Stella Dimoko Lawmakers Honour Ex Homeless Street Beggar Turned Lawyer, Medical Student Record Breaker....


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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Lawmakers Honour Ex Homeless Street Beggar Turned Lawyer, Medical Student Record Breaker....

The House of Representatives on Tuesday honoured Mr Abdulsalam Kamaldeen Idowu, a disabled and former homeless street beggar for sponsoring himself through school to become a lawyer and political science graduate and Miss Aarinola Olaiya of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife for attaining exceptional record in her academic pursuit

The decision followed the adoption of a motion sponsored by the House Leader, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila (Lagos-APC).
The House resolved to establish, by law, a Parliamentary Honours/Award System for recognition of extraordinary achievements by Nigerians.
Gbajabiamila while introducing the Honourees said that the motion was intended to reward excellence and encourage citizens who had elevated the ideals of the Nigerian society.

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  1. This is amazing. Big congrats to him. There's is ability, strong will and hope in disability.

  2. Replies
    1. Hope they will do something substantial for the guy though. It shouldn't be about PR and optics

  3. No wheelchairs for Naija? Fuck up leaders

    1. Shameless bunch of idiots shaking the guy's hand while he was on the floor walking with slippers. Wow!!! How rude can they be? None of them could do this from the heart or have a common sense by offering the poor guy a decent wheelchair. Is all about optics but unfortunately the shame is on them as it makes them all look stupid, selfish and dirty

    2. At Hour. Thought as much. Very disgusting optics. The shame was on them trying to look good to the public while in realization they look shameless, dirty and disgusting shaking his hand while he was sitting on the floor walking with a bathroom slippers. Really??? Is a shame none of them have a common sense to get the guy something decent to sit on while the bunch of corrupt idiots were holding his hands

  4. Nice one , more of this and congrats to the two

  5. Wow, so what's my excuse? What's your excuse? With crippled legs he made it. Then those of us standing, walking on two legs we give frivolous excuses. God please, forgive us of grumbling, laziness, waiting for handouts from hard working people as if we are entitled, sitting on our black fat asses trolling & typing vile comments against our fellow human beings on social media.

    Phew! that guy's story is so inspiring.

    As for the lady with exceptional performance in medical school, I duff my hat to you missy. I know you joined hardwork collect this exceptional success. only you waka come with this kind IQ? Chai. I'm not questioning God oo. Who I be sef? Just that I am here struggling with calculus. The Lord is my strength.

  6. Abeg ooo they should provide wheel chair for him, congratulation.

  7. Provide a wheelchair for him.

  8. Idowu, I am so proud of you my friend


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