Stella Dimoko Boxer Champion Who Has Represented England Six Times Faces Deportation To Nigeria


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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Boxer Champion Who Has Represented England Six Times Faces Deportation To Nigeria

A boxing champion who has fought for England several times is locked in an immigration centre pending deportation to Nigeria - a country he has competed against.

Bilal Fawaz, also known as Kelvin, London's current middleweight boxing champion, arrived in the UK from Nigeria at the age of 14 and has even represented England on SIX occasions.

However, the 29-year-old's leave to remain has expired and for the past week he's been held in an immigration centre he says is "like prison", pending his deportation to the West African country.

Now, speaking from the centre, he's told how he fears being sent back to a country where he has NO family and doesn't know anyone. Bilal was sent to the UK by his parents at the age of 14 but was made a domestic slave by an uncle he was meant to be living with upon arriving here. He ran away, but Stonebridge boxing club in Brent, west London, helped him turn a turbulent youth of petty crime around to become a national champion.

Since Wednesday November 29, he has been held in Tinsley House immigration detention centre in Perimeter Road, South Gatwick, awaiting removal from the country to Nigeria.

Speaking to Getwestlondon from the detention centre, Bilal said: "I've spent over half of my life here. I went to school here, I lived here, I've boxed for England five or six times and never lost. I am a national champion - in 2014 I even boxed for England against Nigeria, the country they want to deport me to.

He added: I'm allowed to box for England but I'm not allowed to stay in England. I've helped kids in the Stonebridge Boxing gym, I've done things that make me a valuable citizen. I have no other family to go back to, I don't know anyone in Nigeria or anything about it - all I know is here. Imagine how it feels to represent a country and then to have that country turn around and put you in what feels like a prison. Being locked up here in the detention centre is like being in a prison.

According to Bilal, he is technically stateless because his parents who were Lebanese immigrants in Nigeria did not have citizenship there. His application to be recognised as a stateless citizen was also rejected by the Home Office. Bilal also claims that his application to the Nigerian Embassy for citizenship was rejected because they said there was no record of him being born there.

The Home Office has rejected Bilal's numerous applications for residency and declared his marriage to a British citizen void.


  1. Replies
    1. This is so unfair, he should try and appeal to the Nigerian government to set him up under our own boxing team. Where would he stay, this people are wicked

    2. Not nice at all they should leave him na!

    3. Na Wa he's neither here no there. British rejected him, Nigerian embassy rejected him too. Since he has represented British in numerous event they should make him as a citizen Na or they strip them of those medals he won for them

  2. They know how the law works,yet they play with it. How can you be in a country since your teen age yet you don't have your papers. The only problem I see here is he must have committed a crime making him not suitable to get his permanent residency. All those petty crimes goes into the police national computer which only get deleted when he is 100years old. Ordinary arrest without charges goes into the police national computer which the home office have access to.

    1. Anonymous 8:03, can you read your comment again if you dint read before you posted.
      What a stupid and senseless comment.
      Why do we delight in other people's pain? Av you ever been abroad, applied for visa and be denied let alone sent abroad as a minor and live in the country for years especially over half your age and try to be deported to know how it feels?
      You Nigerians can really be annoying most times.
      I pray God help this young man and touch the hearts of all those involved in making decisions in his case so he will be granted Leave to remain in the UK in JESUS mighty name 🙏. Amen

    2. You’re totally right. The only reason why they’re being hard on him is because he’s got a criminal record. Being an illegal immigrant is bad enough in the eyes of the British, but an illegal immigrant with a criminal record is intolerable and they will never overlook that; never mind the fact that he’s represented England. The fact that they even declared his marriage void is an ominous sign. He needs a proper lawyer to get him out of this mess.

    3. Not only petty crime. He stabbed a reporter 25 times, member of a drug gang. Stella's version is not complete.

    4. You are right, what is his pseudo wife doing? Probably he isn't nice to her sef!!

    5. Exactly my thoughts. The government may not be unfair. It must have been his crime records speaking against him. He was being investigated without his knowledge.

  3. If nigeria is rejecting him too, that means he is likely to face another deportation to lebanon? Whichever way, it sounds and looks bleak for him.

  4. "Bilal was sent to the UK by his parents at the age of 14 but was made a domestic slave by an uncle he was meant to be living with upon arriving here. He ran away, but Stonebridge boxing club in Brent, west London, helped him turn a turbulent youth of petty crime around to become a national champion" He was sent to UK by his parents, so he still has family in Nigeria. What they refer to as petty crime is what makes some English men sleep on the streets, its called 'criminal record'. In this era of bombing, no country will overlook petty crime. My brother from another mother, welcome home.

  5. This UK is really mad I swear. Stupid people.
    But he brought them honours.
    How could that have used a foreigner to represent them in a competition. Can't they be fined for that?
    More reason I love football. This can never happen once you play for a country.....

  6. But I think its an opportunity for Nigeria to highjack this dude now and make him a great pro. They will be looking for Anthony Joshua to say he is a Nigerian. Awon Ode.

  7. The real village people came to play

  8. It also means the laurels he got them are illegal too and should be withdrawn didn't he have those records before representing them as a country? Indiara

  9. I wonder how they let people represent them without proper citizenship....Mo Farah didn't get his full citizenship until he gave them 2 goal medals at the London 2012 Olympic games

  10. London this thing u people are doing remember there is God oo

  11. His mum is nigerian, it's his Dad that is lebanese, he allowed d small fame of boxing intoxicate him i'm sure his british wife won't fight for him,different girls and parties everyday and he puts everything on social media, who knows maybe it's one of those women that implicated him out of jealousy. And his name was Remi Fawaz back in secondary school here in Nigeria, and he wasn't maltreated he was just too eager to leave the house cause the thought the hood had more to offer him. Patience is virtue reckless life isn't the best

  12. His village people have successfully hack his password


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