Stella Dimoko Cardinal George Pell Has Been Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Assault....


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cardinal George Pell Has Been Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Assault....

The most senior Catholic cleric ever to be convicted of child s#x abuse was sentenced to six years in prison in Australia on Wednesday morning.

Cardinal George Pell, 77, faced as many as 50 years in prison after being convicted in December for the molestation of two choir boys while he was the archbishop of Melbourne in the 1990s. Pell must serve a minimum of three years and eight months before he is eligible for parole.

He will spend the rest of his life as a registered sex offender.

Pell was convicted for the assault of the 13-year-old boys after he caught them swigging sacramental wine in a rear room of Melbourne's St. Patrick's Cathedral in late 1996.

The jury also found Pell guilty of indecently assaulting one of the boys in a corridor more than a month later.

Chief Judge Peter Kidd of Victoria's County Court said in his sentencing remarks that Pell's age and history of cardiac issues were a "significant" factor in his sentencing decision. For the same reasons, Kidd also said did not consider there to be a high risk of Pell reoffending.

During the nearly hour-long sentencing remarks, Kidd called Pell's attack "brazen" and suggested that the cleric was "breathtakingly arrogant" in his attack on the young boys.

"There is no evidence of your remorse or contrition," Kidd said Wednesday in court.

Pell and his lawyers have maintained that the cardinal is innocent, and they plan to appeal his conviction at the Victoria Court of Appeal on June 5.



  1. Don't get the whole story. Assault as in physical beating or sexually? No signs of remorse or repentance on his part. Lord have mercy on his soul.

  2. Don't I just love the mother church??? The church doesn't condone act like this. Good one for the church.

  3. If he commit the crimes, then he should go to pity at all

  4. Is molestation euphemistically used here to connote "sodomization"? If that's it and there is enough evidence to nail him, why should he be eligible for parole at all? Which age and health consideration? Hian!

  5. Appeal wetin, he should serve his sentence jor, one thing I like whites for is that they don’t show religious sentiments like we do in Africa. A man of God commits crime, he will equally face the wrath of the law.

    I can’t even waste my pity... God please keep fishing them out and keep disgracing them, Amen.

    1. Gbam @ Prettiest Rose
      If it is in Africa, they will say "Do not jugde...leave it for God"

      Amen to your prayer joor

  6. Please what kind of assault? Physical or sexual, they should say it as it is.

  7. This is why I love the Catholic church though I'm not a member. Priest/Nuns are punished for their crimes. Who will punish the Pentecostal church pastors? Their members cry judge not forgetting that Apostle Paul said we should judge those in the church. Read it here:

    "I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who calls himself a Christian who is sexually immoral, or greedy, or an idolater, or verbally abusive, or a drunkard, or a swindler. Do not even eat with such a person.
    It certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning. God will judge those outside the church." 1 Cor 5:11-12.

    So next time you shout "touch not", "judge not"..go and study your bible.

    1. Catholic Church are the ones that shield the fathers and nuns from been punished for so long, in case you didn't know the history.
      Instead of punishing the priest that molest kids, they transfer them far away to another hidden location, things are just changing now, thanks to the present Pope.

      Go and do the findings, they have caused so much harm to the church.

    2. Don..thats not the point,the point is the fact that the same church is now handing over offenders to the many pentecostal churches can do that? You people will always be talking off point out of sentiments! I am Catholic and i feel 6 years is too small fir the offence committed by a person in a position of trust....he ahould have gotten a life sentence for desteoying people's lives under the guise of being a clergy man...the church is transforming...thanks be to God!

    3. Choi! babe chop

      Thanks for this Bible passage. I just confirmed it.

      Now i have armed myself with it waiting for those who always say "judge not" and "Touch not my anointed"

    4. DON 12:16 is correct. The catholic church stinks to the high heavens with abusive priests, that have been protected by their superiors for decades. You will gag when you discover the atrocities by priests against nuns and innocent children. Research it yourself, the evidence abounds. That's one reason the catholic churches here in the USA have declining membership.

  8. These pastors that wallow in sin and all manner of crimes, putting the name of the Lord in vain should be held accountable for their actions. They are not mini gods.

  9. There are so many of them that need to be locked up in jail forever.
    Many are just hiding behind the cloak to molest kids in the church.

  10. This article is confusing. Physical or sexual assault ? Or is it both.
    I read on dailymail or smwhere else it was sexual assault of two boys, infact they described it as sexual penetration of a child.
    The catholic church needs to do something, it is damn too common. If priest cannot keep their vow of celibacy, let them marry instead of abusing kids(sounds harsh,but im at a loss).

    1. married people eg pastors also abuse children. Some fathers even abuse their own daughters

  11. If a Priest Cannot Stay Away from sex Why Decieving Yaself, na waoo abeg let him Rotten in jail jawee. Father Molesto..

  12. Na wa....o s3x s3x s3x the world's problem

  13. If you can't be like Apostle Paul, please stay away from being a priest.

    Hypocrites every where

  14. So happy to hear this news. Some people are still defending Michael Jackson because of his star status. Please wake up and smell the coffee


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