Stella Dimoko Serena Williams Reveals How She Almost Died After Childbirth


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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Serena Williams Reveals How She Almost Died After Childbirth

Tennis legend, Serena Williams have revealed in an article with CNN, how she almost lost her life after giving birth to her daughter Olympia in September.

She said she lives in fear of blood clots, a condition that surfaced during her harrowing post-natal ordeal and revealed she got blood clot in her lungs, blocking one or more arteries.

“I almost died after giving birth to my daughter,” Williams wrote.The 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams said she had to have an emergency Cesarean section surgery after her heart rate plummeted dramatically during contractions. The surgery was successful and before she knew it she was holding the newborn.

“But what followed just 24 hours after giving birth were six days of uncertainty,” she said.

Williams in an interview with Vogue magazine in January, said that during her postnatal ordeal she suffered a pulmonary embolism — when blood clots block one or more arteries in the lungs.


  1. Thank God for her. That's what killed Goldie abi na Keffe.

    But she should rest abeg. She talks too much. Is she the first person to give birth? Person wont drink water and drop cup without hearing her talk about her child!

    1. when is it a crime to talk about one child mbok

    2. Kindly talk about your own child and let her be.

    3. When you born your own make you keep quiet you hear? So a woman can't talk about her labour room / post natal experiences again abi?
      Motherhood is a big deal and she can sing like a canary all she wants.

    4. Never knew this child birth of a thing is life and death! Was told I can't give birth tru d V, it MUST b CS, low lying placenta that kept bleeding every forth night! I mean BLEEDING, massive fibroid and an ovarian cysts, I was warned to terminate d pregnancy by different Docs, I refused cos my chances of taking in was slim cos of AGE( am above 36) and trying consistently for almost a yr. Na so I waka commot for 9ja o, my doc said," you Africans smh".... I didn't get what that meant until labour day! Just 3hrs in labour and I popped my lil one( perfect with all d struggle), meanwhile my uncles wife who was fit and sound gave birth and her placenta went back , d lady almost died o! They had to open her up to remove it. My point is, never ever never ever in this life think u can just give birth like a super woman, without assistant and walk out ,if u have passed a certain AGE pls. Remb d Yoruba actress dat died in Canada, d lovely Yoruba make up artist that died in Ibadan and soooooo many deaths relating to child birth, its mostly d AGE. My g/f was boosting, I don't need anyone ard me, I go walk in and out, I said yes with FAITH but just have a plan B ard. Biko. Happy for u ma

    5. Most hospitals are not equipped for the emergency that comes with vaginal delivery with low lying placenta. Please, don't go and make somebody reject C's because of you. In an average hospital, even in the abroad, pulmonary embolism is almost a death warrant, talk more of Nigeria. Check out the statistics online. Yet to hear of an emergency pulmonary embolism that survived here. Keyword- emergency

    6. Wow. Did u really say that?
      My sister who no know no know oo
      U think it easy? My dear Na grace o

    7. Honestly at nnuku, it was Gods grace all tru...I praise him 4ever,@ 1832, pls am not advicing or adviced pple shd reject. My key word here is ,if u pass a certain age,no do super man with child delivery... My dear I didn't even know I was gonna give birth tru V. Was shocked and surprise wen I was wheeled into a normal room ...

  2. Sweetie let her talk oh. Maybe u had it easy. I just put to birth recently and I know what I went through. But for the Lord that kept me and preserved my baby. I can relate...#backandbetter #newmum #happy

  3. Whoever comes out of Labour alive should just thank God forever. It is not child's play.

  4. If woman born, she no know the kain grace wey God do for her o.
    May all expecting mothers receive their miracles and conceive and give birth like a Hebrew woman ni oruko jesu

  5. Hmmmm abeg let her talk. So many complications come with childbirth. If you and your baby come out hale and hearty just thank God.
    Some families instead of thanking God for safe delivery. They will say another girl again ????
    Boy/girl no complications. Just be thankful.
    And do your research before hand on the hospital you plan to deliver. Whether they are equipped to handle CS and other complications.
    And pls save money along with your husband for delivery,it is your own life remember. You see people scouring round for money for CS at the wrongest time. If your husband doesnt have enough add yours.

  6. Thank God for better health care services


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