Stella Dimoko Seventeen Confirmed Dead In Florida Horrific Massacre Orchestrated By Teen...


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Seventeen Confirmed Dead In Florida Horrific Massacre Orchestrated By Teen...

This keeps happening in America and it is crazy.....17 people dead and lots more injured because a teen went back to the School to take revenge because he was sent away!!!...

CNN photo.

America needs to get rid of guns in their society or this will keep happening....This is the 17th attack in schools by students in 2018 from my calculation...The 17th and this is just February!!!

I stay in shock knowing some parents sent their kids to school and got calls to go pick up Corpses.....

 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a public school of some 3,000 students outside Boca Raton is closed for the rest of the week, Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said. The district will offer grief counseling to students and their families.


  1. Na wa. RIP to the dead. I pray for comfort to the families.

    Oyibo people with guns na five and six pence. Bad child that could not be controlled by his parents.

    Oyibo parents should learn to be firm with their kids. They always allow them to do what they like. Imagine this bad child that brought pains to others

  2. Hmmmmm what a sad news. Rest in peace to the dead students.... This is so sad.

  3. Imagine this.. Lasting solution should be made abeg

    Mc pinky

  4. Its so scary,I read its the 18th Stella,how can this happen in the second month of the year already?they should do something NOW!

  5. This is so sad 😔, rip to the dead

  6. Bad child with bad upbringing!!!Any child that messes with me will hear it.OMG!!!can't even type RIP.may the Lord comfort their parents.what a loss

  7. What happens in America is so sad because it is preventable with stricter gun laws. I don't think guns should be totally taken away because criminals will always have guns and civillians will have no way to defend themselves. But the truth is more deaths happen in Nig daily, just that it is underreported. In usa every crime info must be made public.

    1. Did you mean more mass killing by deranged fellows that shouldn't have guns in the first place happen in Nigeria daily? Please mention 2 cases where students have been killed by guns in Nigeria. Before you shout you live in America, i live there too.

    2. This one na mumu where does mass shooting happen in nigeria

  8. When America comes to the realization that there must be a limit to 'liberal', I guess there'll be better news days.

  9. These are the kind of things that happen in shithole countries.

  10. No, I mean more 'deaths' happen in Nigeria daily, all-cause preventable deaths which are under-reported, and we should be more concerned with that, and leave Americans to fend for themselves. I didn't even mention I live there. Pls Understand before responding.

  11. Hmm. 18 incidents in 46 days and they think muslims and migrants ate the problem.

  12. He said more deaths not mass killing and yes I agree with him. People die everyday in Nigeria as a result of arm robbery, fulani Heardsmen and Boko Haram but unfortunately it's not reported


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