Stella Dimoko Pastor's 'Python' Testimony Puts Him On Hot Seat


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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Pastor's 'Python' Testimony Puts Him On Hot Seat

The General Overseer of Toplife Ministries International in Rivers state, Apostle Paul Umoru, came under fire and heavy criticism after sharing a shocking testimony on Facebook.

What do you think?


  1. hahahahaha the comments are just funny. One said he should get the keke driver to back it up. I think it is a good idea.

    God can do anything. I agree with the pastor about asking strangers for help because a lot is happening.

    May God Almighty help us not to fall prey Amen

  2. He can say whatever he likes BUT a python attack and subsequent "half swallow" will not leave only one small puncture like wound. Looks like a deep scratch mark or an injury from a stone.

  3. Yahoo pastor, hahahahahaha!
    Python regurgitate d boy and he's standing, all his bones woulda been crushed, anyway let for slaves of religion to believe him, he's looking for members! Chukwu aju!

    1. His bones are not gonna crush instead he will experience that tight constriction on the chest due to the squeeze to knock him out cos the snake is that flexible to adjust and stretch to start from the head. The python's lower jaw is attached to their skull and t
      allows that expansion. Most times sha the jaw goes apart to allow the whole swallow. The only thing that happens next is in the course of swallowing , it works its teeth on the body to enhance that kill.
      I don't know how true this particular story is, but the teeth mark is in place, just that its meant to be more than just one though it wasnt a full gulp.

  4. Hmmmmmm, what won't we read on the Internet these days.

  5. Another Apostu in d making. Abeg all these abracadabra pastors should shift aside jare.🙄

  6. Hmmmm...

    Well, stranger things have happened in these parts.

  7. Things dey happen spiritually!...
    I have seen things in this life but I don't believe this oh!...
    Pastor easy on!,.

  8. Blackberry are you from Enugu? That is what my colleague who always say that. It is well

  9. Daddy freeze get in here!!!
    Although there’s no limit to what God can do but this one is a fabricated story!

    Just Krix!

  10. Python that squeezes human like you squeeze water from cloth or is it another python?

    Ejor o, I can't fot talk

  11. Lols....Jesus ooo😂😂😁😀

  12. Who has blinded the heart of men,i believe the story, because there is nothing we will not see in this end time,the pastor wrote the mother shouted Jesus,not the pastor name,and the bible says atthe mention of Jesus every knee must bow,believe it or not,strange things happening this days,who no know no know, pls let's Becareful how we talk about menof God, if them lie,leave them to there creator to judge

  13. That pastor is a bloody liar.. I pity the blind ones that will believe his rubbish testimony .
    Nigerians are wiser now.

  14. Hmmmm pastor were ya nwayo! But lesson learnt sha. People should be careful but we always throw caution to the wind


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