Stella Dimoko Man Reportedly Bites Off Snake's Head And Chews It As An Act of Revenge


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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Man Reportedly Bites Off Snake's Head And Chews It As An Act of Revenge

In a shocking incident, a man from Uttar Pradesh bit off a snake's head and chewed it as an act of 'revenge'. The man claimed that the snake bit him first, thereby provoking him to retaliate.

Prompt medical care ensured that the man did not suffer any serious injury. He did, however, fall unconscious after chewing on the snake's head. The man has been identified as Sonelal, a farmer from Hardoi.

Sonelal was tended to by emergency medical officer Dr Mahendra Verma and a pharmacist at the Moghaganj community health centre. However according to the medical professionals, while the man claimed to have been bitten by the snake, a thorough body examination did not reveal any bite marks. The medical team kept the man under observation and gave him emergency medicines.

A report in the Times of India quotes Dr Verma as having stated, “It appears that the snake had not bitten him at all. We did not find any snake bite marks on his body. He turned unconscious because of consuming the snake’s body part which could have contained venom assuming that it was a poisonous snake."

The TOI report also quotes the pharmacist as having added, "He claimed that he was grazing his cattle when a snake bit him. He said that he picked up the snake in anger and bit off its head and chewed it before spitting it out." According to the man's neighbours, he was a regular drug user.

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  1. Lmao...honestly this got me tearing off my "number 2" while on WC. Chew snake head as revenge! Ahnn

    1. No wonder Jesus selected Fishermen not Herdsmen to be His Apostle.

  2. hahahahaha na wa. The law of Moses came to play. Bite me i bite you. Beat me I beat you.

    It is well

  3. We need such man here in our country to come and bite off the head of the snake that swallowed 36million in jamb office biko.

  4. This sound weird and scary. I know it couldn't have been a Nigerian man.

  5. There must be something that goes wrong with cattle herdsmen. His mates in Nigeria see animals differently.

  6. Oh ok! A drug user cos this aint normal but funny though lol wetin drugs dey cause

  7. Replies
    1. When the drug is of the lowest grade...

  8. Is that even possible?????? 😨😨😷

  9. Gbana and igbo dey work for him body.

  10. no wonder,
    Indian man with Indian herm.
    bad things the always happen for Indian


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