Stella Dimoko Zimbabwe's Ostrich Footed People


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Zimbabwe's Ostrich Footed People

The Vadoma people, also known as the Bantwana tribe, which means children/descendants, are a tribe living in the north of Zimbabwe, primarily in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts on the Zambezi river valley.

There are many in their community, who can't wear shoes due to the shape of their feet. They only have two big toes on each foot.

They don't have middle toes and the two outer ones are turned in. They still can walk but with some difficulty according to the shape, running is also difficult to them. It is said this condition helps them while climbing trees, though. The elders of the Vadoma people claim that their remote ancestors were bird like beings who came from the stars and mixed their DNA with early earth women to produce offspring. 

The elders state that their ancient ancestors came from the star systems of Sirius and first established colonies on a planet within our solar system that they refer to as Liitolafisi.

A substantial minority of vaDoma has a condition known as ectrodactyly in which the middle three toes are absent and the two outer ones are turned in, resulting in the tribe being known as the "two-toed" or "ostrich-footed" tribe. 

This is an autosomal dominant condition resulting from a single mutation on chromosome number 7. It is reported that those with the condition are not handicapped and well-integrated into the tribe. While possibly an aid in tree climbing, the condition prevails because of a small genetic pool among the vaDoma and is propagated by the tribal law that forbids members to marry outside the group.

Due to the vaDoma tribe's isolation, they have developed and maintained ectrodactyly, and their comparatively small gene pool has resulted in the condition being much more frequent than elsewhere. The Eastern Shona Kalanga of the Kalahari Desert also have a number of members with ectrodactyly and may be related.


  1. Replies
    1. The only thing I took away from this article is "NORTH of Zimbabwe. Fear NORTH.

  2. Paraphrasing: "They can't wear shoes because of their feet".

    Another mindset would be to make them shoes that fit their 'ostrich feet'. Probably even subsidize by the government. And keep educating them on the condition, encouraging them to marry outside the tribe. Period.

    1. "Encouraging them to marry outside their tribe" talk true will you marry someone with such foot?

    2. Go marry one nah.

  3. They accepted their genetic mutation 'disorder', proud of it, turned it into a legend of star of Sirius,q even perpetuating it by marrying themselves.
    Hmmm! Like a case of turning their lemon into lemonade.

    Anyway good for them if their livelihood is tree climbing, but the thing looks somehow, especially the last pix.

  4. Nothing man no go see. God keep helping them oo.

  5. Nawa o. So in this hot sun, they will be moving around bare footed? God please

  6. 🙆😱 Jesu!!!!!!

  7. Just when u think u have seen it all. I feel so sad for this people. They will be fine.

  8. Jesus
    Na wa o
    Which kind of alien come mate with normal human being to breed these species of people na.

  9. I am simply speechless.

  10. What is this? And I thought I have seen or heard it all. Na wa.

  11. I have seen white people with this syndrome before...they must be related to them too.


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