Stella Dimoko JayZ Moves To Trademark Diamond Hand Sign


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Friday, February 02, 2018

JayZ Moves To Trademark Diamond Hand Sign

Rapper Jay-Z has filed paperwork to trademark his signature diamond figure hand sign.

The Empire State of Mind hitmaker has been flashing the Roc-A-Fella Records diamond sign for several years and he is now seeking to obtain exclusive rights to it, according to TMZ.

In 2005, the 48-year-old was sued by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page over the use of the hand symbol, because it closely resembled his Diamond Cutter gesture.

As far as hip-hop fans are concerned, Jay’s always owned the Roc symbol — this would just make it official.

The trademark infringement lawsuit was settled out of court in 2007.



  1. Will this not infringe on the freedom of expression of others who place their hands that way?

  2. Is it only me? I'm never interested in this guy's or his wife story, infact I can pass them by without looking twice, would rather watch kwam1 performance than jayz, I dont get the hype

    1. You that your life is unhyped what have you achieved so far? Like they even know you exist...Bitter soul

    2. Same here, not only u. I don't get it why people are crazy about ds two. They're not better than so many A-list artists over there, yet people worship their names .

    3. 'Don't get the hype, either. As for the sign ppl have been making it since hands were created. I won't be surprised if he succeeds though. These days, any madness appears to fly.

  3. Hian! Nothing these ppl won't trademark

  4. world people say na illuminati sign be that

  5. This people no get work I swear! We are here thinking of herdsmen and their problem is symbol abi sign. They should trademark the way they walk or laugh too. Mtchww!

  6. These people will soon start trade marking the looks on their faces.

  7. Anon 8.15 not only u oo. If na only me, Jay z and him wife for don go find work do.


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