Stella Dimoko Mum Who Used Her Dead Son's Sperm For A Surrogate Welcomes Twins


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Mum Who Used Her Dead Son's Sperm For A Surrogate Welcomes Twins

A grieving mum who wanted to be artificially inseminated with her dead son's sperm now has twins after being told by doctors she needed a surrogate to complete her dream of 'reincarnating' her child.

Rajashree Patil, 49, was informed by doctors that she was unfit for IVF treatment using a sample taken from her son, Prathamesh, who died of a deadly tumour.

The surrogate, 35, has now given birth to twins and Rajashree says she will raise the little boy and girl, who are technically her grandchildren, as though they are her own.

Rajashree, who works as a teacher, said: "I was carrying the soul of my son in me and was looking for a body to breathe it into. Doctors had preserved my son's semen before they commenced cancer treatment to preempt any negative effects of the medicine used on him. Due to this I have been able to get my son back."

Doctors in Germany collected his sperm and put it in storage while Prathamesh went through gruelling cancer treatment, and because he was unmarried he nominated his mother and sister to use his semen sample after his death.

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  1. Beautiful kids
    Gud for her..
    Now she has two

  2. I was a bit confused when I first saw the headline. I thought the sperm was taken after he was dead until I read the full story. Hmmm... what people do to find closure. ... it is well

  3. And I hope they did not used her eggs oh?

  4. And I hope they did not used her eggs oh?

  5. Thank God she now has grand children. RIP to the dead.

  6. It is well. God has given you double now. RIP to her son

  7. Visitors on this blog are so damn judgemental. Hypocrites! Holier than thou. I bet majority of them have slept with married men in the past.
    Instead of giving advice they are all full of insults.
    Clearly, if there was a single man that caught her fancy she would certainly have gone for that.
    But, she's getting older and no marriageable man insight. What's a girl to do? Sperm bank isn't being considered cos every child should be able to point at a picture and say this is my father. Even if there's no relationship.
    She clearly states she doesn't want to marry him. However, she has feelings for him. This is only natural. Or does she pick someone she can't stand just to please Stella's BV?
    The man is aware there's a chance she might get pregnant and he's okay with that.
    So advice should be
    1. Know what u are getting into. Not everything that shines is gold.
    2. Leave the wife out of it. You do t know the full story.
    3. Take fertility pills to help achieve ur goal
    4. Let him know your mission so he doesn't feel deceived.
    5. Being a single Mom is not easy.
    6. Be aware, At the end of the day he might not be in the picture at all.
    7. Definitely it's not love. He's using u. So be informed.


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