Stella Dimoko Actor Tyrese Gibson Disses Ex-Wife And Claps Back At Haters Telling Him To "Shut Up"


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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Actor Tyrese Gibson Disses Ex-Wife And Claps Back At Haters Telling Him To "Shut Up"

American actor and singer Tyrese Gibson is back taunting his ex wife, Norma Gibson, and this time he has dismissed their marriage as an act of convenience.

The Self-proclaimed Petty Pendergrass took to his IG page, addressing backlash he received for claiming to have only married the London-bred mother of his 10-year-old daughter in order to keep them in America, during a recent radio interview with the Rickey Smiley Show.

According to him, he lived with 10 years of false claims and had his career and opportunities tied to his image and Brand, literally go away because of ex-wife’s claim. 

In the first video clip he said; There's some folks out here that'll just take a L, take a fucked up reputation, take whatever negative press and PR, and blogs and people all in the comments and making a mockery of your personal situation. They'll just sit at home and stay quiet because just maybe that's the type of celebrity or entertainer they are.

Tyrese, however, has no interest in that type of celebrity. I shut my mouth for 10 fucking years, 10 years, and just took it. So now I'm speaking out. I'mma get over it soon, but for right now, I'mma defend myself.

In a separate video, the singer continued; I want to send a quick little message to everybody out there in the world saying, ‘Dude, just shut up'. I️ just want y’all to consider one thing, there’s probably $25 to maybe upwards of $30 million of opportunities...that has all been killed over the last 10 years because she has literally woken up and just decided to grab random accusations and rumors out of the clear blue sky.

Captioning both clips with a strongly-worded message aimed at Norma, in closing, Tyrese suggested his “bitter” ex-wife consider reverting back to the use of her maiden name “Mitchell,” as she’s the “FURTHEST thing from a GIBSON.


  1. He can't clap back at me here, so I'm telling him to shut up.

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  2. He is an annoying piece of crap but he made some point about some women damaging their ex-boyfriends/husbands because of their anger towards him and as a woman myself, I think that is so unfair to both the man and his kids. Some women doesn't want the man to live once they left him and that is so unfair

  3. He has regained his mouth and hand again, Few weeks ago he was crying and literarily groveling all over the place.
    His Ex tied down his career 10years ago, who is responsible for the downward spiral now?

    1. I hate men that blame their non progress on their spouse.
      10yrs ago I didn't even know he was married. Never knew about her.
      Thot he just had a baby with a baby mama. The woman is even quiet........Never knew of her.
      All these rants makes tyrese look psycotic and unmanageable. Who would want to hire an unstable person in a multi-million dollar production.
      He is hurting his career more and more daily.

  4. Depressed tyrese!
    He was a good singer.
    His contemporaries brandy,rayj jarule ashanti have dead careers.

    New blog ID alert.

    1. Their careers are dead but they have self respect.
      Entertainment career has a short life span. Just ppl like Madonna marie carey and very few others have managed to stay relevant.

  5. Lol

    I look at him and see Ubi... 🕺🕺🕺

  6. But she stayed with you for 10 years and during those period, you went ahead to shoot great movies, made good name for yourself and she stayed at the background...
    I used to like this guy but no more...I don't hate him but I don't like him.


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