means.. If she decides to be a big thieves later in life after this punishment, then worse faith will she meet

      I have no pity for whatever punishment is rendered to thieves, kidnappers and ritualist

  5. Is that men derive joy from seeing the nakedness of female's? Why not handle her over straight to the police.
    Men that patronize prostitutes. ..una dry try oh.. ..
    Why take a prostitute to your house what happened to hotels. To me the man went looking for trouble. Most prostitutes are criminals in disguise.

    1. They naked men too. You haven't seen their videos?? It's not about the women folks

  6. @missess what does the east have to do with stripping her

  7. This is very distasteful... I am not in support of stealing, not to talk of women stealing.. I hate it.. But it's sad @SDK, that is what we see in this country.. You go hear say a woman a few guys go steal, Dem show Dem for national TV.. You go see as the camera man go focus on the woman face, but the camera no go carry the men faces.. I don't understand such bias type of reporting.... Dem don naked this lady Now, you go see as people go dey video her.. Some people go even wan shook their hand inside her ponyor sef.... Mtchew


  8. That was how they almost burnt a heavily pregnant woman to death bcos she stole baby clothes. Luckily, a Finster rescued her from the murderous mob.

  9. Most Nigeria men are sick, stripping her naked to satisfy their sexual urge is abuse. Stealing is wrong but they should let the police do their job, and to think that someone was recording it. #smh

    1. Since when do we know the Nigerian police to tm do their job?? A lot of criminals are out there because police are supposedly doing their job

  10. When they know they will strip them, why stealing in the first place.

    my computer no go show the nude film self. Let me wait till 5.00 p.m.

  11. Why do they strip women when they are caught?
    The thing baffles me.
    And instead of them turning New leaf,they now upped their game by stripping men naked too. Chai😂

    Meanwhile women and men should learn to behave themselves. If u know u have sticky fingers,stay the hell away from shops and their likes. Glue ur hands to urself.

    SM has given some people ideas. So once I are caught stealing or Attempting to steal,they go off!

    I saw a case of one chick,a tailor I believe who they said stole her friends' hair from her shop. It was embarrassing to watch. Another friend ran a commentary stating the alleged friend/thief MO. Everything was caught on video. Her name,her business name.Plus the hot slap they landed her.

    As per this particular vid,who else thinks the chick looks like she was unbothered. Like she was Bn "remote-controlled"

  12. Moral of the story........ say NO TO STEALING.
    I would have had pity for her if she was perhaps poor or a single mother and she broke in to steal food or smthn for survival of her family.
    But NO she stole wine and foreign exchange.
    Stella you havnt seen some of these prostitutes in action, there is a possibility if she even met someone at home she would have harmed the person. Some of them keep guns and all sorts for arm-robbers. Some even plan robberies with these robbers.

    1. Thank you. This is my point. I have no pity for thieves, kidnappers and ritualist. Whatever faith befalls them is fine with me

  13. But men too are stripped. why are all of you shouting, because of the breast.
    men are also stripped naked pls. it is just more disgraceful for a lady.
    Mind you they even pitied her by not burning her. They always have more compassion against killing female thieves. Let her thank her stars for being a lady.

  14. Fab mum pls shut are just a stupid fool


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