Stella Dimoko Judge Orders Angelina Jolie To Give EX Brad Pitt More Time With Their Kids Or......


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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Judge Orders Angelina Jolie To Give EX Brad Pitt More Time With Their Kids Or......

Mrs and Mrs Smith are still on war path?

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According to multiple reports, a judge ordered that five of the former couple’s six children — Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and 9-year old twins Vivienne and Knox — spend significant time with Pitt over the summer. The court determined that Maddox, 16, was old enough to decide how he wants to split his time between his parents.

However, the judge sent a strong word of caution to Jolie, saying “not having a relationship with their father is harmful” to all of the children, and adding “it is critical that each of them have a healthy and strong relationship with their father and mother.” The Blast reports Jolie could lose primary custody if she doesn’t work on her relationship with Pitt.

A judge stated that Jolie must provide Pitt with each child’s cell phone number and that he is allowed to call whenever he wants. Jolie is barred from reading the children’s text messages with her ex-husband. She is also forbidden from giving out a number to a phone that she secretly monitors.

The temporary custody arrangement has been broken down week by week until August.

The Allied star will spend four hours a day with his kids from June 8 to June 17 in London, which is where Jolie is filming Maleficent 2. Pitt will choose one or two of the minor children to see at a time and during this period, he gets to spend time with each child at least twice. Jolie cannot be present or attempt to interfere.

From June 27 to July 1, the actor’s time with his kids is upped to 10 hours a day and a child therapist will be present. From July 8 through July 14, Pitt gets the kids for four consecutive days. The therapist will meet with the children before and after each two-day period.

Pitt will then get custody of the kids in California from July 21 to July 29, where they will visit their therapists and doctors on occasion. During these days, Jolie is allowed to call the kids only one time per day at a time agreed on in advance by both parents.

“If the minor children remain closed down to their father and depending on the circumstances surrounding this condition, it may result in a reduction of the time they spend with [Jolie] and may result in the Court ordering primary physical custody to [Pitt],” the documents state, according to The Blast.

Reps for Pitt, 54, or Jolie, 43, have not commented.

It’s been nearly two years since Brangelina shocked the world with their separation after a decade together. Their divorce settlement has yet to be finalized in what was a nasty behind-the-scenes split at first. Here’s hoping the two go down an amicable path.
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  1. Replies
    1. As you lay your bed...... she should sha park well and take good care of the kids. This Angelina girl is allergic to single guys. Go and check her last 8-10 relationships. The men were either married or engaged to be married. Not 1 single guy among them. Even billy bob Thornton that she married was engaged to be married when she started dating him. I thought ladies in Hollywood could now breathe a sigh of relief when she married brad. Jennifer just took one for the team. But oh no! She’s ready for a divorce again. At least she had kids to occupy her time now and hopefully won’t have time to snatch men from the ladies. I wonder exactly what she does or has sef that makes those men follow her. She was just picking and dumping the shameless men as she went. By the time she was on the 3rd man, should they have seen the pattern and used their brains? No o, they would still leave their wives or fiancés of many years for her. Now brad pitt’s eyes have cleared

  2. Divorce is horrible, children are being tossed around and then forced to choose. I think pit is having the upper hand here and Jolie doesn't like it one bit.

    1. Shey all he wanted was pikins. Him don see pikins

  3. Or risk losing custody.

  4. When love turns to hate......

  5. #Wisdom is acquired through civil and thoughtful disagreements. Remain open!

  6. Women with history that raises eyebrow dont change, not even in marriage, they may pretend just to bare the Mrs title & tell menopause Ntooor, but their true self will be revealed... Angelina jolie did all sort with billy her ex, even a known bisexual with matching tattoos & shit, drugs & yrs of malice with her father in same Hollywood, yet she became celebrated & tagged woman with sexiest lips alive! Yimu... The things we celebrate in this life sha, same line with this Radical4Jesus woman, misleading & deceiving her shadow from her image, thinking shes doing the masses, na sitdon look with Fanta i de... such women shouldnt near your mother for introduction as GF sef, yet men de make grave mistakes.

  7. This people still not happy about it

  8. Jolie is a sicko, trying to destroy Brad. She had a terrible relationship with her father before reconciling with him in her adult life .
    l am happy for Brad though he brought this on himself by marrying Jolie after betraying Jennifer.

    1. Na the thing wey fit am

    2. Na so, but I dey pity her small sha.

  9. Condition of life, jolie behave yaself ooo..

  10. Just beginning to notice wrinkles and superb traces?

  11. she always looks satanic to me....marine spirit at work...


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