Stella Dimoko British Man Jailed For 37 Years In Qatar Because Check Bounced!


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Saturday, March 10, 2018

British Man Jailed For 37 Years In Qatar Because Check Bounced!

What a pity!!!

A British businessman jailed for 37 years in Qatar for a bounced cheque has admitted: 'I may never see my family again'. Jonathan Nash fears he will die behind bars after being given such a draconian sentence despite his minor crime.

The 48-year-old from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire is desperate to see his two children and elderly mother, Jennie Nash. But he told a friend in a phone conversation last week: "I'm not sure that I will ever get out. All my pleas have so far been ignored and I've come to the realisation that I may die in prison or be a very old man if I ever do leave this place. What is causing me the most pain is that I may never see my family again.

I don't know who else to turn to, I guess only the generosity of the Emir to intervene personally on my behalf could help."

Mr Nash has been languishing in the Central Prison, in the Qatari capital of Doha, for three years. The grim jail houses as many as 12 prisoners to one dirty, cockroach-infested cell with inmates having to either bed down on a paper thin mattress or the rock solid floor.

Associate Isabella Alexandra handed a letter to the Qatari Embassy in central London on Monday appealing directly to the country's Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who has the authority to pardon any prisoner on merciful or humanitarian grounds. Miss Alexandra said: 'The sentence Mr Nash received was grossly disproportionate, and more applicable to someone convicted of a violent crime.

There were several legal errors over the course of his trials; including the fact that he was denied the right to appeal the verdicts. Jonathan has a young family; he did not intend for the cheques to bounce, he did not profit from them, and the decision to refuse payment was not his. We appealed to the Emir of Qatar to consider all of these circumstances, and we hope for a wise and compassionate response."

Mr Nash was CEO for Top House, a company based in Doha, which offers Technical, commercial and management services to the local construction industry. In the oil-rich Middle Eastern state, it is normal practise to write cheques in advance, as assurance of payment in the future.

However, Mr Nash believes he was the victim of a dirty tricks campaign which saw lies and rumours spread about him, prompting many of his clients to lose confidence and hastily cash the cheques he had written on behalf of the company.
From Daily mail

*These Countries with penalties as such is very Dangerous to live in....


  1. Nonsensical, draconian and barbaric judgment. I hereby revoke order 23 of human right provision article 4 of UN charter. Uku oba-esi I

  2. Bounced cheque ppl give here on a daily and go scot free??😉😉😉 Too harsh a judgement abeg. Nawaaaa!!!

  3. What nonsense is this naw?
    Is its his fault... Someone gave him that cheque..

  4. Well, Arab countries have very strict laws related to owing debt. I am not sure of the specifics of his case, but Gulf nations are not places you go and borrow with no intention of repaying, or get involved with any risky venture that may see you owing a dime to anybody, don't even dream of it. I feel really bad for him,but he needs to keep appealing to the Emir, and even get Amnesty International on the case.

  5. I smell some Easterners holding grudges against this British for stealing their business

  6. See the comments here. Very funny. You also forget that it is DailyMail that reported this new. Qatar is a very comfortable place to live. In fact with better laws for everyone than the UK that has systemic racism and discrimination. Is the British court judgements fair to minorities, people of colour? So because he is a Brit, he should be treated with soft fist? The law applies to everyone in the country, even their own citizens. The same thing this man did, he cannot do it in his country. They want to paint everyone bad, and that they are the good people. Unfortunately, we buy into this kind of nonsense by accepting their superiority over us and making excuses for them in every possible way. But not our fellow brethren and compatriots. That is why we will continue to remain intellectually and economically enslaved. High time you all wake up.


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