Stella Dimoko Mel B Reportedly Desperate For Funds As She Faces Devastating £7million Payout To Ex-Hubby Stephen Belafonte.


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Monday, December 18, 2017

Mel B Reportedly Desperate For Funds As She Faces Devastating £7million Payout To Ex-Hubby Stephen Belafonte.

Mel B is to appeal to her Spice Girl mates for a reunion as she faces a ­devastating £7million payout to ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

The star who shot to fame as Scary Spice is desperate for funds after Hollywood’s most ­sensational ­divorce battle for years.

The settlement gives film producer Belafonte £175,000 in lawyers’ fees and £11,300 a month for at least three years.

Mel, 42, also faces cash handouts for splitting their joint business ventures, ­including their Los Angeles restaurant Serafina and their LA mansion.

Sources close to the America’s Got Talent host say the total payout to Belafonte will be £7million.

Mel is also facing a £2million claim from her German ex-nanny Lorraine Gilles, 27, who is suing her for defamation after allegations of threesome sex.

During the bitter divorce fight, a court heard that Mel had burned through most of the £40million she made from the Spice Girls and other ventures.

A business associate of the Leeds-born star said: “Mel is now on a revenge mission to rebuild her life and fortune without Stephen weighing her down.

“Top of the agenda is her desire to reform the Spice Girls, with or without Victoria Beckham, to get pieces in place to celebrate the group’s 25th ­anniversary in 2019.

“She knows that they can do something ­together and is hoping for new music, gigs and some kind of movie documentary about their success.”

Mel has hired top US showbiz agent Ari Emanuel, 56, to rebuild her fortune.

The source added: “Ari has the ­connections to make this happen. Posh may not want to sing but a ­documentary could work. Mel will also put herself up as a ­presenter, actress, face of endorsements and if the money is right, ­reality star.

“Mel feels her appeal and image means that she can easily get back to making new lucrative ­business deals.​

“The world better get ready because she will be everywhere.” Judge Mark Juhas granted the ­dissolution of former X factor judge Mel and Belafonte’s ten-year marriage in LA’s Superior Court on Friday.

Belafonte reacted by posting a photo of civil rights fighter Martin Luther King Jr on Instagram and writing: “In the ­immortal words of the late great DR Martin Luther King Junior!!!! FREE at LAST!!”

After the hearing, which Mel did not attend, Belafonte told reporters outside the court: “I am happy. I got everything I wanted.

“She put me through the worst hell ever. But now it’s all over I hope. Today’s a beautiful day.”

Mel’s business associate said: “She stands by her decision to release intimate details of their marriage to present her version of what happened, but now it is all about moving forward.

“Her ‘no regrets’ approach has always worked in the past, so she is adopting that mindset now. The settlement is pretty close to a clean break, with the divisions of assets and businesses and just three years of spousal payments.

“These matters can drag on for years in California. Both ­parties lawyers’ thrashed out the agreement.”

But Mel’s mum Andrea Brown questioned why her daughter had to pay so much.

She tweeted: “Just can’t get my head around the laws in LA when a mother of 3 has to lose her home and pay maintenance???”

Mel and her ex have shared custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison. She stays with Belafonte on ­alternate weekends and Wednesdays.

Mel, who has daughters Phoenix, 18, and Angel, ten, from ­relationships with dancer Jimmy Gulzar and Hollywood superstar Eddie Murphy, now has to contact Belafonte’s lawyers if she wants to leave the US with Madison.

The couple’s 6,000 sq ft four-bedroom, five-bathroom multi-storey home above LA’s Sunset Strip is likely to sell for £7million at least. That will make a £3.5million profit.

Mel had ­accused her ­husband of years of mental and physical abuse, which he always denied.

Belafonte claimed Mel was a cocaine and alcohol addict after she alleged he got nanny Lorraine pregnant. The court heard Mel had wiped out much of a £40million fortune earned from Spice Girls and TV gigs.

Friends including Amerca’s Got Talent co-star Heidi Klum, 44, have urged Mel to settle Lorraine’s court case.



  1. Did she not have an iron-clad prenuptial agreement, what manner of fuckery is this. Someone that lived off her when married.
    I don't blame Jennifer Hudson for being engaged for 10yrs without marriage. This would have been her story.
    That is why they advise women to marry a man that is on the same level as you financially.

    1. You see women and hypocrisy. Were you there when he was nursing the children while she was away on tours? When he was taking care of business and restaurants when she was away? She couldn't have done it alone or done it without paying nanny and managers through her nose. Tomorrow now you will come and be shouting feminism.

      They have been together before the fame so stop the fuckery.

    2. Dont mind her! Now, tomorrow again she'll go & marry another pimp or gigolo (fine boy) that tells her "she's a fine gal" or make pass at her or show her 7inches long & thick prick.
      Ntoor yaa...😝😝😝

      All her mates, the sensible ones got married to very successful young men, secure & have stable husband. Only Mel B is falling for useless black men or those wicked men using & dump her. Even Eddie murphy gave her belle & throway her & their child together!!!

      She will die in foolishness!

    3. YBNL make your comment and I'll make mine possess.
      Before which fame did he meet her? Her career with spice girls started in 1996. Do your research b4 you argue about smthn you know about.....
      To atleast make you seem less stupid in your arguements.

  2. Wow! This payout is huge, I don't even know if I should pity her or not...This their case is to messy..

  3. That's a huge sum of money!
    Na wah!


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