Stella Dimoko First Italy's Black Senator Toni Iwobi Replies Footballer Balotelli's Call Out


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Friday, March 09, 2018

First Italy's Black Senator Toni Iwobi Replies Footballer Balotelli's Call Out

Nigeria's Toni Iwobi, who has just been elected to the Italian Senate, has hit back at Mario Balotelli, after the Nice striker criticised him for representing a political party renowned for causing racial controversy.

Balotelli posted a message on his Instagram story that said: “Maybe I’m blind or maybe they haven’t told him yet that he’s black – what a disgrace!”

When asked about Balotelli’s message during an interview on Radio Capital, Iwobi replied:

“I’d rather just ignore him. I’m not interested in what he writes. I have to deal with enough controversy. I just want to think about my territory and the new role I’ve been elected to. He’s a great footballer and he will remain one, but I hope he sticks to his job, considering that’s what he is good at.”

From Daily Post

*Shaking my head!...what a shame!!!


  1. Mario has an attitude problem. He's black indeed.

    1. Anonymous 10:25, have you read what lead yo Balotellis message? 😎.
      I give Balotellis a 100% on this one, cos this Toni Iwobi is a failure An immigrant who came into a country on a student visa, married an Italian when his student visa was almost expired so he could get a stay in Italy now becomes the one shaming people and calling them illegal immigrants.
      Why didn't Iwobi go back to Nigeria when his student visa expired? He saw opportunities he will never come by if he went back to Nigeria in Italy.
      I cant waste my time writing to much epistle this morning but shame on Toni Iwobi.
      Karma is a B*t*h, shameless thing, i hope he knows he's black and you will never ever be white because this people will one day tell you your history and ure a slave and not a part of them.
      Person wey dem no horn for abroad but was sharp enough to marry someone to get papers now shaming and disturbing people. 😏😏😏.
      Na we blacks dey do ourselves.

    2. Stella shame to who? The footballer or the senator?

    3. No mind Stella ooooo.

  2. Hmmm! The guy just placed Mario in a box beneath him. Chai! Chaaaaii....

    1. Beneath him how? You be Olodo because Balotelli is very right on this one.
      Shame on immigrant Tobi Iwobi.

  3. This is how you clapback at a manchild. Balotelli is an ass. Instead of using his platform to garner support for the man he's busy pointing out irrelevant things. Tony is black and you're what? Coming from a guy who has faced racial discrimination based on his skin color he's foolish.

    1. Ure an idiot Ralu abi na Malu? Did you read the story published yesterday at all?
      So its good that Toni Iwobi who is an immigrant that went into Italy on a student visa who wasn't able to renew his student visa when it was about to expire : saw it deem to marry an Italian lady so he could become an Italian citizen to now start shaming people, calling them illegal immigrants and saying he doesn't like illegal immigrants. What was he, was he born in Italy and why didn't Toni ho back to Nigeria when is student visa expired because I am definitely sure he must have told the Italian embassy he would return to Nigeria after his studies.
      Balotelli is very write on all he has said and I commend him for speaking out.
      Next time before you comment I will advise you to read and digest properly.

    2. Clapback how? Have you read what led to Balotellis response Olodo. You wont read stories properly but because you want to be the first to comment, you will write foolishly and embarrass yourselves.
      Shame on you and immigrant Toni Iwobi 😏😏😏😏😏

    3. Anon 12:10 I hope you haven't burst an artery going up and down trolling comments😩 πŸ˜…. All these insults on top of what?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ take a chill is not that serious. It's not our fault you're an illegal immigrant in Italy.

    4. If you say am illegal in Italy at least I better pass you idiot wey no get brain to read properly. And I hope your blood is flowing properly through the right arteries 😎 πŸ™„ 😏

  4. Some of u just read half-baked stories without seeking to get the full gist so as to make informed opinions.

    Here's a summary of the whole Saga πŸ‘‡

    Nigerian-born Toni Iwobi moved to Italy in 1976 and joined the League in 1993, serving as a local councillor. He was elected to the upper house on Sunday to represent the northern city of Bergamo - the League's heartland.

    A photograph of Iwobi with League leader Matteo Salvini, showed both wearing T-shirts saying: "Stop the Invasion" - a reference to the party's call for a halt to African migrants who have poured into Italy in recent years.

    The League has adopted an uncompromising anti-migrant stance, drawn up with the help of Iwobi, and has called for the deportation of some 600,000 immigrants, many from Africa, who have reached Italy over the past four years.

    Me: Iwobi came to Italy as a migrant,but is now against other black migrants like him, Who obviously would have been inspired by his success story.

    Balotelli is simply reminding him of who he is and where he came from.

    But most of u here don't even have opinions of ur own, but just follow Stella upandan.

    *Ghanaman signing out*

    1. God bless you Ghanaman, na only you and Anonymous 11:42 get sense for this blog. They won't read, digest or get information properly but start commenting stupidly.
      I give Balotelli a 100% on this one, Big shame on Toni Iwobi, one day he would be asked to go back to wherever he's from because he is not one of them. One thing some of us don't realise is that we are Africans, i am proudly of Nigerian heritage even though I have only been to Nigeria twice.
      I am British but when I fill forms they would still ask if ure white British, Black British, Asian etc...
      Iwobi should continue with this attitude that will lead him to destruction.
      Why didn't he go back to Nigeria after his student visa expired? He saw opportunities in Italy and decided to marry an Italian to become a citizen of Italy.
      It's so sad that such a person now calls certain people illegal immigrants.
      Shame on him.

    2. Make your comment and stop generalizing everyone. Nonsense

    3. Bee 10, isn't it obvious you're the one ranting nonsense.
      Olodo rabata 😏 😏

    4. The Psycho Guy........9 March 2018 at 14:36

      You all are really half baked. Especially you all saying "you won't read well" and shit. He is an immigrant yes. Is he an illegal one? Is he fighting against illegal immigrants? No. It's bad enough dat y'all risk your lives to travel abroad through back channels risking your lives and limbs. The only thing I expect him to do is proffer legislations that'll make it easier for those seeking legal immigration to go over. What's bad is bad. Don't be numbskulls.

    5. He was a legal immigrant not an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants are thoes that come in without amy form of Visa. J am Nigerian and i do not support illegal immigration. If he married an italian to get his citizenship good for him he followed the low he did not do anything against the law illegal immigration is against the law.

  5. And na Stella I blame pass sef, cos she intentionally refused to carry the full story & only posted it to favour her kinsman.

    Balotelli hasn't done anything shameful. The Italian striker himself is a migrant, and considering what he goes thru daily from rascist chants, he hopes people like Iwobi would do more to support migrants. And not joining a political platform and being a staunch supporter of anti migrantion policies.

    All the shame above from u guys should now be redirected to Senator Iwobi.

    *Ghanaman signing out*

    1. Isn't there a difference between a legal migrant and an illegal migrant?
      Make una free d iwobi.
      Since he's black he should support illegality, Abegi.

  6. Much as I don't like the man, I love his response.

  7. Let migrants be, but his response was matured though

  8. He went as an immigrant but went legally why become an illegal migrant in another man's country when you can stay in your own and try to make a living granted there are better opportunities out there but if you want to emigrate do so the right way and stop creating problems for the country and it's people.


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