Stella Dimoko Viral Tweets About Brad Pitt After Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Split


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Viral Tweets About Brad Pitt After Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Split

Looks like everyone has Hollywood Ex-Couple, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt on their minds, since the former separated from her hubby, Justin Theroux.

While some people on Twitter are mourning the death of their marriage, more are concerned with the fact that Jennifer's famous ex-husband Brad is also single.

I dont know if they should get back together but I think Jennifer plotted her Marriage breakup to return to Brad Pitt.
Can a Leopard ever change it's spot?


  1. Thats just what common sense will think but it doesnt always work out like that.

  2. Come back ke??*huh* That will be a disaster in waiting biko. They shouldnt even dare..

  3. Stella you think What? Sometimes you can be so shocking with your childish views. So if someone breaks up it means she plotted her break up so she could go back to her ex? Grow up ma. You're too old to be spitting such trash.

  4. Love is blind..
    I really hope she won't go back to him...thou

  5. No Stella, I don't think so. Jennifer and Justin really were into each other, I believe the break up just happened like the normal Hollywood couple thing. I don't see Jennifer getting back with Brad.

  6. Break up everywhere....

    2018my year

  7. Jennifer Aniston had better not go back to that one cos she deserves better. let's hope it isn't that Brad's sms that began the end of J²'s end

  8. Love is a very stupid thing. How do women do it sef? How do we just forget the pain and hurt we went tru for a man and even wen God gives us a chance to free oursef we still try to find a way to go back to same shit that makes us hurt. If Jennifer goes back to Pitt she will be the most stupidest person ever liveth. A man left you, broke his vows to be with another woman yet u still nurse hope of going back to a fucking handsome ( which is annoying) alcoholic with dozen children and "baggages" damn I am never that stupid.

    1. Seconded!
      Steffy,people wishing them back together didn't go through the pain. They just want to Awwww and go back to the normal life.

  9. My wish is for Jennifer to be happy, she deserve better than leftovers, getting back with Brad will do her no good. Being single is not a curse.

  10. Is better for her to stay single than going back to Brad


  11. Honestly Stella you sound very idiotic most times! Jennifer plotted her marriage breakup? What??? In fact you're disgrace to slow people.


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