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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Good day Stella and BVs....

What I am about to say will shock you but what i need is advice on how to solve or get out of this situation before it blows...

The man who is at the gate in the estate i live in mistakenly became my lover and now i am in love with him and confused...Mistakenly because he came in to help me with something in the house when i called the estage gate.... I dont know what happened but something changed that day....

He came a few times and it happened and its been happening..... Hes so humble and respects me so much, unlike my arrogant rich husband who thinks woman should be slaves to men.... Should i take the bull by the horn and end the marriage by running away with this guy or should i get him sacked and move? I cant continue sellpig with him cos if i get caught the disgrace would be too much.... 

What do i do?  so confused!

If you you have only insults to give, please pocket it

The first thing that came to my mind was Ahewo but Let me pocket it oooooh.....


  1. You don't have shame? You weren't born with one? He is discussing you with his fellow gstemen. Continue

    1. Lol
      No tiny weeny bit of shame at all
      Do whatever you deem fit abeg

    2. Madam,nothing changed. You do not love your gateman, you are just looking for attention. Your husband dose not give you all the attention you think you deserve, cos he is working g hard to give you the luxurious lifestyle you so like. Divorce your husband, and move on with your gateman. Then you will see your reality.

    3. No bi men dey write some of dis kronickos to disgrace and yab women as per say some women don ova-yab men here?

      By d way, I bi man o! Just dat some of dis kronickos on women dey tear mouth like d ones on men.

  2. Madam he’s humble cause you’re rich oh
    Better borrow yourself sense fast
    You’ve enjoyed the sexual and I don’t want things to end badly for you
    Just face front
    Don’t try to fire him or have any conversation. Note you might be recorded of he has already recorded you sef

    1. So true. He is humble because he is broke. Face your marriage pls.

    2. seems you have been Jazzed oh, tell your husband you dont feel safe in that estate anymore then move out, find a mountain of fire church and go for serious deliverance or you can ask someone to give you a very resounding slap, lets see if you will be okay.

  3. Stella you've already said your mind jare 🀣

    1. Me sef wanted to say Opio,but I pocket amπŸ™„πŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆ

  4. Oh no dear . This is all shades of wrong. Sacking him might not be the best solution because he might blackmail you. You can settle him and advice him to leave the gate as he deserves better. In all you do. Don't leave your marriage because of this gate man. You can divorce your husband if you want but flee from this ungodly affair. The harm cannot be compared to this your 2 minutes enjoyment.

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars3 June 2023 at 16:20

      Very well said.

    2. Has she not left her marriage already? Is it because we saw estate and rich husband?
      Truly money answereth.

  5. what is happening to womanhood this day? No sacredness for your body, Marriage, family and yourself.
    You know the disgrace is very near if you keep it up. What madness is this?

    1. What is happening to nyenyennyen, the sacredness of nyenyennyen loll.
      Your lousy men have taught your women well.
      That is what is happening.

    2. Real madness. No self control. Allowing momentary pleasure to control you without thinking about the consequences.

      Settle that guy to start a new life and let him leave that estate...

  6. Dey play oh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    Poverty has not shown you shege banza.
    As for your husband, this is what you get when your wife becomes a slave.
    You deserve each other.
    Just dey play 😏

    1. Why don't she leave if she has been made a slave.
      If the husband was the poorer partner partner and was sleeping with the maid would you justify his conduct on ground that he had been made a slave?
      We saw what was written about that actor and his richer wife.

  7. Men biko you are not a simp by loving your wife and going out of your way to show her unconditional love. So.many marriages are broken and yet keeping up appearance because of what people will say. Love your wife. God cannot lie by asking men their wife. It's for your own good. Similar senerio is playing out in my office. Your wife is not one of your furniture. Make her feel loved and wanted. If you loose guard. Plenty prey dey outside.

    1. Haba Zaram, so you believe this lady..
      You're a smart lady nah.
      You know these things, even me as a guy, when a lady who knows I know she's in a relationship want to come around for ahewo things, she starts first be saying all sorts about her boyfriend/fiance, I go say leave relationship na, iffa hear Lol

      Na normal levels, when they do or want to do something bad, they'll try to find a way to blame the other person..

      Married men do it too.. my wife denies me sex, my wife is dirty etc etc.. in many cases na lie

    2. @Dante true AF. Blame game

    3. @Dante.
      As if we have not read here of men who said their wives were dead just because of cookies.

  8. Inlove abi infuck.
    Na wa

  9. Marriage don turn joke these days.🀦

    Madam what do you want us to tell you now?

    1. To do what makes her happy 😁

    2. Dante, you don well strong. 🀣

  10. People dey find love for wrong places Sha......SMH
    Just negodu
    E be like I go put beans for fire to dey read comments 🀸🏽‍♂️🀸🏽‍♂️🀸🏽‍♂️

  11. In a woman's world;
    Romantic and no money = wahala
    Money and not romantic= wahala
    No money and not romantic= Shege banza pro max

    What exactly do we want πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”?
    I think it's time for me to meditate inside my hyperbolic time chamber because o ti su mi 😩😩

    1. We want romance amd money
      You left that out

    2. I agree I left that out.

    3. Some women are just shameless like this one, I am a woman but some women can disgrace women Sha. Some husband go to work to make the family live a decent life and this is what they get in return? Sleeping with your gate man? Even if you want to cheat it shouldn't be with gatemans. You are also a terrible person because you want to get him sacked. Did he rape you ni?

    4. Gatemans πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️

    5. Gateman no bi person?

      Would it have been better if it was with her Doctor, banker or an fx earning IT, oil, Telecom company?

    6. 15:33
      Money from husband and romance (s3x) from extra marital s3x partner?

      A virile man dreams far and wide, but does not see himself sitting in the same living room with a woman.
      In real life, that same woman invites him into her matrimonial home/bed, pays him or care for him out of her husband's sweat and labour.
      Can it be said that the man is giving romance or is enjoying himself?
      Is the woman not the person romancing herself?

      Stolen waters are sweet.
      Cookies a man did not buy the ingredients for or pay for are sweeter
      PVs a man does not buy P-liners for are the sweetest.

      Nothing to compare between a man who steals and a man who works.
      Turn the tables, the gateman will be as unromantic as the husband at home and the husband will be romantic as the gateman because stolen waters are sweet.

      The Bible is ever true.

  12. Are you sure you are not under a spell? 🀷‍♀️
    Seems odd that your secret affair started after he visited your flat.
    Madam, he might be doing same thing with other women in your estate. You are his victim.

    You are not in love but in Lust. When you fall from this table, I pray you get up with your sanity intact.
    That deek will put you into disgrace.

    1. You could be right ooo..I know of men who do this here in Abuja.

    2. I was thinking the same thing too cos she said after he visited her house to help her do something. You need to avoid that guy.

    3. Or he is under her spell because she was the person who called him into their home

      What was it she wanted done that she could not tell her husband to hire or get a work man to do?

    4. e mi ni lawyer3 June 2023 at 21:22

      this is exactly what I was thinking. Sounds like you're under a spell.

  13. Na wa o, I fear who no fear women!
    Your husband has now turn to arrogant because of one nonsense estate penis , Una go dey make men look πŸ‘€ loyal mothers and wives like devils πŸ‘Ώ.
    Men who sleep with other men’s wives in their homes 🏑 can kill , just know this that if you run away with the supposed lover,he’ll look for means to drain you financially and make sure you are left with nothing. Remember you are the one desperately in love . He no tell you say marriage dey him mind towards you. Guy man dey enjoy okporo wey Dey rotten for house,
    Foolish woman while you at it, check well if you are already pregnant or have an incurable disease already “Mugu 101”

    Mummy Anthony- Clever

  14. This chronicle got me confused at the point you said ''get him sacked'' If I read well, you said estate gate right? Where you the one that employed him to secure the gate at the estate? Or is it your house gate you mean here? I think you can sack him if he's your house gate keeper and not when he's the estate gate keeper. You will also need to let Oga know too your reason.

    Now away from that. I think I will have to say this now. Women cheat more than men as in married women. I had this discussion few days ago with a lady and she told me if only men knows what their wife do at those their friends burial, wedding, child dedication etc they usually attend, I will weep and be afraid of getting married..

    She said those outing these married women pretend to go are avenue to fuxxk young boys they already lodged in a hotel close by.

    The thing is that, women are very clever and won't leave a trace of their cheating unless they are being caught. Men are usually caught because, they sometimes will brag with it or the side chick would want the wife to know.

    But you see gigolos, they don't expose their sugar mummies unlike the ladies that will proudly expose theirs.

    In summary, madam you lured that young man into your ashawo profession and I believe you will be among the people attacking and trolling Yul and Judy here.

    Do you see how shameful your act is?

    Some of you bad women are the reason your family and spouse are suffering problems and setback today in their once beautiful home.

    Now I know why a good number of men go quick before their wife. So many widows in the society.

    I will never wish such a woman like you even to my enemies.

    Very disgraceful.

    May I never meet such a woman in life.

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars3 June 2023 at 16:25

      @Teejay, pls always qualify for what you say.

      You can say "most women" i can bet you we still have descent women and i am one of them.

    2. ''Some of you bad women are the reason your family and spouse are suffering problems and setback today in their once beautiful home.''

      Lady T, don't you see the 'some' in my comment? I didn't even generalize it. So I don't understand what you mean.

      I will be so wrong to accuse all women naaaa.

    3. Tj, it's not like that. You did not offer any advice. All you did was write a treatise on women and cheating.
      Say what you know or what you're sure off and stop putting all women in one container.
      And in your bid to show off knowledge of women and their waywardness, see all the grammatical blunders you dropped everywhere.

    4. Not all women πŸ˜„. Very true as with not all men. Just that the use of the qualifying "some" is more freely suggested when the chronicle is about or from a wayward woman.

      It is never all men or all women.

      It is always this man or this woman.

    5. TJ
      The woman can get him sacked. Some estates are small that each landlord or their spouse can influence the employment tenure of the estate workers.

      The woman can also get him sacked by influencing her husband to report against the gateman with the Owners/Residents Association. But if the man is arrogant can she be so influential over him, or maybe he is not so arrogant.

      Anyways, she would not have said to get him sacked if she could not do it.

      More important, is the fact that a woman who justifies her action on ground of her husband's alleged arrogance could still think up the idea of sending the gateman out of his job.

      The Poster appears to refuse to take responsibility - a good alibi maker. Her husband's alleged arrogance made her start the extra marital s3x. The gateman's respect and good naturedness makes her continue.

      Maybe, just maybe, the alleged arrogant husband and the self admitted schemer wife are well matched. Or the arrogance of the one was birthed by the scheming of the other.

  15. You are unlikely not in love with the gate person, you are simply hungry for positive attention. Your husband criticizes you and put you down, that does a damage to your self-view and self worth, because you feel so bad you are hungry for touch and attention with positive reinforcement. You do not know the gate person and they do not know you, but he may have a fantasy of banging a rich woman and you want to know what it is like to have intimacy with someone who is kind to you. None of this is love it is human yearning to feel validated and worthy in life, sex is only the pathway.

    Running off with him is not the answer, because you really are both strangers to each other. Yes, you must end it, there are far greater consequences beyond disgrace to worry about. End it now and go look for activities that improve your sense of well being. Go learn a new craft, pursue some childhood desire you have pushed on the back burner all these years, go back to school, open a business, get involved with charitable pursuits that transform lives. Add value to yourself if you are being torn down. An affair is not the approach, better to leave the marriage and have an unstained character than to tarnished yourself and give the lord of the manor the satisfaction of feeling he was right all along. You must think critically and focus. The momentary pleasure of intercourse is that, momentary. And if you were to be completely honest with yourself, the sex with this person is likely average, but to a hungry person even the most mediocre meal will taste like a masterpiece.

    Forgive yourself for your misstep and move on from it. Do not confess anything to anyone. Go to a therapist who is certified and who is governed by a strict code of conduct through a governing body, preferably in a different country. I say this because if your husband is wealthy then he may have to power to get into your therapy records on the ground, though it may still be difficult.

    1. And the Lord of the Manor may actually be right all along.

    2. Yes anon 15:28. She needs some validation & self worth. Pls poster, you can do meaningful causes to boost your self taking up charitable works, go learn a craft, volunteer in church work or orphanage etc You don't have to demean yourself. I left my abusive husband for 8 yrs now & I would rather wait for the right man than cheapen myself all for attention. I find joy in visiting orphanages & volunteer teaching in public schools aside my job. Learn to love & forgive yourself above all, your body is God's temple, don't rubbish it. God bless you as you do..

  16. Why would you want to get him sacked? You and your arrogant husband who wicked pass?

    Fan Emmanuel

  17. Ashewo badagry🀣🀣 men, you guys should put eye for house o.

    Ok I'd advice you to end your marriage and runaway with the guy at the gate, if you don't, na God go punish you. I mean, what would you gain staying with your arrogant husband? Pls leave the marriage ASAP.

    You think I'd advice you stay? Can never be meπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. Seems men should install CCTV cameras at home because what in the heavens gate is this?
      A guy did this in a big estate in Lekki, got the guy his wife was seeing sacked from his company and divorced the wife. Wifey did not believe when he played the video of both of them doing ta ta ta ta.
      Poster you're walking on a thin line.

    2. I dey tell you BB. Men need to pay more attention now. These women have topper their games.

  18. 🀣🀣🀣

    The man S!MPly scammed his way into your heart.. The game is the game.
    Husband wey marry you put for house as wife hate you.
    Your eyes go soon clear..
    Please marry the gentleman..
    Leave your wicked husband to suffer πŸ™

    These are the kind of people that tag me women hater cos they don't want anyone to tell them truth..

    Wise ladies here know I don't hate anyone, I actually no want make world overspoil for our future kids

  19. If you want to move away from the estate...why get him sacked in the process???

  20. Na wa o.
    Please don't get him sacked o.
    Why don't you leave your husband,if you are tired of the marriage 🀷

  21. Poster stop that affair & move out of that estate with your family.
    If you can't marry anymore divorce your husband & move on to what's next.
    Make sure you don't regret

    1. She cannot move coz shishi no gum her enough to make that decision alone.

    2. So long as she sees her husband as "arrogant" and has done this, she will continue wherever she goes. Maybe that time, she will not choose gatemen as some BVs have criticized her choice of man only.

      If they move house, will the husband stop being "arrogant". what if the house belongs to the husband (or well, now both of them) and the man cannot afford another like it.

      The problem is in her mindset and in marriage or in how she sees her husband.

      A woman who gbensh in revenge will gbensh wherever she moves to.

  22. Akpa etu, ur husband will vomit when he finds out.
    Ezi bida
    How can a married woman, oga wife for that matter open legs easily to a gate man, biko comot estate jaree, anything can climb u this woman. Tufiakwa
    He respects u bcoz u pay him nah slow poke
    U are not just a dirty slut, u are also slow in thinking.
    I pity ur husband who u have shamed, how will u feel if u find out ur husband is pounding an agbo seller in front of the estate u this selfish woman with a light brain.
    Let me tell u, better look for a way and travel somewhere for like a month and discard that mumu love inside ur confused mind, and pray hard that God forgives and seal that guy's mouth in other for u to be free, if that house is not owned by u guys start coming up with suggestions of a new apartment asap. U need to act fast. Inukwa runaway, that guy will dump ur mumu ass as soon as he is done lashing out the whole money and juice in ur ungrateful otele.
    Rich husband wey many dey find, e reach ur side u tagam arrogant.
    I wu OTELE.


  23. Who am I to judge you or insult you, it could be Jaz or clear eyes that you are sleeping with your estate gate man. How will you feel or look at your husband if you find out that your husband is sleeping with your estate house girl? Do not run away with that guy cos you are not in love. You are in lust cos your body is in fire as your husband doesn't pay attention to you. If you run away with that guy after a while your eyes will open to see that you never loved him but you got carried away cos your body needed some good prick.

    You need to speak to your husband let him understand his words are making you feel terrible. Men learn to speak good to your wife, spend time with your wife, love them, don't keep them at home like some piece of furniture. Stop keeping your wife for other, small small boys are enjoying your labor but you are feeling buga .

  24. Nawa o
    Your lover is treating you better because he’s not rich like your husband neither is he married to you. Marry him first and see. Nothing Dey outside oo better hold your own well

    1. Did she write the gateman is treating her better?

  25. Lol!!! Funny, stella you have already called the woman ashawo nah.

  26. Poster might be hypnotized.
    Poster please have some self control and ditch that instant gratification that comes with dopamine.
    Poster, speak to your husband if you think he is all u sId he is, up there.
    Get a nice rabbit and make yourself feel good if you are sex starved.
    Walk out of the marriage if you believe it's really over
    Develop yourself if you are idle.
    Turn to your kids if you need whp to play with.
    Join support groups if you need support.
    Create healthy boundaries above all.
    See a therapist if you need professional help.

  27. It is jazzzzz!!!! My gate man was telling my nanny that there is a soap he uses so women in my estate will like him. That he can give her so I'll do whatever she wants. She mentioned it when they fell out.

    1. Jesus Christ!!!

      Things are really happening o. One ought to be prayerful

    2. Why didn't he use for you to like him? Are you a man?

  28. You’re not the only one he’s sleeping with. He’s discussing you with all the other gate men and drivers. He’s only using you, same way you are using him.

    You need to end it with him by letting him know that your mother called you from the village foresaw death on both of you if you didn’t stop. So you’re stopping to save both your lives. Then ignore him completely. Don’t let him feel you are scared of your affair leaking. Also do not settle him with anything because you’re opening up yourself to blackmail. I hope you’ve not been sending him foolish romance messages and pictures because that would be so daft of you and the whole estate domestic staff probably have them. Surprised some of them haven’t even started trying their luck with you as madam wey no get self respect.

    If you want to chop outside, the way your husband probably is, you need to go for men who equally have something to lose and are far away from being connected with you. All my bosses it’s married women they’re dating these days and spoiling them silly. I’m talking about my aunties in their late 30s and early 40s. Isn’t it companionship with a touch of mekwe you yearn? They will give it to you well. There’s also a crop of young university and NYSC boys that do this professionally but the problem with those ones is that they often get greedy and cannot be fully trusted. Please next time don’t enter dustbin because youre attention starved and probably experiencing some form of life crisis.

    Next time please waka kurukere with sense! Tired of teaching some of you women everything.

    1. You are teaching the married women nothing.

      Poster only said her husband is arrogant. A man can be arrogant without being s3xually wayward or immoral. So arrogance of a husband justifies the wife to go far a way to cheat?

      Poster did not accuse her husband of s3xual waywardness. But you did to justify your teaching.

      As a married woman, are you chopping outside with married men or single men/boys? You did not first own up before making suggestions. It would have been better you wrote about what you are doing and how you are doing it instead of "my boss are doing"

      Will put your hand on your chest this Sunday and pray that your sons' wives should go chop married men. Or will you teach your daughters to sleep with married men while in their matrimonial homes?

      Since you encourage extra marital s3x, why trouble the Poster to travel far to find it when she is already enjoying what she has got at her gate?

    2. You are wasting your time with your emotional blackmail. What is my business with the activities of my adult children and their partners privates? And I thought I was the departed one. If a situation doesn’t favour them they’ll find their way out or reach some sort of compromise. I encourage them to leave obviously, but if they decide to stay then best they be strategic and sensible.

      Let me twist it back at you. Can you place your hand on your chest and swear that your father wasn’t banging other women while your mother was at home waiting on him? Can you also swear, if you’re a woman, that your own husband isn’t raising another woman’s legs to the moon and telling her how much he loves to f$ck her since you got married? That he isn’t burying his face between the legs of a “strange woman” eagerly putting up a show trying to please her? And if you’re a man can you confidently swear that you’ve never cheated on your wife? You can’t right? But it’s the posters own and advice to her that is tormenting you. Werey dey disguise.

      You fake holy holy people that are tame on infidelity when it comes to men but go buck wild when it comes to women, have another thing coming to you.

      Several women have realized that good girl doesn’t pay and since society will shun them for leaving their spouses, they too get some good loving from outside. Just watch and see lol. If you’re a man and you’re cheating, I’m sorry to inform you that your wife may be riding aggressively other men too but she’s just being very discrete because she knows how hard the hammer of societal judgment will fall on her if caught.

    3. 5 long paragraphs long reply!

      But you could not answer the question. How many married men or youth corpers or small boys you are sleeping with as a married woman now

      You will encourage your children to leave their wayward partners or reach a compromise. Yet you are here encouraging women to engage in extra marital s3x with married men.

      You counsel online what you cannot own up to or would not want for your family from your actions and experience. A teacher of wrong human conduct must teach from personal experience. Otherwise, she is teaching nothing. That is why the good women do not listen to you. And the wayward ones run pillar to post even after acting on you empty advice.

    4. I will gladly answer yours when you answer my own questions lol. But you can’t answer, can you? 4 paragraphs of avoidance LMAO

      So I will ask again. Please can you or can you not swear to the fidelity of the men in your life and yours inclusive if you’re a man?

      Please answer as I’m sure you’ll be very surprised by my response.

  29. Madam poster you're under a demonic and strong spell.God forbid your type for my bros if eventually you're doing it with a clear eye.


    1. She is doing it with very clear eyes. That is why she wrote the chronicle, why she justified her action, and why she wants to end it even to the economic loss by the gateman. Her actions show cold blooded calculation from the day she called the man into her home to the day she sent her chronicle.

      Spell? Absolute None.

      Take it as accepted bankable fact that a person under a spell does not even know what he/she is doing or that it is wrong.

      Once the conscience kicks or you see planning on how to escape consequences of an act, as in this post, there is no spell.

      A person under a spell just goes ahead straight on without awareness of wrongness or consequences.

  30. Every domestic staff and other gatemen in the estate are aware of all escapades ongoing in the estate


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