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Sunday, June 04, 2023

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Guys please help me out. I constantly dream of being in secondary school, in my previous boarding school. 

Now, I’ve left secondary for more than 15 years ago, have long since graduated from the university and served. I don’t have a job, each person I tell about my joblessness promises to help but nothing comes out of it.
 Some even refuse picking my calls.

 I have this dream almost everyday now. Sometimes I’m writing secondary school exam where I either fail or pass, and sometimes I’m in the university being refused clearance. 

Please I’m tired of these dreams and I recently became an orphan with younger ones to cater for. What could be wrong with me pls. Help a sister out please....

Please nobody is doing you anything; Maybe you did not graduate with a good grade...i used to think these dreams meant backwardness until i met someone who is very rich and he told me his dreams of his secondary all the time...


  1. I also dream of my secondary school sometimes.
    I don’t think it means backwardness.
    The country is generally bad. There’s hardly jobs that will be dropped on a platter for you.
    Even the people you are calling are most likely struggling too.

    Why not look into starting a business. Look around your environment and look for a problem your business can solve.

    And change your mindset too.
    Good luck to you.

    Have a pleasant Sunday everyone ๐ŸŒž

  2. Perhaps secondary school represented the happiest time of your life and your spirit longs for that happiness again. That period of carefree living with little worries, good friends and the joy and strength of youthfulness.

    Please be open to taking work outside of what you trained in. Please be open to taking work with less pay than you desire. Get the work experience in. Also, through work you can make connections with people who may be able to open better paths for you even if you start low.

    1. especially "good friends"

    2. Odiegwu. Nwanne if you don't know. She is valid with her worry. That legit is a backward dream.

      Pls google prayer against backwardness and follow. Gods grace all the way

  3. Thank you Stella for that comment. Everything is village people and evil. Humans are bound to dream dreams and its about one's life. Run to one pastor to pray for you and rid you of the spiritual bondage and attack but while doing that, make sure you check yourself very well for, good grades, behaviour, looks and manners and others.

  4. Honestly, personally I think it's all about our mind set. This dreams were always very frequent to me. Like, immediately I lay my head, it will come, I took it so serious and will pray my life out. From church to church. Years later, I got tired of praying, because prayer reminds me of the things I'm yet to have and then put me in state of worry and depression.

    When I feel so down, I just listen to worship music, I connect so much to Esther Orji worship and other gospel musicians. I lived life the way it comes, angry with God when I need to, no point being hypocritical towards him, he knows my heart. Then I got a job, money owed by an organization got paid.Start by having the mind set that what God has for you is bigger, better and soonest it will happen. Don't dwell on those dream. Take it like it's nothing. Don't put meanings to them. It will go.

  5. Lol..

    For this Naija.. wey underemployment and unemployment full.. you know how many people promise me oil, CBN, efcc jobs etc etc that year๐Ÿ˜‚.. iffa hear, and I no get any secondary school dream oh.. if I get the dream sef I for like am, cos those years sweet..

    Unemployment- lack of jobs

    Underemployment- employed but with a salary of nothing to write home about. Asin you get job but e come even be like say your case worse pass people wey no get

  6. I read somewhere that if you constantly dream of secondary school, university and you have long passed out its because if dreams you had there that are long unfulfilled.
    I can relate to that because what I'm currently doing now is now what I hoped my career path to be.
    I chose another career path because my desired career path can only flourish in an organized society that values talent.

  7. Post your qualifications and see if someone here can help
    Forget this dream mater

  8. Pray specially every night before going to sleep against this dreams, and most importantly repent to Jesus of that particular sin in your life which opened a doorway to you. You will notice a change trust me.

  9. The only problem you have is your mind set, I used to always believe someone is doing me that's why things were rough, I just changed my mind set and I tell myself there's nothing anybody can do to me, since then thanks have changed positively for me.

    The mind attracts what you feed it, stay positive.

  10. Firstly truly repent of that particular sin in your life, ask Jesus to cleanse you. Pray specially every night for God to close the doorway you opened in your life which triggered this oppressive dreams. It will stop.

  11. I dread those dreams too and at some point it was almost a daily occurrence. It was beginning to weigh me down because I felt stagnant so I began to pray about it and I desired those dreams to stop. They eventually did when I changed my expectations. There is a time for everything in life,the issue of 'mates' doesn't go on forever. Learn to make the best of every situation and now I've decided to bloom wherever I find myself. I hope this encourages someone out there. Delay is not denial,work hard and trust in God.

  12. I used to constantly have those dreams ( being in my secondary school, in the hostel, writing exams in secondary school etc) almost everyday before I got a job. Once I got my job, those dreams immediately stopped..I used to be told it could mean backwardness as well but I have come to realize that it might b because your subconscious mind always drifts to the reality of not having job..All d best in getting a job.. you’ll notice those dreams will suddenly stop.

  13. Your mind is playing blame games with you. It's not easy to 'wait'. Waiting to get a job, to marry, to get a child, etc. Waiting is draining. Imagine waiting for someone at a busstop who promised to come in an hours time for three hours. You will be tied and angry at the same time talk more of waiting to get a job. Ifs frausturating..
    I am not disputing the fact that there are no wicked personalities because Bible said we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.
    It's time to pray dear. You have used your human ability. It's time to try God's ability. If you are a Catholic, join the charismatic group. Make the blessed sacrament your second home. Use the 'thamk you Jesus 'chaplet daily. Pray at least one hour in tongues every night. God will hear you

  14. I dream of my secondary school too but me I don't know if it's backwardness or not

  15. Don't let the devil use those dreams to make you believe that you are in stagnation or going backwards. Once you believe it becomes your reality.
    Just rebuke the spirit of backwards and confess psm 1vs 3 and proverb 4 vs 18 day and night

  16. Dear poster….
    In as much as I hate to sound very religious, but you need to pray really hard!

    I don’t mean go to various churches ohhhh, just conduct personal prayers for yourself and then ask God for breakthrough…..

    Few years back, I always used to have these sort of dreams….
    Infact, mine was me writing literature in waec dressed in my school uniform. (15yrs after sec school too)
    Guess what?
    I would never finish, and would always cry…

    Most times, I would be copying from a very brilliant friend ohhhhh…
    It would be going smoothly, then all of a sudden, I would begin to get frustrated and confused….

    Another dream was also me shopping for things in the market…

    It would be going smoothly, and then next heavy rain…
    I would start running around, panicking and getting frustrated.

    Now in reality, Things weren’t going smoothly for me….
    Though, I didn’t think much of it
    and Yeah I also had a D in literature (waec)
    So, instead of law I switched to Accounting..

    Well during Covid period, I decided to reevaluate my life and then I asked God for breakthrough….
    I did that prayer for 2months or there about and so one night I had a dream as usual, that I was writing Literature in waec too but this time around,
    Lo and behold I wrote the exam and finished happily! I was shocked and extremely happy in the dream…

    Haaaa !
    Immediately I woke up, I knew that was it!
    (My breakthrough)

    Few years after, I am in so much better place, from where I was initially….
    My life seems in place now, and my future is so bright that I can’t wait to walk into it!

    I am not saying, there is something wrong with you but then again, there are some things we just cannot explain


    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars4 June 2023 at 16:47

      I agree with you. Your last paragraph is on point.

    2. Anon 16:26, it's very possible that your dreams represent what is going on in your life but remember that God doesn't communicate to everyone through dreams and not all dreams have a special meaning.

      Poster, please remove your mind from negativity, just pray, cancel any spirit of backwardness and don't dwell on it. Be in a constant positive mood, it's not easy but it possible. Iyanu ma shele very very soon. You can also drop your contact and location with Stella incase any BV has a job for you.

  17. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars4 June 2023 at 16:44

    Life is more spiritual than physical. Pray and ask God if there is anything, cancel and declare God's promises in prayer. Jer. 29:11 God has a future for you. Pray and ask Him to walk you into it.

  18. If you miss your secondary school friends and your life in boarding school you will always dream about them

    Nevertheless pray and try having a positive mindset
    You can learn a skill if job is not forthcoming maybe God wants you to do something different

  19. Fear! Mind the kind of preaching you listen to. If you have been attending those churches that makes you believe that seeing yourself in secondary school means backwardness please stop. What you believe is what you become. You are giving them power over your life anytime you nurse the thought of the effect of such dreams.

    Forget about the effect of the dream in your life and focuse only on your relationship with God. Don't waste your energy fighting any primary and secondary school dreams. Don't reason their matter at all and you will see that such dreams will gradually stop coming and soon it will totally stop. Keep praying for God to release His blessings upon you and also give you directions to your destiny. Lol, you might be facing disappointment because you have a special calling to serve God. Yes, it happens like that to some people. Until they give their life to Christ and start doing the work of God, they can never have a good life. ( Please, I didn't mean you should go and submit yourself to any pastor. Don't let any human being called pastor to use you for his church business)

    Again, anytime you wake up, just pray against any negative aspect of your dream. Don't bother looking for the meaning of the dream just pray 'In Jesus name, I come against any negative dream I had today and in the previous days. Non of them shall be effective in my life for I bear on me the mark of the living Christ. No negative dream shall manifest in my life in Jesus name.'
    Then go ahead and pray again like this; 'God only you know the meaning of this dream. Let the positive aspect of this dream come to pass in Jesus name.' Recognize and claim the supremacy of the power of Jesus Christ in your life. Pray in faith without a single doubt or fear in you. Pray with authority . I suggest you read the whole book of Isaiah and Jeremiah so it will minister to your inner man. You will also get good prayer points there because it is a waste of time to pray without quoting from the word of God. Always read Psalms 51, 38,35, 26,91,Make sure you understand whatever you read there and work on yourself to align. If you look for job and it's not coming forth just go look for another business and do . You could also learn a skill so you won't depend on anybody for help in case you loss your job tomorrow. It might be too late to start learning skill but damn it and learn. I learnt my skill late and am currently on another one. I am even doing the training with people am way older than. I know that one day it will surely pay. We all must not be employed,you can also be an employer, and being an employer may not just start in a day. Keep pushing until the work of your hand grows to the level of you employing many hands to support.

  20. There is nothing with you poster. It's just your mind. I live in Canada and hardly do I dream about things happening around. I have a daughter that I hardly dream about. All my dreams are still about my life in Nigeria especially secondary school. Always writing exams. Seeing all my secondary school friends but not my current friends. When I tell my friends, they said it's backwardness but truth be told, I am even doing better than them. I am doing well. When I reconnected with my childhood neighbors, it was a group call cos of my dad passing . I brought up the dream of still seeing and playing with them, being in our old house and secondary school. To my surprise they all said it's the same for them. Trust me they are all settles and doing extremely well. Mini millionaires. I rested my case that day. Don't allow anybody put something crazy in your mind. Keep fighting. God will remember you soon.

    1. I will advise you to pray about it. Don't accept it as normal. It started because of something and will wear you out if you don't stop it. Those friends you are seeing are not really them but imitations.

  21. Dreaming of your secondary school may mean nothing but I can bet you that dreaming of writing secondary school exams is either backwardness or spiritual stagnation. Don't accept it, challenge and rebuke it.
    There was this period if time that my mom was always dreaming of carrying our lastborn on the back as a toddler (as at that time, our lastborn was 21) sometimes, she'll be carrying her under heavy rainfall. My sister would dream of writing exam in her secondary school. Even before the dreams started coming, we were been warned that she's under heavy attack to stagnate her.
    Do you know what our lastborn did? She fought back fiercely. She prayed without ceasing morning, noon and night. She said 20 decades of Rosary everyday. She went to the blessed sacrament everyday and cleaned the church daily. My mom also sowed seeds on her behalf in the lives of poor widows that couldn't take care of their children. Now these were the spiritual warfare, physically she studied harder in school. She was in 100L studying microbiology. She started learning programming and cyber security during her spare time. She got jobs during the holidays and broadened her knowledge. Now she's in final year with good grades and plans to apply for scholarship for her Masters.
    The dreams didn't come to fruition and they have stopped having those dreams.
    So, dearest poster, your future is in your hands. Fight back tooth and nail both in the spiritual realm and the physical. There is an Igbo adage that says "Onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe". It means when one accepts something, their God will accept it too. Don't accept this dream of backwardness, fight it.

  22. Poster try to get a job.
    It is true this your type of dream mean backwardness. But don't capitalise on it.
    Stay with the word of God, cancel them and keep praying.
    Me sef since last week na university dream I dey dream, I even dreamt of starting a masters program, that's cos I'm planning it currently. And I also dream secondary school, but I canceled it too.

  23. Thank you Stella for this response.Nothing is absolutely wrong with you. The earlier you remove your mind from these dreams the better for you. Don't also forget that we have a very bad economy even some people with good grades find it difficult to get a job. Please dont allow dreams to rule your life. Be prayerful then keep searching you will smile soon. I once used to think like you,but God pass everything

  24. Poster this your dream actually means some foundational forces or father's house are hindering your prosperity.
    But you know you can't let them win, cos Jesus already paid the price for you and I.
    I always had this same dream like seeing myself in secondary school, sometimes wearing uniform.
    It happened for so many years.
    I graduated 11yrs ago & All my life I only had two jobs: cashier and sales rep. And they were jobs below my levels in terms of salary.
    Not that I didn't apply to better opportunities I even attended interviews, tests,but never got chosen for good salary jobs. And funny thing is I was the only one not prospering in a family of 5kids.
    The rest were all doing very fine, some abroad and doing very well.
    Although they too didn't always have it smooth from beginning, but my own case seemed more serious and was like it wouldn't end.
    Well I never stopped praying and holding on to God's words.
    I run my own business now, even if I'm not making a lot, but I'm hopeful. I am moving forward.I'm not where I used to be.
    And these dreams stopped.
    The word of God is your best bet out of this situation.
    Keep searching for Jobs and don't reject jobs cos they are not paying well. You never can tell where your opportunity will come from.

  25. Stella, thank you so much! I posted this on Thursday’s Q and A, and thought you didn’t see it as it was not posted there. I deeply appreciate you bringing it here. BVs, I dearly appreciate your responses. I’ll keep a positive mindset henceforth while being prayerful. God bless you all.

  26. Dear Poster please fast and pray fervently. Non stop please. God will surely answer your prayers.
    I stayed home for 1 and half nothing nothing with strange dreams. Until I prayed like my life depends on it now God answered all my prayers. Devil is a liar. Pray!!

  27. Dear Poster, There is no bad dream. Every dream is an information, whether pleasant or unpleasant. What you do with that information is what matters. You either enforce a dream or reject it vehemently in the name of Jesus.

    Your dream is significant, don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise, that is why it keeps recurring. Address it squarely in faith not fear.
    You are the greatest prophet of yourself.

    Declare a fast with vigil for yourself and rebuke every stagnancy. Declare what you want and pray that you enter your due level.

    Remember, don't entertain fear. Your words are powerful and make thing happen in the name of Jesus. You will see positive results.

    Chin up.

  28. Just get something to do. Go out everyday. Think of a particular place, you want to work or a particular skill you wish to learn and approach an already existing company or organisation. Volunteer to work or intern for them at no costs to them and begin your process of skill or experience accumulation. You will see that after sometime, you would gain the skills requires to go on your own or they will offer to take you on. This works like magic. Best wishes.

  29. Ask GOD for discernment , Holy Spirit will guide you, ask for help


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