Stella Dimoko President Sacks Minister Over Misuse Of Poor People’s Fund


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Thursday, September 20, 2018

President Sacks Minister Over Misuse Of Poor People’s Fund

Zambian President, Edgar Lungu on Wednesday fired a Minister responsible for the administration of a social cash transfer scheme after reports of misapplication of funds

This follows revelations that about 4.3 million U
S dollars of donor funds for the scheme had gone missing, forcing some donors to suspend funding.

Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya, confirmed in a tweet that the Zambian leader has fired Emerine Kabanshi, as Minister for Community Development and Social Services.

“His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu has acted swiftly, relieving Hon. E. Kabanshi as Minister of Community Development following misuse of funds allegations in her ministry,’’ she said in a tweet.

She has since been replaced by Olivia Phiri, a governing party lawmaker.

Meanwhile, a statement from Lungu’s office said he has ordered for a clean-up of the ministry.

The Zambian leader further met with heads of investigative wings to inform them of the administrative changes.

*Note how the President acted immediately by sacking the accused...


  1. How do you know the minister was sacked IMMEDIATELY but the post doesn’t indicate that? And there was no way an investigation wasn’t done before the sack so it couldn’t have been immediately.

  2. This is a President and not some kind of old man romancing incompetency in the name of governance. This singular act goes a long way to show a man who is a true democrat and disciplinarian and not the one we have here that called himself a saint. I have said before and I am saying again, Nigeria will soon be left behind by other Africa countries in good governance and development.

    1. Can you tell us in one full sentence how Zambia is run by their present president? Go watch Prof Patrick Lumumba and what he said about the country. Do you know what went behind or the events that led to the firing of the minister? If you have no knowledge of this, then it is better to be quiet than rant here in your usual way. Nigerians will make excuse for incompetence in other places but not in Nigeria especially if it is about a person or people that they are against. Anyone who knows the president of Zambia would hide his/her head in shame to think the president is a true democrat. That is the ignorance we are faced with in our ways of judgement in Nigeria.

    2. Can you please draw a comparison between the both? Let us see if your favorites is any way better.

    3. If you knew anything about Edgar Lungu, the president of Zambia, you would cover your head in shame for calling him a disciplinarian and true democrat all because he fired a minister for an allegation. An allegation you have no iota knowledge of what transpired. I urged you above to listen to Prof Patrick Lumumba’s lecture in Tanzania on Zambia and how it is run. You will shame yourself for your ignorant comment above. The kind of comparison you are asking for is like saying Abacha and Babangida, who is better? That is an absolute foolish way of rationalizing an ignorant and ill-rooted comment. Particularly because you have no idea of what happened that led to recent firing before your titling of the man as a disciplinarian and true democrat. You should only comment on things you have background info or widespread knowledge about, not something you are completely out of touch with. Don’t always try to play ITK. I’m sure you only heard the president’s name after reading this post. The president did well by firing her but there are numerous in his cabinet stealing and embezzling just like in our system. So be quiet for now. Know before you talk. It is healthy for knowledge. Not to talk before knowing.

    4. You are talking trash. Substantiate your points. List their comparison for us to see or don't your Buhari have any? Stop going in circle.

  3. LIFELESS buhari are you reading this?

  4. He acted IMMEDIATELY he heard is all i see. Nigeria learn! Shittu didn't undergo NYSC. All this ministers it took Muhammed Buhari 6 good months to appoint. NONE is working, From Housing,Works, Power, Communication, Defense, Transport, Finance, They aren't doing NOTHING. I challenge the next president to APPOINT YOUTHS 40-50years, Give them a timeline to sanitize the ministries and achieve set out goals and target. Every NEC meeting should be MPR. Give them the autonomy of retiring deadwood civil servants. Recruitment should be by merit and not quota or man know man. Let's see if this country wont start moving forward. The president should think about reviewing the constitution and making the wages of lawmakers as unattractive as possible.What is Okorocha going to do as a senator, a man as incompetent and useless as the letter b in Plumber? Go to Owerri and weep. See Ifeanyi Okowa, Ambode nko? Dirt has taken over lagos, with the rains everywhere is messing, abandoned project left and right. He is busy building busstop with no road. The project of keep lagos clean was truncated by Ambode. See roads, Fashola did, no maintenance, we have gullies not potholes. Fashola isn't better as a minister. I'm pained because my love for fashola can't be explained. See my FB friends and i on social media crunching out post on why fashola was to be made a minister. Fine he was given works, housing and power a barrister? Big joke but heck you can employ people to work majorly with you. On power ensure EVERY HOME nation wide has prepaid meter, yes it will reduce work force but increase revenue for the government.
    This country is just on reverse. I needed to rant because getting to work after the rains wasn't funny.
    Stellz post oooo. You don't like posting comments that criticizes this government and its ministers. *sideeyes*


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