Stella Dimoko Royal Wedding Brouhaha -Meghan Markle's Parents Are Not Talking To Each Other


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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Royal Wedding Brouhaha -Meghan Markle's Parents Are Not Talking To Each Other

MEGHAN Markle’s mother Doria Ragland is reportedly furious with her ex-husband, as Thomas Markle’s older children continue to bad mouth their younger sister.

MEGHAN Markle’s parents are barely on speaking terms as the fallout over the US actor’ dad staging paparazzi photos continues.

Yoga instructor Doria Ragland is said to be furious at her ex-husband Thomas Markle for the controversy — and for failing to stop his family from “trashing” their daughter ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry, The Sun reports.

Doria, who was on Tuesday pictured heading to the airport to make her way to the UK for her daughter’s big day, is now tipped to give Meghan away after Thomas said he had to miss the wedding on Saturday and undergo a heart operation.

A source close to the family said Doria’s relationship with Thomas had already been put under strain as his family continued to badmouth their daughter.

The source told The Sun Online: “Thomas and Doria are currently barely speaking to one another. He is trying to make peace after everything that has happened.

“Their relationship had been hanging by a thread for months before the staged photo scandals. He had told friends that he wanted to come with the peace gesture for an appeasement before the wedding and his daughter’s big day, but his recent actions have crushed that.”

The source added: “The couple were also at odds with one another because of his other children speaking out so disrespectfully about Meghan in the last year.

“She had asked him to have them not do so, but little changed.

“Their divorce was quite acrimonious, and they really lived very separate lives and would only connect when necessary.”

Reclusive Thomas was recently pictured leaving potted plants out the front of Doria’s LA home in an apparent attempt to make peace.

Meghan’s estranged family certainly haven’t been shy at speaking out about the US actor ahead of the royal wedding.

Her half-brother Thomas Jr even wrote an open letter to Prince Harry, telling the 33-year-old royal to call off the upcoming nuptials, blasting it as a “fake fairy tale”.

Thomas’ letter, published in In Touch Weekly, warned: “As more time passes to your royal wedding it becomes very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal history.”

Half-sister Samantha Markle has also not held back in discussing Meghan and was even labelled a “vulture” by Piers Morgan for continually criticising the actor.

After Meghan wore a £56,000 (AUD $100,000) designer dress for her engagement photo, Samantha Markle, 52, said: “If you can spend (USD) $75,000 on a dress, you can spend $75,000 on your dad.”

Some family members are also expected to cash in on the Royal Wedding, with a Channel 4 documentary giving an insight into Prince Harry’s future in-laws.

Her family members were also pictured arriving in London, drafted in as “special correspondents” for Good Morning Britain for the big day.

But Meghan’s support system has also started to fly into the UK, with best pal Jessica Mulroney arriving at London Heathrow last night.

The support couldn’t come at a better time for Meghan, with the US actor having had to beg her dad to come to her wedding after TMZ revealed he would not be walking her down the aisle.

Samantha Markle has been critical of Meghan in multiple media appearances. Picture: ITV

The 73-year-old recluse had initially intended on being by his daughter’s side but pulled out after it was revealed he had staged photographs with paparazzi — later admitting they were “stupid” and “hammy”.

He soon changed his mind, telling TMZ: “I hate the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle.”

But he again did an about-face, revealing that he needed urgent heart surgery and would not be able to fly to the UK for the wedding — or to meet his future son-in-law and the royal family.

Thomas later said that he believed Doria would be a good choice to walk Meghan down the aisle.


*Na wah...This woman is bringing a lot of ISH into the Royal family...what an embarrassment...WTF
For her own good,she better stay away from these people,the loud mouthed sister and brother...Like are they Jealous or what?


  1. Both sides have drama. I'm sure she was concerned about drama from marrying into the royal family but her own family drama even surpasses

    1. we are seeing all this drama because she's american and mostly half black. i'm sure some british people are not ok with this wedding. Not because they are racists but sometimes you don't like seeing your race fading away. i'm sure kate middleton has some sort of dirty secret but it's beeing very well protected because she's white.

  2. This just goes to show polygamy is always problematic in all circumstances. Men/women should avoid it if possible.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  3. So many foes. Doh
    The best thing Meghan can do now is just to keep shut. Watch them talk else she will have to debunk and explain herself so many times. We all have stories but our past should not control us. Be yourself Meghan. Stand still and watch. This too shall pass.

  4. Na wa o,d drama surrounding dis royal wedding is becoming pathetic ...d wedding should take place already abegi

  5. The drama never ends...I bet if she had found a regular man as a spouse other than a royal figure, this nonsense going on wouldn't have come up.

    Family from hell

  6. Stella please can you not post about this ROYAL WEDDING again till the wedding day?

  7. Lets look inwards. Household enemies have been around from the beginning of ages.

  8. They didn't even hide it they are jealous of her Stella I dey feel for her drama everyday I pray God won't let her family succeed they want to scatter her marriage and happiness. This family is from hell

    Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

  9. This family and drama are like 5 and 6 looool

  10. They'll be alright after the wedding. To thy tent O Israel. What a family!

  11. Nawaooo, so much jealousy and hatred.. If it where me, I for don disown this family, excluding my mom!

  12. Very toxic and psychotic family - must be hard for poor Megan

  13. This is nothing. Wait until the “yachting” issue comes out. The tabloids are just waiting until she becomes a member of the Royal Family before they expose.

  14. I hope Harry is not making a mistake marrying this girl. The family drama is just too damn much.
    William married kate that wasnt royal or an aristocratic and there was not noise. That one atleast came from a good family with values.
    Even me that isnt royal can't honestly allow my child to marry into such dysfunctional family.
    He's just 33yrs old he could have found a girl even if not royal or rich atleast comes from good stock. Haba parents can be divorced and still coexist and raise good kids. Diana's parents were divorced too but drama no dey like this. To think it's even meghans white family side acting so ratchet. Her mum atleast seems decent and iv not seen her black side be so ratchet like this.
    Ndo Harry I really pray for this marriage. Marriage isn't just about love. Sometimes family drama affects marriages.

    1. You need to know Harry is not that “proper” himself to know Meghan is perfect for him. From day one Harry was a wild child and totally different from William.

    2. You couldn't have said it better. Hope the guy is not making a mistake,cos personally I won't support any of my siblings to marry from this kind of home. Family ndi okwu na uka

    3. you just spoke my mind. I pray they enjoy their home.

    4. Megan ia his best choice. They are alike in character.moving on so quickly from relationships. Harry changed a little cos he started fighting good causes. That doesn't mean his wild side isn't there. As far as I am concerned Megan might end up cashing in by having children for him and also an inheritance

    5. I really pity her. I hope she can cope in the marriage.... any mistakes/weaknesses will always be used against her in marriage. I wish she can walk away from the wedding but most ladies including myself won’t want to take such actions. The story of my life.... I wished I cancelled the wedding then, hubby was my prince Harry, very supportive but family has a way of getting in between your think skin.


    6. My dear this is why it is good to marry someone from the same background as u. See trashing!!! I’m sure she is so embarrassed. Her family is ratchet!!! Thank god it’s the white side and not the blacks if not we for no hear word.

  15. Nna eh, these people drama don tire me I swear.

  16. Saturday pls come fast make dis babe get rest of mind.

  17. Stella we don't care! Kindly let us rest.

  18. This is soo sad!! I don't get why they are ready to embarrass her.

  19. after the marriage Harry eye go clear? una go talk say d Meghan d madness nor dey her blood hiss? i give the marriage give n take 4 yrs coz Harry na kolo himself dem warn her but d babe wise pass am but she don forget say na institution she wan enter dem go cut her to size? me nor pity anyone coz pikin wen nor hear word wetin im eye see e go take am n d Meghan want Royalty

    1. Maybe 8 yrs. she go born at least 3 b4 she waka

  20. after the marriage Harry eye go clear? una go talk say d Meghan d madness nor dey her blood hiss? i give the marriage give n take 4 yrs coz Harry na kolo himself dem warn her but d babe wise pass am but she don forget say na institution she wan enter dem go cut her to size? me nor pity anyone coz pikin wen nor hear word wetin im eye see e go take am n d Meghan want Royalty

  21. Prince Harry didn't invite his childhood friends rather they all settled for bunch of celebrities they know. He didn't meet her dad, her mum just arrived. Meghan, you brought this on your self, forget siblings, she rarely cares about her parents,just celebrities, now it's biting her in the butt

    1. Will you keep kwayet! All you awon family first town crises, this one no be family at all. Why should she care for people who can kill her. What am i even saying, they have literally killed her. Have you heard her side of the story? is this not enough reason to distance oneself from such madness. Cinderella's wicked step sisters are saints next to these vultures. Dont even let me start with Meghan's father. He did not nip it in the bud from the very onset when they were little ans as such has himself to blame.

    2. She doesn't care about her parents? If you're talking about her dad fine but that lady and her mama are like peanut butter and bread. Very close and tight.
      If you have a father whose aim in life is not to have any relationship with you is it now supposed to be your fault that things are cold between the two of you? With his abominable children who are hell bent on disgracing themselves.
      Shebi samantha don break her ankle abi leg? They will package them into those their 13 suitcases as they leave. With half siblings and father like this who needs enemies?

    3. Samantha and her have spoken only once I. A whole decade. Why didn’t Samantha look for her since??? Useless family.

  22. 'Case of Cinderella and her ugly step siblings.

  23. Granted, the man is 73 and has been living a reclusive life then suddenly gets thrust into the spotlight< I get why he may be feeling a bit out of place. One thing I can't figure out is why he has no power to tell his older children to stop releasing these awful stories about Meghan. It is obvious that they are not close and there is a huge age gap between them, on top she was raised elsewhere. I guess they were okay that she was just a simple tv star, but now that she is going to get the title of princess in the most famous royal family they are all looking for a come up.

  24. Ndi uchu...

    Jealosy sister and brother.

    Difficult for them to swallow that their 'black' half sister is getting married to a British Royal.

    Make them go drown for Mediterranean biko.

    Even if nah 5 or 7 years the marriage lasts...make Meghan bear children...and she's settled for life.

    Check this title out.."Princess Meghan"...whether marriage crash or not.

    British Royal Princess nah beans??

    And the press is aiding in all these...

    If nah "white gal" them go excalate am like this??

    They should all go hug transformer abeg.

    Come Saturday, May 19, 2018, a top British Royal will get married to a "mix raced" American Actor..from a "dis-functional" family.

    That's a hard-pill to swallow right??
    ...but they should swallow it anyways.

  25. This is why polygamy is bad. You get all the shit and bad things. I pray the royal family did not kill you like they did to Diana. Meghan please be very careful since you are a mix race. More so you have divorce your previous husband and you are far wiser and senior to Prince Harry in age difference.

  26. Thank God Meghan was brought up by her mother if not she would have been ratchet as well. White trash


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