Stella Dimoko Jamb Snake,Evans The Kidnapper And Jacob Zuma Featured In University Question Paper.


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Friday, March 02, 2018

Jamb Snake,Evans The Kidnapper And Jacob Zuma Featured In University Question Paper.

Nigeria's N36m-Swallowing Jamb Snake, Suspected Billionaire Kidnap Kingpin Evans, and Ousted Jacob Zuma of South Africa, were questions featured in the UNILORIN Provisional 2017/2018 Harmattan Semester Exam, for the 300L students of Department of Criminology and Security Studies. 

The Best answers to number 2 and 4 will get a winning price...


  1. Answer to Number 2
    I dont agree that "confession is a matter of choice or individual thing" due to the fact that a person could be coerced into confessing or agreeing to a crime he or she didn't commit due to the use of torture and threats..The Nigerian police and their method of extracting confession by cruel torture is a vivid example of why I don't agree with the above.

    Answer to number 4
    Thisnumber 4 odikwa difficult o,😅
    This type of confession is normally given by those trying to protect the names of the real culprits so as to evade justice.

  2. How much is the winning price? oya talk before i write

  3. Better by far

  4. Everything na joke o. Confession is very easy in Naija. Just enter police hand if you no get money or connection : you go confess pass Evans sef..

  5. Stellz JZee is a SOUTH AFRICAN na not Zimbabwe

  6. 2: A free and voluntary confession provides the most satisfactory evidence of guilt, for it is generally accepted as a presumption that no rational human being will make admissions prejudicial to his interest and safety if the facts confessed are not true. If The new Evidence Act 2011 that tried to correct the defects and difficulties and to avoid oppressive methods of the police ranging from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment, the use or threat of violence.To ensure that confession of a suspect is voluntarily made, it is hereby recommended that his interrogation by the police be recorded on video, to be played in court. Then a confession is mainly based on individual choice.

    3: Voluntary false confessions- These confessions most often happen when the suspect has an underlying mental or psychological condition that distorts reality. The individual may want fame or notoriety, want absolution from guilt over imagined acts, have a desperate need for self-punishment or have the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

  7. From a layman's point of view, I agree that confession in much more than individual choice or personal failure. Apart from assuaging a guilty conscience and acceptance of personal irresponsibility, it could also be: resignation (you're caught, no way out), plea bargain (reduced sentence), or coerced. Some are true or exaggerated truth, some are outright falsehood (sending the authority on a wild goose chase in order to buy time).

    4) This type of confession in my opinion is foolery, myopic and borderline ridiculous. Where you think the collective intelligence of security agents, panel members and the whole country is one and two pence.

    The major reason behind this is our sentimental attachment to religion and spiritual things, above intellectual, logical and innovative thoughts.
    There's a place for religion, and there's a place for logic and intelligence. But on this side of the world, our overzealous religious life have blurred the line and entirely overshadow the later.

    1. And you called this your answer lay man. OK ooo continue

    2. Amacastel... You read that and concluded its not a layman answer..hahahahahahaha....
      wait for the Obahiagbon response he will give soon

  8. 2. When you confess to an allegation, it might not be your choice to confess. It could either be your conscience or external pressure which may coerce you into confession. Human beings have the tendency to cover up wrong doings. When your conscience overwhelms your feeling of not wanting to confess; it may not put your body/feelings at rest. Thus, your urge to make your confessions just to ease your body.
    External factor is the pressure from the police or crime agencies or interrogators. Some forms of torture, hardships, pains, difficulties, make criminals to confess. Nigeria as a case study, the police officers use iron, hot water as a means of forcing suspects to make confessio, which may be against the choice of the suspect/criminal.

    1. The idea of lower animals swallowing money, using the case study of the N36 million missing in Jamb Office is clearly a false confession. This is a lie told to either cover up the culprit or derail the investigation to be done by the appropriate bodies. The person confessing to the crime may or may not be the real culprit. Even when it is clearly known that it is a false confession, some detectives will still go on with it, while the real culprit walks freely in the society..
      This can also be said to be "false consciousness". Benue Jamb office may claim that a person may not be aware of having magical powers which turn him/her into flying or crawling animals, thus, swallowing the money without being conscious of the act. This type of confession is to confuse the detectives because they can't pinpoint to a particular snake out of the numerous snakes in the forest. This is to make the investigation bodies to handover the case to some "magical" ,"diviners"or "spiritualist", or to some sort of vet doctors on how to catch or repell snakes against future occurrences. This is a means of diversion when we all know that the money was not stolen by an animal but a human being.
      I hope to win


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