Stella Dimoko End Time Story Of Teen Pregnant With Twins Fathered By 8 Men..


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Sunday, February 04, 2018

End Time Story Of Teen Pregnant With Twins Fathered By 8 Men..

A 13-year-old girl has reportedly been impregnated by eight men, including an Imam in Kaduna State.

The teenager identified as Maryam Muazu is reportedly five months pregnant and is a primary 6 student at L.E.A Anchau, Taka-Lafiya in Kubau local government of Kaduna State.

Daily Post reports that the parents of the young girl are considering an abortion to avoid public disgrace.

According to the reports, Maryam was reportedly raped by the eight men which includes her neighbour, an elderly Imam who has molested her severally.

Maryam said, “They usually call me and give me N500 naira when l am coming back from school and when I went out hawking, they usually forced me into it, and they have been warning me not to tell my parents, they vowed to kill me if I dared tell my parents.

“They threatened killing me each time they raped me, that is why I refused telling my parents, I was so afraid that is why I kept quiet over the issue.”

Maryam's father, Mallam Mu’au Shittu, said, “Eight men raped my daughter and now she is pregnant, they usually give her money while some give her gifts to have s3x with such a young girl when she goes out hawking.

“They usually give her five hundred naira and have sex with her the way they want it, they merely turned her like s3x machine.”

He added that he has reported the case to Upper Sharia Court lkara local government area to seek for justice.

Shittu also explained that for the past five months, they have been unable to rest easy seeing the problems Maryam is facing, carrying a set of twins at her age.

He added, “she is too small to be carrying twins, and there is no single one among the rapists that is ready to take the responsibility as the father of the unborn babies."

“Because of what he did to my daughter, I have stopped going to join them in prayer in the mosque because I cannot follow the prayer of a rapist who wants to destroy my family.

“I don’t like a bastard child in my family, that is why l am doing my best to protect the integrity of my family,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Daily Post reports that the suspected rapists were arraigned before the court on Friday, February 2, and were subsequently granted bail.

The father of the victim also reported the case to a Human Rights Organization in search of justice for his daughter.

*JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH...what is going on in this World?


  1. The men involved in this case should be locked up for years.. hissssssssssssss wicked fellows

    1. Seems u are in love with the rapist..why locked up for years?


      To me,they should just cut off their oko and throw it to dogs to feed on..simple..thats my judgement

      mc pinky

    2. Locked up where? Did you not read that they were granted bail? As long as an Imam is involved the case is dead on arrival.. almajiri loading

  2. 8 men...I am sure they have daughters of her age...They will all reap what they have sowed.
    Evil men.

  3. SMH. An imam? Lord have mercy. Later they will still be screaming infidels when they see a Christian!

    1. U mean its new to u cuz u never expexted Imam to act in that manner..

      Anyway,for those who lives in ther northern part,they know its not a new thing.

      Mc pinky

  4. Abortion for 5 months old pregnancy?
    But she is just 13. God help her.

  5. Still 'considering' abortion for a 5 month old pregnancy? Hmmmm

    So many children are being molested. I can beat my chest about this. And as long as they keep granting these animals bail, it will continue.

    I was molested as a child by 3 different adults in my compound then and one of my dad's friend that came to stay with us. Making it 4. This went on from when I was about 5 till I was almost 11. But thank God I'm over it now.

    1. Hmmmm...i can relate dear,so painful.

      My blood sister was molested by my dad's friend,so disheartening.

      Story for another day stella,i have details of it all but love to seek for permission before sending.

      No one tries that with my daughter when i have one,o ma fi iku se ifaje ni

      Mc pinky

  6. 8men?..these bastards won't stop if severe measures are not taken.
    So sad, a 13yr old carrying twins,chai!
    Essah come and explain again why children are given out in marriage please.

    Karma please locate the household and generation of these child molesters,give them a chunky sized piece of what they've given this 13yr old and don't forget to give imam triple of everybody's share.
    Highly pissed!

  7. people no longer have conscience.... God forbid

  8. This is sickening, demonic, barbaric and devilish.

  9. They all slept with her on different occasion n gave her money n gift. You failed as parents, always sending little children to sell things on your behalf. There by exposing them and making them vulnerable to such. All this haussa kids that hawk groundnut, pepper, tomatoes have been expose in one way or the other. This men call them into their shops n houses with guise to buy all they are selling n touch them. They give them 1k or less. Why send little kids to hawk? While I was little my parent never allow us to hawk anything. Even when we wanted to follow our friends during groundnut season to hawk. They beat us n collect the tray from us. They send us home. We will cry then. Now I know they love us too much to let us hawk. Lazy ass parents especially in the north, they either send them with plates to beg or give them pour water to hawk. Rubbish ....

  10. This life! Those that shouldn't have kids are having twins while those who should have well...😯


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