Stella Dimoko Fashion Designer And Her Boyfriend Convicted For Murdering Nanny


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Friday, May 25, 2018

Fashion Designer And Her Boyfriend Convicted For Murdering Nanny

A French couple who tortured their nanny to death before attempting to cremate her body on a garden bonfire are facing life behind bars. 

French au pair Sophie Lionnet died at the Wimbledon home of Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni after she was put through bizarre 'interrogations' by the paranoid pair.

An often-disturbing trial has heard how Kouider was obsessed with her former lover, Boyzone founding member Mark Walton, and convinced herself the nanny had been hired by him to spy on her.

Miss Lionnet was completely innocent and had never met Mr Walton, but that did not stop Kouider making increasingly outlandish claims against the quiet 21-year-old, which turned into violent beatings.

The au pair did not have the money for the flight home to France and so became trapped in the couple's terrifying cycle of recriminations and violence before she died during a beating last September.

Kouider and Medouni blamed each other for the murder in a cut-throat defence but were convicted by an Old Bailey jury after a week of deliberations.

The victim's mother Catherine Devallonne wept as she entered the Old Bailey following a long and often disturbing murder trial

Kouider, who had ranted at her former lover throughout the trial, cried and shook her head in the dock before the verdicts were returned.

Sophie's mother Catherine Devallonne had cried quietly to herself as she waited for the jury to come back.

In the 48 hours before she died, Sophie suffered fractures to her breast bone and five of her ribs that were inflicted with severe force.

Her jaw was also smashed in one of the final attacks, although the precise cause of her death may never be known. Pathologists believe she may have been drowned or suffered a blow to the head.

For two days after she died, the couple kept the body in a suitcase in their shed, uncertain what to do.

But the couple's attempts to cremate her body on the garden bonfire using nail polish remover as an accelerant meant that her corpse was too severely burnt for a precise cause to be established.

They were also about to set fire to a carrier bag full of Sophie's written apologies, confessions and pleas for help when the fire brigade arrived.



  1. Sheer wickedness! Some persons ain't fit to be called a human being at all.

    1. I cried reading this, the Nanny looks so innocent and timid. 😭😭😩😩People always tend to bully people like that until God fights back for them. RIP love

    2. Their names sound Arab...hmmm

  2. Babe was nuts, as for the guy heartless. Little nanny so innocent should have reported to the police, she sounds really timid

  3. Some pple are desperately wicked and heartless..

  4. This reminds me of that scary story where that BV said she stayed with one couple similar to this couple. Wow


    1. Can you post the link?

  5. That's what happens when you watch too much of "How to get away with Murder".

    Annalise Keating style!

  6. This is bad and they look so innocently.

  7. I thought this kind of wickedness is done by blacks. So white are the baddest.

  8. Another example to reinforce why one shouldn’t be overly timid.

    If this lady had reported when this interrogations started, and hadn’t accelerated to the day they killed her, she would have been alive today.

    May her soul Rest In Peace

    1. Yes..oh, e dey start like play, like play. For someone or people who want to hurt u to start twisting things around, forming lies to take rope u into some crazy situations all conceived in their sick minds. Immediately u sense or feel any psychological & spiritual manipulation against u in the workplace, run quick for ur life or sanity & well-being as the case maybe!!!
      Sad that most people will be stuck or trapped because of no money or funds to find their way out of the place.
      Last month I just quit a govt. job here in Canada that is bring serious stress & harmful health consequences to my life. For 8 months now, it's a nightmare going to work, working together with lile 80% of co-workers in very..very toxic work environment, that right now has 6 staff members on long term disability claims case due serious psychological health problem coming from this workplace. I decided I rather go with my sanity intact now & no physical or any serious health damage than continue working there & become like those people now on permanent disability case due to a toxic work place.

      I do feel sorry for people who work in do or die situations! Due to financial or their economic circumstances.
      God forbid!!!

      Thank God for my life that I always have the upper in my choice of work & not in desperate circumstances. That is totally forbidden in my life & I reject any desperation job thing in Jesus name! Amen!!!

    2. Tanzanite (precious stone)26 May 2018 at 13:30

      Please don't say people should not be too timid... forget strong mind that you think you have, it is only the grace of God that can save.
      People get so phsucoligicalky affected that they do not even know right from wrong or who can protect them. She probably felt the police will launch an inquiry or investigation that will result in more beatings .... have you never been bullied at school? Have you never been heartbroken? How were you so timid to allow the person hurt you? NOBODY can control any bodies actions especially a bully they can just overcome. For some immediately others eventually... don't make timid people feel stupid it begins psychologically (bullying)

  9. Such a wicked lots. You both should go rot in jail for killing an innocent soul.

  10. May God comfort her poor mother. This is heart breaking.

  11. Sometimes it's a matter of u can't stand the heat, leave the kitchen!

    Pick ur battles battles wisely, and u may leave to fight another day.

    What many doesn't realize it at times in those very toxic workplaces, the instigator(s) are determined to make you loose ur life. Not just only money u will go without!!!
    So it is no longer like a play thing. Sharply waka comot...dey run!!!

    It's a sad world where most people have to endure all sorts for money, especially young vulnerable women who are in a foreign country and with little or no support from the local people in that place. Facing language barrier and sorts of ignorance regarding the laws and resources for help to protect them at work and in the community.

  12. Wicked and heartless couple


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