Stella Dimoko Reality Star Courtney Says Chrissy Teigen Blocked Her On Twitter And Didnt Reach Out To Her Privately To Apologise For Bullying


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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Reality Star Courtney Says Chrissy Teigen Blocked Her On Twitter And Didnt Reach Out To Her Privately To Apologise For Bullying

 In 2011 Model Chrissy Teigen Publicly tweeted at Big brother star Courtney Stodden to go to sleep forever in a series of abusive messages aimed at the teen bride who was then 15..

Courtney Now 26,says Chrissy Teigen kept sending her private messages to kill herself.

On Wednesday Chrissy Teigen tweeted an apology after Courtney talked about her bullied she felt by Chrissy in a video and Chrissy tweeted a public apology and said she had reached out to Courtney privately but she did not and instead blocked her on Twitter....LOL

See drama!!!


  1. Wow. From her own fingers "I WAS AN INSECURE, ATTENTION SEEKING TROLL".

    This Chrissy,you changed? You trolled her for 10 good years and now apologizing, ok o.

    Let her be forgiven but I doubt if anything has changed. There was no private apology, mark it.

    Trolls don't change,they get sober for a while and continue.
    It's an internal disease.

    The part of your apology will be to the kids you cursed and mocked, will they forgive too?

    1. Chrissy has deep fundamental issues

      The lashing out displaying of the inner acidic contents

    2. Trolls are frustrated useless bitches .
      They live on internet to cause damages.
      She should block her everywhere both on internet and physical.
      Trolls is either they are frustrated with life or living a miserable life .
      They have serious mental health issues when you get close to them.
      I have never seen a successful troll,is either they are hungry or broke.

    3. Anon 20:19 😂😂😂 para mode,I totally agree with you.You cannot give out what you lack,as long as you are sad,you'll keep making others feel miserable about their lives. The most annoying ones are the faceless anons 😊

  2. This Christie does too damn much.
    How do u tell someone to go kill themselves and d girl was a teenager dat time. Even if she had a questionable lifestyle shes still human.
    I hope she doesnt loose her endorsements...

    1. I just dislike her alot. The razzest of all the models in the world, i will never understand what JL saw in her. The way she talks carelessly to people publicly is a big time turn-off. Sometimes she'd tweet about her and JL's personal details without a care, she's almost always embarrassing him. I just love Courtney's reply to the classless loud mouthed flat faced Chrissy or whatever her name is.

    2. @Chisom, I'm sure there are people who wonder what your husband saw in you. It's not your place to decide who deserves love from a partner.

      You don't have to like her but saying you wonder what a husband saw in a woman who has been with him for years and had gone through trials to bear his kids is really mean.

  3. Don't I just hate this so-called celebrity lives already. Their entire lives always in the public and even fake

  4. I thought Chrissy Teigen wasn't on twitter anymore, very toxic human being. People didn't get to know her true side then when she was trolling Donald Trump, but I was able to see through her.. now they can see her for what she truly is.

    1. She only lasted a couple of weeks away from Twitter. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She was a major troll to Donald Trump, publicly. I can only imagine who she’s trolled in private

    2. Even before the Donald Trump trollings, i already saw her for the uncouth razz wicked bitch she is. I mean everyone hated DT but the way she herself, a public figure went about it revealed alot about who she truly was.

  5. I was shocked by the sadistic hatred Chrissy showed Courtney when I read those tweets. Someone also shared a link to Chrissy’s food blog written 8 years ago where she is attacking Courtney for absolutely no reason on her Food Blog!! Chrissy was writing about ingredients then all of a sudden, she writes that Courtney looks like someone who stinks and has brown urine. Chrissy then goes back to talking about food after that attack.

    Chrissy trying to bully Courtney to commit suicide was upsetting to me because my dad did the same thing to me when I was 15. He also used to give me advice on how to commit suicide. He would tell me to get razor blades and cut my wrists. It’s been years but it still hurts.

    In People Magazine this week, they did a tour of Chrissy and John Legends house. In the house they have a large tree growing in the kitchen where John said they buried the ashes of their baby that died in the soil of that tree. That chilled me because I remember when Chrissy told someone else’s child (Courtney) to go and take a “dirt nap” and sleep forever. Life and Death are in the power of the tongue.

  6. Chisom, you've said it all. I had always seen chrissy for who she is. How JL copes is what I don't understand.


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