Stella Dimoko Charlie Has Been Walking For Water Since 2015...


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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Charlie Has Been Walking For Water Since 2015...


Hi Stella

I write to tell you my story, in hope that you will be interested in sharing it on your blog and/or pass it on to other media sources in your network.

The 18th May 2015 I left my home, my job and my family and friends in Denmark to embark on a long journey on foot from Denmark to Tanzania.

Since I’ve been walking more than 11.000 kilometers down through Europe and Africa. I am currently in Ghana, which is the 17th country of 30 on my journey.

The event is called Walking for Water, and the idea is to use the media attention the journey provides online and in conventional media, to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

The UN declares that everyday almost 1000 children are dying from preventable diarrheal diseases due to a lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation.
In a globalized world I think it is a disgrace that we don’t come together to make sure that all human beings have at least the basic needs, and I believe we can make an impact on this by raising awareness about the situation and by making it easy or even attractive for privates and companies to take responsibility for a more equate world.

On my journey I visit various rural areas with water issues and makes it possible to donate directly and uncut to clean water pumps in the communities, on the Walking for Water website.

So far I’ve managed to raise money for two water supply systems like that, one in Sierra Leone and one in Liberia.
Just as we are getting close to the financial goal of a huge water supply system in Tanzania.

I will continue making new projects along the way, in all countries on my journey until I reach my geographical goal in Tanzania.

The idea is that I offer companies advertisement in turn for their donations that goes uncut to the projects. My own expenses are paid out of my own pocket and I receive no salary for my work in Walking for Water.

If you wish to learn more about the project, you can find information on the website or on the Facebook page - feel free to share both links.

I hope this has caught your interest in writing about Walking for Water.

Thanks for reading this far.

Best regards
Charlie Uldahl Christensen


  1. Well done sir. May your walk be fruitful.

  2. Abeg if you reach Lagos....... remember bring something for the boys. Money no even dey to buy the impure water you're walking for Oga

    1. Typical Nigerians always looking for what someone will do for you not what you will do for someone!

  3. Woow!! Am so impressed.
    May God bless you greatly for this your unquantifiable sacrifice to humanity.

  4. Wow this is amazing, putting your comfort aside to raise awareness for global water crisis is awesome


  5. Eeeh na wa o, so if you no walk up n down, you won't create awareness abi? May God strengthen you.

  6. So large a heart. I have thoughts in my head o. Living for others is the deepest kinda wealth.


  7. Can a Nigerian do this?
    Asked and answered this question before I began reading.

  8. You are a great man Charlie. May God give you the Grace and strength to complete all the goals you set out to achieve πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Well done Bro.

  9. Very commendable!

    But these oyibo pple dey try o. Common to trek from Rumuola to Rumuokuta sef na big issue. Hian!

    *Ghanaman signing out*

  10. The world is a circle of propaganda

  11. Thank you Charlie for the awareness and for the successful water projects carried out so far. You're doing a great service to humanity, God bless you.

    A good cause to donate to. Off to FB.

  12. Wooow, interesting, God bless you sir.

  13. Well-done Sir...Good Job. Quite impressive

  14. Charlie, danke gern fΓΌr deine Freundlichkeit. Du bist ein netter Mann.


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