Stella Dimoko Old £10 Notes That Feature Portrait Of Charles Darwin No Longer Legal Tender


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Friday, March 02, 2018

Old £10 Notes That Feature Portrait Of Charles Darwin No Longer Legal Tender

Yesterday the old £10 notes became null and void as legal tender.

From Friday 2 March shops will no longer be required to accept the paper banknotes that feature a portrait of Charles Darwin. 

New plastic £10 notes depicting Jane Austen were introduced in September 2017.

New £10 note worth £8.60 compared to pre-Brexit money....

The Bank of England recently estimated that around £2bn worth of old tenners were still in circulation.

After the deadline, people can exchange old paper notes by posting them or delivering them in person to the Bank of England in central London. The bank said it would accept the old notes indefinitely.

People may also be able to exchange the old note at a local bank or post office but there is no obligation to accept them after the deadline.

The new £10 note is the second to be printed on a plastic polymer, which the bank has said is cleaner, safer and more hard-wearing than the traditional cotton paper it will replace. The plastic fiver, featuring Winston Churchill, entered circulation in September 2016.

from independent.

*Hmmm what about the looters in Nigeria hiding Bundles of these somewhere?


  1. Stella, you no go kill person with your comment.
    Shame on our greedy leaders

  2. Pls, how do I exchange mine in kano, as my dad left some bundles in the family save.

    1. It's safe and not save, Olodo rabata 😏😏😏😎😨🤤😝😛.
      When you're told to go carry you 📙 and study, you wont listen.
      You see your life 😋🤗🤔😂😂😂?

  3. I believe they must have changed it or could still change it.

  4. So what about those that dont know about this and they have so much, what will they do?

    1. They re supposed to pay it into their domiciliary account.I don't know if they are still gonna accept it because it has passed the deadline.but they can still try their luck though.

  5. Looters who are not current with the happenings around will almost die of heart attack o


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