Stella Dimoko Gov Rochas Of Imo Quoted As Saying ''I Have Spoilt Imo People With Development''


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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Gov Rochas Of Imo Quoted As Saying ''I Have Spoilt Imo People With Development''

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has scored his performance as the helms-man of the state...

Okorocha also said that the Imo people will stone his successor if he or she does not perform well.

The Governor told newsmen that he did not get into politics for profit, but to serve and leave a legacy.

According to Vanguard, he said this while speaking to State House Correspondents in Abuja.

Okorocha said “I am in this job not for the profit of it but for the honour and glory of the job. So I want to leave a legacy. I want Imo people to miss me and they will definitely miss me. Believe you me they have not seen such developmental work before now and they will miss it.

“The only problem I have is that anybody that comes after me and does not perform will be stoned. Because you cannot come to Imo State now and say you want to abolish free education from primary to university, they will not accept. I have spoilt Imo people believe me.

“You cannot come to Imo State and say you want to give them a single lane road when they are now used to eight lane road in the city, they won’t accept it. You cannot come here and tell the children to go to schools where the floors are not tiled they will not accept because all the schools have been rebuilt. I have rebuilt 450 schools.

“You can no longer take them to those ramshackle hospitals, those shanties they called hospitals because I have built 27 to 200 bed general hospitals. You can no longer tell them those stories. All the infrastructures are there.

“You cannot tell them that there are criminal activities any more and that your hands are tied they will not accept it because we know where we brought Imo from, from unsafe place to a safe place right now. And you can no longer tell our workers to dress shabbily they will not, they will want to dress in their suits and tie and white shirts. So Imo has changed believe me.

I stand to be challenged and corrected by anybody that what we have done in Imo State in six years can be comparable to what any governor in that state living or dead has done.

“And if we put all of them together, I can’t say whether they can match what we have done. Have you seen me sounding boisterous? That is the truth. But the point is I don’t make media noise, I don’t make foundation laying stones Programme, I don’t bring women to dance because I want to lay foundation project. I don’t commission projects because for me it doesn’t make sense.”

*Do the Imo people reading this blog agree with this self praise?LOL


  1. CrazyHornyWife2 July 2017 at 07:27

    Rochas rochas,i guess it's d Christmas decoration that is deceiving you abi or the land you forcefully collected from some ideato pips to build hotels .
    Anyways make I leave my ideato sister and others to come and tell me if you did all these things overnight

    1. He wants to deflate d GAY talk. Kikikiki

    2. Truimphant are you from Ideato?

  2. Dear Stella,
    At best, these claims are over exaggerated and at worse the are just bogus!

    Please what is the use of widening roads when you'll be destroying;-
    1. 4" thickness roads
    2. Deep and wide gutters.
    3. Channels that lead to the underground drainage that was built by Mbakwe.
    To create roads that are;-
    1. Barely 2" thick roads(Carpet thickness)
    2. Narrow and shallow gutters?
    3. No underground drainage. I always say;- all these "shallow gutters" were do the even lead to? Little wonder 30mins rain turns Owerri to a little lake..

    Or you want to talk about the pensioners, teachers and even Judiciary that he cut there salaries by 30%(for the ones he managed to pay!!!)

    Or the fact that in IMSU Indigenes Pay 19,500 per session while non indigenes paid 150k this session(it used to be 75k), and the ensure that non-indigenes get 70% of admission????

    Let me not talk much, Stella I'll try and get you pictures as evidence.

    The only thing I can commend Rochas on is opening up new roads. He has tried in that aspect.

  3. SMH!!!!!!

    1. Asi ocha I guess.😉😃😃😃😄

    2. Please spoil them with security too Mr. Governor. The everyday cult killing in your state is getting out of hand or they your boys?

  4. As much as i like to hate this man, I can't help but praise him a little, he tried in those sectors he mentioned above(schools,hospitals, free edu for primary and secondary, don't know if it works as much in universities, roads), but he is still an evil man and he won't be missed.

    1. Pipi please don't be deceived , school that pupils are sitting on the floor

    2. ewooo😲
      but they don't seat on the floor in my place sha.

  5. Really? I doubt...

    Your comment will be visible after approval.

  6. Is he talking abt Imo state Nigeria or another Imo state? A lair! Imo hv worst security record under rochas, where in Imo state do we have 8 lane road? I'm not a student so I can't comment on that one. Mr rochas! With these lies up there, are u thinking of heaven at all?

    Just Krix! (Stellz boo) via iPhone 7+

  7. Please whoever knows this psychotic fool should drag him to Okigwe so that he'll point out the roads.

  8. Lol. Imo people, over to you

  9. Everything about APC and it's members represents Lies!
    They lie too much!!! Jeezzzz
    Shameless Liars

  10. Spoilt who with development? Rochas should please go and sleep small. He uses sub-standard materials for construction work. Imagine the roads and structures he is putting up. Shoddy looks. Using all those Arab contractors that their work is always questionable.

  11. Rochas God is watching you. Maybe is Imo state of America. There is nothing like 8 lane road. Where and when did u build 27 general hospitals n equipped them, d same general hospital u wanted to hand over to an Hausa man that made them shot it down for months.your successor might be stoned cos d problem u v put imo in might take a decade for imo to come out of it. God is watching. We await your presentation of your son Inlaw as d new governor, d thunder will strike you.

  12. Oga mi Roch,abeg come and spoil me too...

  13. This man is just a crazy liar. A land grabbing pyscho

  14. Good people of Nigeria please d not be deceived. This incompetent humanbeing had the nerves to mould himself on a horse in my village. Apparently he is the Sultan of m village. Do I even need to talk about the useless Roads that didn't even last for a month. Or he's supposed free education which is not free or the fact that he he claimed he was relocating IMSU but is currently building Imo European University on people's land
    I'm not sure these greedy people remember that they will due someday and give accounts to God. The most annoying part is how they lie like people are blind or imbeciles. You do not deceive any leadership title for the rest of your life. We are praying for 2019 when your tenure will end. Do us a favour and pack all your things leave absolutely nothing behind. Failed creature!


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