Stella Dimoko Meghan Markle Reportedly Suffering Jitters As Wedding Day Approaches...


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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Meghan Markle Reportedly Suffering Jitters As Wedding Day Approaches...

Meghan Markle is suffering a few last-minute jitters With her wedding day just weeks away ....

Meghan, who will marry Prince Harry on May 19, is said to have been feeling overwhelmed lately and sources say an instruction issued ‘from the very top’ ordered all staff, aides and senior Royals to do everything they can to make her feel at ease as she adjusts to Palace life.

And by all accounts, the ever-jovial and down-to-earth Camilla, 70, was only too happy to oblige.

‘Camilla told Meghan to get herself to Clarence House so they could have a good long chat,’ I’m told. ‘The aim was for Meghan to be able to air any worries or grievances and for Camilla to help alleviate them.

‘Meghan may appear confident when on Royal walkabouts, but she does have some pre-wedding butterflies – not about Harry, but about her new life.

‘As Diana once famously said, there is no manual, so Camilla is the best thing Meghan has. Camilla is happy to help.’

The meeting was warm and open, and the main worry that emerged was that Meghan, 36, feels too constrained by the court of Kensington Palace.

‘KP is beautiful, but when Meghan wakes up she has nowhere to go, really. She can’t potter about on the High Street, attend gym classes, or jog around Hyde Park. Instead she is confined to yoga at home or visits to Kate and William in Apartment 1A.

‘Understandably, Kate is unable to give Meghan her undivided attention. Although she is happy to advise Meghan, she is busy with her two children and, of course, she is way into her third pregnancy.’
from dailymail

*Poor darling!!!
She better gets used to it cos her life will never be the same...All the fun of being 'free' is gone even a sheltered life it is from now on ....


  1. Eeyah! I can feel her anxiety too


    2. Can this wedding come and pass already !

  2. I wish her all the very best.

  3. Eyah, she should learn to start adjusting, it will be hard tho but she will be fine last last. Change of environment is never easy

  4. Everythg about her will change.. already change to a great degree.
    Hangout spot
    Friends to keep
    Ways to eat
    where to shop
    How to smile
    Hoe to fart.... etc

  5. Chaii, I can understand, but she will be fine last last.

  6. Nawa o. She should weigh her options very well to avoid divorce in the future. Being royalty is not beans especially for someone that wasn't born into the lifestyle. But I wish her well.

  7. #Information is useless unless you know how to interpret it, how to use it to tell appearance from reality....And also how to identify the signal amid the noise*

  8. Is a matter of time before she can adjust well in the palace i wish her all the best.


  9. With time she will Definately get use to itttt.

  10. Change is the only constant thing in life, she'll adjust in no time, everything ll be fine eventually Meghan, I understand your worries
    Na wa o, Kate no give space at all in between her pregnancies.

  11. Of all people to talk to Camilla? She better be mindful of what she says. No be only Naija in-laws dey gossip cause problem.


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