Stella Dimoko UK Passports Will Change From Burgundy To Blue After Brexit


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

UK Passports Will Change From Burgundy To Blue After Brexit

The UK will stop printing passports in the current European Union standardized burgundy after Brexit, the Home Office announced on Friday.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said that following the exit from the European Union, British passports would be changed back to their "original" appearance, a blue and gold design from before the UK joined the EU.

The blue passports will be issued from October 2019.

The new passports will be phased in slowly, with current British passport holders able to continue using their burgundy passports until they expire.
After the scheduled Brexit in March 2019, the burgundy passports will continue to be printed, but without the words "European Union."

By October 2019, all new British passports will be printed in the blue and gold coloring, which dates back to the original UK passport design from 1921.

From CNN


  1. The passport is beautiful,thank God they didn't go for green.

    1. They should have chosen pink 😀

  2. Warreva!

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  3. My own question is, do I have to apply for shengen visa with my British passport if I want to go for holiday in Spain or Germany after Brexit? O ma deep gan o.

    1. Yes u have to

    2. No you don't have to. You can travel without visa but you can't stay more than 6 months. You can't also work on in Europe without a work permit.

    3. Let's see how it pans out...I think to enter the UK now, EU citizens have to pay £10 2year visa fee like the US,Australia and Canada....o ma deep gan.
      What am I even doing here, lemme quickly go and take residence now before they will now talk, you can't work with the visa.

  4. I really pity a guy sha, he has been in the UK illegally for 10years,he eventually met an EU girl to file for him, after submitting application, he got a response from the home office through his lawyer that the application is pending till Brexit. The lawyer advised him to withdraw the application and look for any commonwealth lady to impregnate, that, they say will be his last option.The guy has been singing village people at work since then. People are going through serious problems because of this Brexit. But I don't blame this country, the influx of portugese alone can wreck the country if not checked. One person will enter and bring in 15 families.

    1. EU citizens are covered so far they are already resident even after their withdrawal from EU, they will still encourage EU citizens because British citizens are everywhere all over EU. Terms and rights might change but I Think they won't cut off EU just like that.

    2. Cut off EU??? Isn't it suppose to be the EU cutting off UK.
      UK is impoverished, sorry to say this! Very dirty country with old buildings and archaic system of doing things. You know, the first thing I visited London I was 😳! I kept on asking is this London or Pakistan, asin "the London"?????
      Living here now, I know for sure, it's a shit-hole. Thing is, at the end of the day, choosing between Uk and Nigeria, you choose the lesser of the two evils because both countries are completely similar.
      UK never really belonged to the contemporary European structure, with their old right-hand driving style,very old buildings (the buildings in London are all horrible with people living in houses fit for animals....All dilapidated...Big eyesore),no proper record-keeping system, they do not even know the number of people in their country! Gosh.
      You should visit smaller countries in Europe like Poland, Czech, Croatia...the level of modern technological advancements will shock you. Don't even compare bigger European countries like Germany, France and Spain!
      The UK's only saving grace is the English language, nothing more.
      I am not even certain, Brexit is going to go through! I predict a complete reversal before March 2021....the Britons shot themselves in the legs with Brexit, EU brought prosperity to the UK. The influx of immigrants to the UK is a clear case of incompetence on the part of the government, no proper records, zero accountability, immigrants lived on benefits cos of the failed system of government. This can never happen in other European countries, never! Of course, the red passport will always be superior. The red passport is a door opener! The young Brits are against the loss of right to live and work in 27 countries freely. That is what Brexit will do to them.
      Anyway, na them sabi! UK as far as I am concerned is senior to Lagos! The kind of Nigerians living there sef! Na wa. Behaving like Ojuelegba market people. Some can't even speak English, it is that bad!
      UK 🇬🇧 government should start by deporting all the Pakistanis, Indians, Somalis and Africans living illegally in their country, therein lies their problems not fellow Europeans.
      Horrible country with zero living standards...tueh.

    3. Your piece was so interesting,I liked it.

    4. You must live and circulate amongst lowlifes to have this strong view.
      Go elsewhere in the UK and see Nigerians living very well and keeping themselves away from the mess of London and it’s likes.

    5. Don't be bitter love, I am merely sounding my opinion.
      Having lived in 2 European cities Frankfurt for 10years and London for the past 4years, I am in a position to compare.
      I could never have left Frankfurt to live in a slum in London...Nope!
      You my darling, must learn to be civil and not resort to insults just to get your views across. You come across as a lowlife!
      Your mannerisms are zero!

    6. Anon.10:48..I can't agree less with you. I live even in the worst of the EU(Italy) and I can't but got irritated1 13yrs when I visited the UK the first time.
      Now I have my Italian passport and I have started plans to move there for stuffy purpose. My first month after 13 years, it's like a nightmare(as per the environment). if not for the English language like you stated, I can't immagine living in the UK or people moving there after living in EEA . There's this thing the other EU countries give you that is absent in the UK.
      After my degree in Scotland, I'm going to Canada, that's where I see myself living.
      Like you said, all their plans might not work come 2019, let's wait and see what happens. They really shot themselves in the foot..

  5. I just dey trek pass...Waiting concern agbero and over loading?

  6. I just dey trek pass...Waiting concern agbero and over loading?

  7. Na wa
    These proud British people
    Good for them

  8. The RED has been intimidating but this blue? Well what do I know?

    They voted during the Brexit out of inadequate knowledge, many pleaded but they wouldn't listen. Now, see. It's gonna be regrets all the way.

    It's all good. Many things will get around to CHANGE. Anyway it goes, I am Safe

  9. Anon 10.47, The area in the UK you visited was clearly the slums. Of course you will not be impressed. Yes you will see dirty old building with the type of people you described in the slums as you mentioned above.
    London is a very beautiful city and so are other cities in the UK. Can you compare Chelsea in NY city to Chelsea in Kensington London, the difference is visibly clear.
    Please next time you visit London, don't just stick to certain areas, try and mix with other non-African with legitimacy. Tour the country instead of going to the carnival, you will be surprised and then will understand why people flock to the UK.

    1. Well London comprises not just the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but many others.
      So, it is just a microcosm of the whole!
      I do not have to live in Kensington, Knightsbridge or even in Hackney to know what's London like! Or even mix with Non-Africans like you suggested.
      Development should be general, not particular to an area, that's why it's a western society and not a third world country where corruption thrives.


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