Stella Dimoko Pandemonium As Teacher Dies After Being Attacked By Family Of Student She Flogged...


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Friday, December 01, 2017

Pandemonium As Teacher Dies After Being Attacked By Family Of Student She Flogged...

Tragedy struck the quiet town of Ogidi in Anambra state after a teacher died after flogging a student in her class. 

According to reporter Eze Amadi, the parents of one 14-year-old Okafor Chinaza, a student of starlight secondary school, Ogidi – fought and killed their daughter’s teacher for flogging her.

According to information gathered: It was said that the student in question was flogged by her Igbo teacher and class mistress earlier in the morning for not sweeping the class according to class roster. When the teacher walked in to teach them, she found out that the class was dirty as she questioned the student why she didn’t carry out her duty. The student allegedly responded in an insulting manner to the teacher according to fellow student’s present in the class room.

In response, the teacher asked her to kneel down before the class but the student reportedly refused as the teacher annoyingly flogged her and she fled the class from the school fence, and ran home.

As at 3:23pm same day, she came back with a lady believed to be her mother and a young man who claimed to be the uncle. According to starlight secondary school security, she refused to introduce herself properly as she forced her way into the school and went to the classroom of the girl to find out that the said teacher had gone for private school teachers meeting same day. She was directed to the Proprietress’ office when they found out she had come for her daughter’s issue with a teacher of the school named Odilinye Rita.

According to the Proprietress, she said that she was with one of her employee named Okamelu Tochukwu (Physics Teacher) when the woman came to her office to vent her anger.

I was in my office with one of my teachers when she came in, after her report and confirmation from the students that the teacher flogged the said Okafor Chinaza, I pleaded with the mother and uncle to allow the school dive into the issue with diplomacy as revenge won’t yield needed result. She had accepted to forget and forgive as I promised her that we will handle the case with ease.

The teacher was believed to be coming back from the private teachers meeting she went to, when she met the student’s people. Upon getting close to them, the student who came with her mother and other relatives, pointed at the teacher to the mother as she rushed to hit her (the teacher) with the stick she had come with. After a while, the teacher collapsed and was rushed to Iyi-Enu Hospital Ogidi where the doctor confirmed her dead moments later.

Currently, the parents and the student are being detained by the police in Ogidi police station.

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  1. side eyes at Eka joy

  2. That woman had better rot in jail.

    Wicked parents that won't teach their kids morals and when a teacher tries to correct their kids, they will be acting like village people.

    I'm glad parents have never confronted me as I doubt I will exhibit the kind of patience some teachers exhibit when such parents come running their mouth.

    1. And you might just meet your match.

    2. Yeah fake teacher. You better don't touch my child I'll fuck you up, let me do the discipline.

    3. U took the words out of my mouth, Eka Joy. When they enrolled their daughter in the school, didn' t they know the manner of discipline administered there. Any parent that feels they can do a better job shd keep their child at home and train. What utter crap!

    4. Anon 21.10 then please teach your mannerless children some home training BEFORE you ship them off to school. No teacher wants to interact with kids who lack basic manners and respect for elders. Like parent, like child. Shior!!!!

  3. Her parents should have just kept her in the house and taught her themselves. I don't understand it when parents follow their kids to school to "fight" the teachers rather than speak to the authorities of the school and iron things out.

  4. Wow may her soul rest in peace but I don't know why the story is making me laugh probably because of the flogging issue that raised eyebrows here the other time.
    Anyway, flogging a pupil is a barbaric act but violence is never the answer. The parents of the child should have let the school authorities handle it. Two wrongs don't make a right.
    I just set up my Christmas tree and I love it.

  5. While you may hit someone with the same stick n force the person will not die..stop fighting and hiting people bc u never know if the person is about to die.. Now, they have murder case at hand just like that..

  6. Hian,if you don’t want your child trained y send her to school? So it’s ok for her to insult her teacher and get away with it. God will help us in this life. RIP to the poor teacher.

  7. OMG!...
    They fought a hungry teacher!..who knows the last time she ate a decent meal?...
    Me I pity these teachers since I knew the amount they earn monthly!...
    I constantly tip my children's teacher and I buy them gift too...

    The woman,her manner less child and uncle should rot in jail...

    RIP to the dead!..

  8. Now they will be regretting.
    If the teacher has relatives, they should sue for murder.

    Train ur kids to be respectable!
    Don't dump a spoilt brat on a teacher, not everyone can tolerate disrespect.

  9. Now, I'm sure they're already regretting their actions. Voltrons! You went to school to fight your ward's teacher because she was disciplined, huh? Well, you have a case of manslaughter hanging on your neck(s); you have the law to deal with.

    1. Man slaughter is the charge if it wasn't premeditated. If I'm the lawyer of the teachers family, I'll be asking for first degree MURDER

  10. That's how they keep training goats and rebels in the name of children.
    Rot in jail you all.

  11. With this kind of mother how on Earth will domestic violence ends when she knows nothing but to fight and kill in her entire life. God help us.

  12. How do u even do this? Come to your child's school to fight a teacher? Will that child still remain in that school after that or what?
    Whats the big deal about correcting a child? D child is wrong obviously. Should d teacher have just smiled at her or what?
    What sort of school is that if i may ask? Run home to report to your parents?
    Well i am sure they are regretting their actions now. ill mannered kids everywhere. In this case the apple does not fall far from its tree.
    Abeg teachers should just leave all these children alone o. No need to train anybody. Let them be. Their parents will be first to reap from d fruits of their indiscipline. Dont let anybody send you to your early grave. Face your own kids.

  13. Jumping fence and running home before closing hour shows you the kind of student/ward she is.
    I wonder what she told her mother, that she came with a stick to revenge. See where they are now...
    RIP to the teacher.

    When I was in sec school, teachers don't flog students. We had sergeants (retired military men) specially for that purpose, you'll even prefer your teacher to flog you than these old men.

  14. Chai, na my hometown o. Ogidi mulum ma fa enye na m non.

  15. Chai, na my hometown o. Ogidi mulum ma fa enye na m nni.


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