Saturday, October 25, 2014

President Jonathan's #LestWeForget Memes.

Dr Abati is President Jonathan's mouth piece and despite being cussed out for inventing the memes,he has not stopped and keeps inventing new ones.

You can choose to read the memes carefully and engage in a meaningful discuss which either agrees or disagrees with him or you can continue cussing out...your choice!

Wordless Post

Nollywood And Emulating The Right Person.

Her writeup on facebook caught my attention because it teaches about knowing who to emulate and for the right reasons but I do not particularly like that she used only Chika Ike and Ini Edo as examples.examples abound in Nollywood and if somebody sitting on the fence decides to intervene,calling all of them out would not be a bad idea....

There are a lot of young people,girls especially wanting to become actresses overnight because they think it is the fastest way out of their poverty ridden situations BUT CAN I PREACH?

Gay - How Does One Stop When The Guilt Sets In?

I am not homophobic but I would rather sit on my couch and read the comments...Pardon me!

Adamma Indimi Stunning Photos

Adamma Indimi,billionaire daughter and the alleged boo of crooner Dbanj stuns in this WOW! photos...

Ibinabo Fiberesima Is Saturday Blog Beauty Of The Day.

Isnt she lovely?

Nollywood actress and actors guild President Ibinabo Fiberesima looks take away in this combination...I likey!

Saturday In House News

In House news?......BOMB ASS TEA!


Saturday Laughs



Have a great Saturday and try to spread some love and goodwill and remember that ''It can only get better''

President Jonathan And the Leap Of Faith - By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, finally our Oga at the very top emerged from his shrine where the devotees have been falling over themselves pleading with the big masquerade to come out and dance again in the market place. Not that this second coming was a secret by any chance.

 The body language made the unwritten words and unspoken intentions highly palpable. I had wondered what the perambulation, gerrymandering and merry-go-rounding were all about when both the hands and the voices were that of only one man, Esau.

Shoeless Night By Oluwafemi Oloidi

Oluwafemi Oloidi was born in Nigeria in 1985. He has an M.A. degree and he is a Ph.D. student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is an artist, poet, and a fashion designer. Shoeless Night is his first book.

About the book:

Saturday Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives.

*Shocked sigh*....Of all the Narratives I have read,this one takes the crown!

I had always believed that unless you wear the shoe and know where it is pinching,please do not Judge anyone when it comes to love matters.....but after reading this,I must confess that it is better to be shoe-less!

RCCG’S Living Faith Connections Choir Wins ‘Best GospelL Act’ At MOBO Awards 2014

Gospel group Living Faith Connections Choir were crowned ‘Best Gospel Act’ at the MOBO Awards 2014. Held on Wednesday, October 22 at London’s renowned Wembley Arena, Living Faith Connections Choir beat out Annastasia Baker, J. Vessel, Noel Robinson, and Kristina Myles to the prestigious award.

Giving thanks to God, the MOBO awards and the entire RCCG family, Pastor

Gov Uduaghan's 60th Birthday Celebration Pics.

Gov Uduaghan of Delta clocked 60years old on October 22,2014 and you need to see these pictures to know that it was ''not a small something on that day in Waffy ''I spotted a few familiar faces...Shine your eyes and you will as well.

Nigerian Drug Mule Dies Inside Madrid Airport

A Nigerian drug mule has died in a Spanish airport after cocaine bags inside his body split open - because airport staff refused to touch him fearing he had Ebola.

The man collapsed in the customs area of the Madrid-Barajas airport outside the capital after arriving on a flight from Istanbul.
Upon hearing that the man was from Nigeria, staff were too afraid to approach the man and left him in shivers on the airport floor. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Husband Snatching Drama On Instagram

Beautiful and controversial Instagram 'celeb' Diiadem got served on IG today by a certain wife who feels pained that she allegedly slept with her man. Check out the screen shots!

 Na wah oh.......Husband snatching drama everywhere......

Dutse International Airport,Jigawa Commissioning Pics

Wow,this looks great!

Friday Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives.

As you read through the narratives and offer your best advice or solutions to the posters,please do not forget to always tell yourself the truth no matter the situation that you find yourself in....Hey,its Friday and its time to unwind!.....Oops i forgot I am a mother!...LOL

Enjoy the Narratives...

Facebook Love Scam Involving Blog Visitor- A Must Read!

This is lengthy but worth the just might be one of his victims right now sef

Vegetarians Have Much Lower Sperm Counts - A Must Read.

 Vegetarians and vegans may be harming their chance of having children after a study found that men who do not eat meat have significantly reduced sperm counts.
Although a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables can protect against many illnesses and can prolong life, it appears that it may also harm fertility.

Researchers at Loma Linda University Medical School, in southern California, embarked on a four-year project to find out how diets affect sperm.

Dencia Named As Micheal Essien's Boo On TraceTV.

I was minding my business on Instagram and saw that Trace TV was talking about athletes and girlfriends ....

Guess whose name came up ?...DENCIA!